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An Unexpected Return

Copyright © 2012 by Jessica E. Subject

ISBN: 978-1-61333-299-3

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An Unexpected Return

Elatia Series



Jessica E. Subject






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– a planet containing only a prison colony. It is often used as a threat to misbehaving children.

– marking. In An Unexpected Return, denotation refers to the facial markings used to distinguish an echelon four Adamo from those still in training.

– house

– a precious metal mined from the rock of Tyto, and used for exquisite pieces of jewelry and in trade.

– hospital

– a transient race. They are peaceful, and travel across the universe. Their bodies are covered in scales, much like a snake.

– nurse

– a planet in the Petrogeous Galaxy. The inhabitants are humanoid with blue skin. Hair color ranges from gold to dark brown.

Star cycle
– approximately one Earth year

– star

– Otaria’s moon. Inhabitants, originally from Otaria, live underground.



Chapter One



Benignus eyed him, as if confident he would change his mind. “Aristides, are you certain you want to go through with this?”

Grinning at his fair-haired friend, Aristides had no doubt. He’d made his decision long ago. “Yes, go in there and enjoy the woman you have craved for more than two star cycles. I have no use for her.”

“And when the king comes in?” Benignus scanned the tapestry-rich corridors of the castle’s west wing. “I know he’s going to send me to Claustrum.”

“He’s not going to send you to the prison colony.” No one had been sent there from Tyto, ever. The planet was simply used as an idle threat to misbehaving children. Aristides placed his hands on his friend’s shoulders. “I give you permission to deflower my betrothed. She will be yours, as it should have always been. Just be sure she is on top when we come into the room.”

He slid open the door to his grand suite, a place he would not return to any time soon, not before experiencing what the universe had to offer. “She waits for you. Now, go in there and take her.”

His friend and gentleman of the bedchamber patted him on the back. “Thank you, Aris, and star’s speed.”

After shoving Benignus through the door, Aristides waited in the hollow silence—usual for this part of the castle—for some indication his plan had worked before leaving to search for his father. Through the darkness engulfing his room, he couldn’t see a thing, but the sounds of wet lips in action caught his attention.

His cock stirred.
Almost there

Rubbing his hands down his arms, he tried to escape the chill common to the kingdom. The sun didn’t shine underground and fires only burned in the kitchen and the north wing, where his parents slept.

“Oh, Aristides, I’m so glad you decided to deflower me before our wedding night. Take me this instant.”

Don’t fail me now, Ben

“No, Madelia. It’s me, Ben. Don’t worry. No one will know.”

“Oh, even better. Will Aris be joining us?”

A threesome
Oh, gods
. Could he get any harder? He and Ben often discussed sex, what their first time would be like, and whom they wanted to lose their virginity to. Sure, they’d had their rods sucked by the mouths of many fair maidens, touched the girls in their most intimate places, everything but the final penetration. They’d each been told to save themselves for their one true love, the woman they wanted to marry. Oh, he’d had plenty of offers, but sure as Terrans hated Otarians, the woman would babble about having her cherry popped by the prince, and he’d find himself chained to a female he’d only used to get off.

Ben, though, had always been fond of Madelia. Yet she had never shown any interest in him before tonight. And once she’d been betrothed to Aris, she’d become a constant thorn in his side. He refused to betray his best friend.

He’d plotted this night ever since his wedding date had been set, for no matter how hard he tried, he could never care for Madelia. Watching his parents pretending to love each other over the years had been enough for him. No way in Claustrum did he want the same thing for himself. And then, he’d heard rumors of how they spent their holidays on the planet Elatia, in the Belverian system, receiving sexual pleasure from the revered Adamos. That was where he planned to travel. He wanted to experience every sensation before he settled down with anyone, if, of course, he found someone he could love.

No one on Tyto appealed to him. They were all too needy, not willing to get their hands dirty with work until forced to upon their twentieth birthdays. Then they became bitter with him because of his father’s decree, and invariably left him to search for an older man wanting to make a family. He could care less what they did with their lives. Once his marriage was called off, he planned to sneak away from Tyto and get busy living.

A whimper broke the silence. “Oh, Benignus, how you fill me so.”

His cock jumped, demanding attention. He’d love no more than to watch them fuck, stroking himself, but then he’d never get a chance to leave.
Time for the next phase

Rushing down the corridor, he ignored the lavish silks of purple and gold hanging on the walls, for the extravagance did not suit him. He wanted to rule his father’s kingdom on Tyto, the moon of Otaria, no more than he wanted Madelia as his queen. Not until he was ready to settle down. The excessiveness of this lifestyle had never held any appeal to him anyway. Even as a child, he’d preferred to explore the caves of Tyto with the common children, or stow away on a supply ship to visit other planets, only to be dragged back home by his guard.

Reaching his father’s study, he burst through the door. The warmth hit him like a brick wall. He drew in a quick breath. “Father, I need your help. Benignus is very ill. He’s been in the lavatory with the sickness. I believe he ate some tainted food.”

The king peered up, examining him. “No one else has shown any signs of the sickness. Seriously, at twenty-one star cycles, I would expect the two of you to have outgrown your antics. What kind of trouble have you gotten into this time?”

“No trouble at all, sir. Please help him. I have him resting in my bed now, but he is too ill to move to his own quarters.”


The stout man—and the only Terran friendly with his father—entered the room as soon as the king beckoned. “Yes, Your Majesty?”

“Fetch the doctor and bring him up to the prince’s quarters.” The king stood up, his purple robe billowing behind him. “Let’s go.”

Aristides hurried to follow his father, hoping Benignus had stuck to the plan and would last long enough to get caught.

“Were you in those caves again? You know the black magic there causes the sickness.”

He sighed. The humid caves were filled with bacteria, occasionally causing visitors to become sick if they didn’t wash after returning from them. His father, though, preferred to live in his fantasy world. “No, Father, we went directly to my quarters after dinner.”

“Honestly, you two cause more trouble than any common child.”

His father reached his suite first. The lights flashed on and in an instant, they were treated to a view of Madelia, who sat on top of Benignus, speared by his cock.

“What is the meaning of this?” The king’s face turned from its usual shade of blue to bright red, heat radiating from his body even in the cooler part of the castle.

Benignus scrambled out from under Madelia. He held his stomach. “I was there lying on the bed and she climbed on top of me. I was too weak to push her off.”

Smirking behind his father, Aristides winked at his friend.

Madelia chose that moment to turn around and glare at him.

“And you, woman?” the king asked.

She cowered under his father’s glare. “I thought he was…. Oh, fuck. I was set up.”

“No one talks like that to me or anyone while on my land.”

Everyone cringed. His father hadn’t been born into a kingdom, but had given himself the title after settling on Tyto. He’d been the president of Otaria, and when he and his followers left for the moon, he’d changed his title to king, and declared the state a monarchy. Though Aris had never understood why his father left in the first place. Every picture he’d seen of his birth planet, the luscious forests and open sky, had left him with an ache to flee from Tyto.

But oh gods, his childhood had been hell, growing up in the cold-climate underworld. He’d been a toddler when his father moved him there. He grew up speaking in the “proper manner,” yet his schoolmates spoke in the old world way. He’d learned the rough dialect and every curse word, yet he took care to revert back to the royal tongue when at home in the castle. He couldn’t wait to leave.

“Aristides.” His father pulled him forward. “Since she is your betrothed, you must decide her fate.”

Just as he’d hoped.

He stuck out his chest, attempting to appear noble while his insides jumped for joy. “Since Madelia deflowered herself with my gentleman of the bedchamber, she shall be bound to him for the rest of her life.”

“Then let it be so,” the king proclaimed.

Benignus grinned. He finally had the woman he’d always wanted. Aris yearned to find an ounce of his friend’s happiness.

“Gentleman of the bedchamber, my ass. More like jack-off partner,” Madelia muttered. “At least he knows how to fuck,” she said, tossing her comment in Aristides’ direction.

Thornton and the doctor appeared at the door, panting like Terran dogs. “Is everything all right, Your Majesty?”

Time to go
. He refused to stick around for Ben’s betrothal ceremony, for surely they would have another woman for him by then, too.

“Prince Aristides, where are you going?”

! He refused to turn around and acknowledge his father’s question, for the man would never chase after him. And the two men who would still had to catch their breath.

Aristides rushed to the south wing and down a flight of stairs, toward his waiting Personal Space Transport Vehicle. He’d already packed clothing appropriate for Elatia’s warmer climate and enough nourishment to last his entire journey inside the PSTV.

He climbed in. After starting the engines, Aristides steered the ship up the narrow rock tunnel and out into space. The fold that would take him to the Belverian system lay straight ahead.

So long, Tyto. I’m off to the Emerald planet



Chapter Two



Xia trailed her hand down the Mikashe mannequin’s scaly thigh.

Twenty minutes. Far less than the allotted time
. If she could maintain the same speed with live clients, perhaps life as an Adamo wouldn’t be so bad.

She slid off the bed. All she wanted was to leave the Schola Calei and go home to rest. The practice session had followed hours of theory on the erogenous zones of all of the species permitted on Elatia. Applying the lessons to a pretend client had at least gotten her off her ass, but she could no longer think straight, her mind too numb to do anything but sleep.

“Done already, Xia?”

Spinning on her heels, she faced Jacobus, the muscular Elatian man—an Echelon Four Adamo—who trained her and several other Echelon Ones in the art of erotic massage. If he hadn’t been like a father figure to her, she’d swoon over him like the rest of her classmates did. During their lessons, he wore only loose-fitting pants made of filmy veech, which exposed his golden, god-like body to his students. Sometimes, to illustrate his lessons of a male’s erogenous zones, he’d strip down to nothing. On those days, she tried to listen more than look. Creaming her panties over her instructor was not all right. What would Kalara say?

Xia knew there was something going on between the two of them. He spent a lot of time at the house of her guardian and mentor. But she’d never seen them touch each other intimately, and he stayed away when Kalara entertained clients. If only she could figure out their relationship.

“Yes, I completed every step.” Even swallowing the warm, briny, fake ejaculation. Although she’d heard the real thing tasted worse.

Grabbing her tubes and bottles of eletin massage oils and creams, she packed them away in her appointment bag. Her own bed called to her.

With an intense stare, Jacobus set his hand on her shoulder. “There is never a need to rush with clients. You’re more likely to gain repeat customers if you take your time and prolong their pleasure.”

She nodded. “I’ll make note of that. Thank you.”
Yeah, slow down
. How could she be a proper Adamo if she always tried to finish as soon as possible? Quick Xia—that was her. But she wouldn’t bring any honor to Kalara and Jacobus if she maintained that mindset.

“Great.” He smiled, creases forming in the corners of his mouth. “Because you have your first appointment tonight.”

? “But I’m only Echelon One. I can’t take clients yet.”

He stepped back and turned to the entire class. “This practical exam was your final test. You’re all now Echelon Two. There’s more to learn, but it’s about time you put your lessons into practice. You’ll all have appointments soon.”

Yes, but why do I have to be the first one
? She gulped. “Um, what am I supposed to bring? Where do I go?”

Jacobus turned his attention back to her, as the rest of the class squealed with excitement.

Am I the only one who isn’t feeling it
They all want to be Adamos more than I do
. No, she did. Or thought she did. Kalara had always made pleasuring clients seem like the best profession in the universe.

Before she’d started at the Elatian Schola Calei, her friends had all been jealous, knowing if she followed in her adoptive mother’s footsteps, she would one day be a trained Adamo. They’d come over and dress in Kalara’s scarves and gowns, pretending to service their clients. But as they grew up, Xia lost contact with them, most of her friends moving out of the city or off-planet to raise their families, something she now longed for. How could she tell Kalara her dreams had changed? The only man she wanted to pleasure was her future husband, if anyone even wanted a Terran Adamo for a wife.

“Your appointment will be at the Delectacio Hotel,” Jacobus said, snapping her back to the moment. “All you need is your appointment bag. Everything else will be provided in the room.”

“All right.” The words came out as a squeak. “Am I, um…? Do I have to sleep with him?”

He snorted in amusement. “Do you mean have sex with him, or literally sleep beside him in the bed?”

“Both.” The class stared at her. Gods, she felt like such an idiot. Could she be the only one who hadn’t been with a man yet?

“It’s your decision for both questions. But let me tell you, Xia, in this profession, you won’t remain a virgin for long. Once the eletin is absorbed into your skin, you’ll feel the same need for pleasure as your clients.”

Oh, she’d felt the longing all right, but it had been accompanied by the horror of thinking of Jacobus in all the wrong ways, and the anger at the idea of her classmates having the same thoughts. Could it really be different with someone else? She always avoided boys her own age, too afraid to find out.

“I…I should go and get some rest then.”

He raised his hand in a gesture to excuse her. “By all means. See you at the hotel in four hours.”

That’s it
How am I supposed to get enough rest in such a short amount of time
? Leaving the schola, she rushed past the
room, but stopped when she spotted Talia receiving her intravenous shot of eletin. The woman had trained under Kalara, and even shared a few of her clients. She’d reached the highest level of training and would now be Mistress Talia. The orange leaves the former Echelon Three Adamo had always desired already adorned her temples, making it clear to everyone her new status. Xia would one day have red
on the sides of her face; Kalara bore the same markings. With her new title would come a higher income and Xia could afford to move out of Kalara’s
to her own home, if she decided to continue with her training.

Sucking in a deep breath, she straightened her back and mounted her resolve. She would become an Echelon Four Adamo, and a damn good one, to make Kalara proud.

Men will come from all over the universe to request my services
. She giggled at the thought. But in an instant her euphoria melted away. How would she find love and have a family? That dream simply wouldn’t be possible.

No time to think about that now. I need a couple hours of sleep to be ready for tonight

She weaved through the streets, passing natives and tourists, some guiding big, black orokes to carry their abundant purchases. Never would she have any use for the large creatures, as she could walk faster, and only purchased items in small quantities. A gust of wind blew her hair into her face. She brushed the strands aside and looked up to see the large red feet of a yeemid coming at her. Another form of transportation she never understood. She ducked out of the way—the creatures were blind, and their riders didn’t always steer with accuracy—and continued past the vendors selling creams, oils, clothing, and jewelry made from eletin. The street vendors sold inferior products at a higher price, yet tourists still waited in line to purchase every available commodity.

Finally reaching the outskirts of Havmiola, she turned down the laneway to her house.
. She entered the small spire, planning to snooze as long as she could.

“Good afternoon, Xia.” Kalara set a pitcher filled with her eletin cold tea on the table in front of two Terran men. “You remember Adem and Gavan.”

She nodded. How could she ever forget the two pale-faced men from the planet of her parents? Regulars of Kalara, they visited often and sometimes, asked her to join them. But she’d never been knowledgeable enough to provide them with services. And did she really want Terrans as clients? They might know the parents who had abandoned her on Elatia, and she couldn’t be reminded of that while bringing someone pleasure. All the more reason not to tell them she had graduated to Echelon Two.

“It’s good to see you again.” Adem grinned at her, revealing his perfect, white teeth.

“Yes, very good,” Gavan said, raising his eyebrows. “I do hope you can stay this time.”

A rush of desire stirred in her loins, a strange and new sensation to feel for someone else. She searched the room, her examination stopping when she spotted lit candles on the console table to her right. Had the eletin in the air affected her already? “I…I just came by to grab some supplies. I have to go back to school. Night classes.”

Jacobus never taught them in the evenings, but Kalara didn’t seem to notice.

“That’s too bad.” Adem sat back and took a sip of the tea. “Perhaps another day then, since we’ll be here all week.”

She rushed to her room, then packed scarves and robes for the next few days. Was she attracted to the men because of their heritage, desperate to feel pleasure at the hands of a man for once, or had the eletin simply messed with her head? No matter. She wouldn’t live at home until Adem and Gavan had left. Then she’d return, the temptation of letting her sexual desires take over, gone. She had to remain in control until she decided what she wanted in life.

Before Xia left, she glanced at Kalara. Would she understand?

You’d be surprised what I understand. We’ll talk as soon as they leave

Only through Kalara’s thoughts did she find the woman she once knew, the woman who’d rescued her as a child, and not the one in a constant state of arousal from her eletin injection. Xia couldn’t telepath back, though, and only received the thoughts Kalara was willing to share.

Taking a deep breath, she left the house then headed back into the city.

Where am I going to go
The hotel
? Perhaps there would be a place for her to lie down until her appointment. It wasn’t as if she had any friends who would put her up for a few days. No, they all had other people depending on them and no room for her. She only had Kalara and Jacobus to rely on. It was no wonder she secretly wanted more.

Walking into the silky rear-end of an oroke, she came to an abrupt halt. The creature had been walking at a steady pace and then stopped. She’d failed to notice in time. Wiping fluff off her face, she turned around and walked into another hard body. “I’m so sorry.”

Hands clamped down on her arms. “Are you all right?”

She stared up into deep brown eyes. Chewing her bottom lip, she nodded. If this man hadn’t been holding on to her, she would have fallen to the ground. The word swoon held no meaning for her until now.

Am I only like this because of the eletin I inhaled back home
? Or was there something more she found heart-racing about the blue-skinned, well-muscled hunk of an Otarian who held her up?

No, she couldn’t feel anything for him. Their races had been sworn enemies for years. Everyone across the galaxy knew that. Yet here she was, standing face to face, gazing intently at him, with no will to move.

He smiled at her, drawing her attention from his eyes to his lips. How would they taste? She’d never kissed anyone intimately before.

“What’s your name?”

Name? Gods, what was her name? “Zee…Xia.” Had she told him, or only thought the word?

He released her arms to brush his fingers along her jaw line. How she remained standing, she had no idea.

“Xia. A beautiful name belonging to a beautiful woman.”

Moisture pooled between her thighs. Her cheeks warmed. “Thank you.”

She sighed as he trailed a hand down her arm. Her entire body tingled from his gentle touch.

“You’re welcome. Now tell me, why were you in such a rush that you walked into the rear end of that slow-moving beast? We’re supposed to be on vacation, enjoying all this planet has to offer.”

Laughing at his description of the oroke, she leaned against his arm. Never before had she enjoyed a man’s attention like this. “I’m not visiting. I live here. Have my whole life.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Really? So, what was it like growing up on the pleasure planet?”

“I…I don’t know. Normal?” She couldn’t think clearly around him. Her tongue felt numb in her mouth.

His smile traveled all the way up to his eyes. He leaned closer and rested his hand on her hip. “Then perhaps you could be my personal tour guide,” he whispered in her ear.

“I can’t. I have other plans.”

He drew back and frowned, but she could still see the glimmer in his eyes.

“I’m jealous of whoever you’re going to be spending your time with.”

She giggled at him. “I’m just going to sleep. It’s been a long day, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be good company.” There was no way she would tell him she had to spend a few hours that night with another man.

Losing the fake expression, he smiled again. “Tomorrow then? I’d really like to see you again.”

! A man wanted to see her again. It made her feel like the most desirable woman on the planet. “Sure, I’d like that, too.”

“Great. Now, before you go, could you point me in the direction of the Delectacio Hotel? I have an appointment with an Adamo, and I can’t seem to find my way back.”

Her heart lurched. He’d flirted with her, made her desire him, and then thrown his appointment in her face. Would her life always be like this on Elatia, men seeking only sexual release and nothing more? In that case, she’d need to harden her heart, or end up lacerated by rejection. “Find it yourself.”

Spinning away from him, she ran.
I don’t need this right now. I have to sleep so I can be ready for tonight

“Xia, wait.” He tried to grab her, his blue fingers skimming across the back of her hand, but she ducked away.

She took back alleys and private paths to get to the hotel; she had to escape. But would he follow her? When she reached the office, she hid under the desk Jacobus occupied.

“As much as I like you, I am not in need of your services.”

She slapped his thigh. “I’m not offering my services. I’m hiding.”

“From whom?”

“No one important. Listen, the client I have tonight, is he Otarian?” She would refuse to service him if he turned out to be the man she’d seen on the street. Sure, he’d made her heart flutter, but she couldn’t remain in control of her feelings if she had to pleasure him.

“I’m not supposed to tell you. Learning to adapt is part of the experience.”

Taking hold of his ringed nipple, she pulled. “I need to know.”

“Ouch!” He took her hand and squeezed until she let go. “Fine, I’ll look on the appointment log.”

She shook the pain from her hand while he examined the book.

“It just gives a name. Aristides.”

. She hadn’t found out his name. Dropping her bag to the floor, she peered around, hoping to locate some place to sleep.

“What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were going home.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She spotted an empty room, not much bigger than a closet to her left, and picked up her bag. “Can I rest in there?”

“Sure.” He tossed her a pillow and a blanket from the shelving behind the check-in desk. “I’ll make sure you’re up in time for your appointment.”

“Thanks.” Her mind spun out of control as she walked away. In a short period of time, she’d run into three men who’d stirred unfamiliar desires in her. If she continued training as an Adamo, would her life be filled with never-ending heartache? How would she ever get to sleep now? She lay on the cushion, pulled the oroke-skin blanket over her, and closed her eyes.



Chapter Three



Aristides sighed heavily, waiting on the bed. He couldn’t get the young Terran woman he’d met on the street out of his mind.

But she shouldn’t be in his thoughts; Terrans and Otarians did not mingle. They didn’t even speak from distances. Their planets were positioned far from each other, across the universe. Bad blood had been spilled many star cycles ago, causing a rift between the two societies. And yet, he would bridge the gap, if given the opportunity, to experience Xia.

He closed his eyes, envisioning her beautiful face, her long, raven-colored hair flowing down her back, her almond-shaped, violet eyes. Oh, he craved her, a feeling he’d never felt for anyone in his life.
Is this what Ben felt every time he fantasized of Madelia

A knock on the door startled him from his thoughts.

! His Adamo had arrived. He’d been lucky to get an appointment so soon after his quarantine period. The bronze-skinned Elatian man at the desk wanted him to take tomorrow night, but a few gems he’d managed to collect from the caves of Tyto had persuaded the man to rearrange the schedule. How would the woman sent to him feel if he turned her away? He’d never get his money back, but could he enjoy the pleasures the Adamos were known for if he had another woman on his mind? Perhaps that would further heighten the experience. And how would he find this Xia anyway? He knew nothing but her name and the sight of her shapely body.

Might as well enjoy the planet while I’m here
. “Come in.”

The door to his suite slid open and the woman slipped into his darkened room. “Sir, I’ll be your Adamo for the evening. Would you like me to turn the lights up?”

“No, leave the room dim.” He planned to picture Xia bringing him pleasure instead.

The woman gasped. He opened his eyes to get a better look, but couldn’t see her facial expressions. Somehow, though, he could sense something familiar about her.

“Aristides. Your name is Aristides?”

“Xia? You’re my Adamo?”
Am I really this lucky
? His heart hammered in his chest. He didn’t have to imagine anything. The woman he’d planned to fantasize about stood in front of him.

“Yes, I am.” She kept her tone curt, distancing. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get started. Please get up on the table, sir.”

Her accentuated last word stung. What had he done to piss her off?

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I saw you this afternoon.” Gods, could I sound any more like a teenager?

But his words seemed to soften Xia’s glare, and she tilted her head to the side. “I’m surprised, considering you couldn’t wait to get here and have fun with your Adamo.”

What the Claustrum
? “Yes, Terran, but
are my Adamo.”

If her eyes held lasers, he’d be ashes on the floor.

“I can easily find a replacement if I’m not to your liking.”

Quite the opposite
. He slid off the bed. Stepping forward, he brushed a hand down her tanned arm. She belonged with him on Tyto, not here to provide pleasure for others.
Where did that thought come from

She wouldn’t be accepted in his kingdom. She was Terran. Right now, he didn’t care. “I don’t want anyone else. I want you.” And he’d give her as much pleasure as she gave him, more even.

She didn’t shy away, but calmed down against him. Cupping her cheek in his hand, he ran his thumb along her full pink lips. He couldn’t wait to taste them, have them around his cock.
Gods, she drives me wild

He leaned forward to savor her luscious lips, but she pulled away with a whimper. “I can’t do this.”

“But you’re an Adamo. This is what you’re paid to do.” He wanted the experience to be more than an obligation. Having the night end before it began didn’t work for him.

She gazed down at her feet. “This is my first appointment. I…I’m not used to kissing and all that.”

A beautiful woman like her had never been kissed before, and on Elatia of all places? How was that possible? “You can take the lead then. But join me on the bed.”

She stiffened, as if becoming distant. “We’ll start on the massage table for the standard rubdown, sir. We’ll move to the bed later in the night.”

Oh yes they would, and there he’d turn the tides, take control of the night and escort her into the land of oblivion. He need only wait for her to let her guard down.

At the table, he dropped his robe to the ground, ensuring Xia had a full-frontal view.

What would she think of him? Was she disgusted by his Otarian form?

His abnormal self-consciousness helped to calm his raging hard-on, but his mind kept returning to Xia. He needed to touch her again, taste her, be in her. Finally, he’d found a woman he hungered for, rather than one he’d simply use as a means to an end. But was the feeling simply a by-product of the eletin added to the water of this planet and infused into the hotel’s ventilation system? He lay down, cringing in the process. This was going to be a long night.

“Are you ready, sir?”

Sir, again
? “Yes, miss, I’m ready.”

She unzipped her appointment bag. “You may call me Adamo.”

“And you may call me Aris.”
I plan to have you screaming my name by the end of the night

“I prefer
. Please lie still and relax.”

He sighed. One way or another, he would break down her walls.

Oil sloshed onto his back, the strong scent of eletin encapsulating the room. As Xia’s hands met his bare skin, he tensed then melted into a puddle. Her hands worked to loosen every muscle throughout his back, down his legs, and along his arms. No touch had ever made him so rested, yet raring to go at the same time. Though this was her first time, she’d learned well, digging deep into his body. He couldn’t wait to turn over and experience her knowledge of his other erogenous zones.

Trailing a finger down his spine, she whispered, “It’s time to move to the bed, sir. Please lie on your back.”

With his legs flimsy like rubber, he wobbled over to the bed, his mind set on how to seduce her, make her want him the way he wanted her.



Chapter Four



From the moment she’d heard his deep, husky voice, her body raced with anticipation. She’d recognized him, remembered the intense, sensual dreams she’d experienced while trying to rest during the afternoon. And she’d only just met him. How would she feel after this appointment ended? Would every client make her experience the same rush of emotions, or only Aris, the Otarian man who must remain a sworn enemy?

Sighing, she sauntered toward the bed. She couldn’t think about the problems of her race—they’d abandoned her. No one had ever come to find her.

And she had a client to pleasure. That’s all he could be. Nothing more.

She crawled up onto the bed, positioning herself between Aris’s spread legs. His ample arousal jutted high into the air, ready to take pleasure in her mouth. But she’d follow procedure, spending time on other parts of his body first. With the eletin in her system reducing her inhibitions and heightening her body’s responses every time she touched his bare skin, if she broke the routine she’d come to memorize, she’d wind up putty in his hands. Not ideal for her first client. She had to remain in control.

After she’d poured more oil onto his chiseled chest, she leaned forward to massage it in. She pressed firmly into his hard muscles, not having to push through scales and layers of other physiological coverings like the mannequins she’d used in training. Aris’s body presented everything out front to her, including his damn enticing cock. Never before had she wanted a male appendage in her mouth so much. She tried to ignore the tip pressing against her stomach, dancing against her skin with every stroke of her hands across his chest. But she couldn’t. Cream built up in her molten core, urging her to take the massage into foreign territory. She longed to be filled by a man. By Aris.

! She leaned back, skipping the massage of his temples, his scalp, and his underarms, for she was required to lean over him rather than move around to his head, and that would take her core dangerously close to his hard shaft. She couldn’t allow him to bring her any pleasure, heighten her emotional connection to him, and leave her susceptible to heartbreak.
Aris is your client

Kalara and Jacobus both swore her heart would recognize the difference between a client and a lover, but she preferred to keep her heart guarded from them all.

Working Aris’s inner thighs, Xia returned to a safer zone. Yet his engorged flesh now stood tall and in her face, tempting her again to take him into her mouth. His alluring, musky scent radiated into her nasal passages, overpowering the eletin. Her resolve wavered, but she couldn’t give in, refused to give up control. His pleasure and subsequent release remained her goal for the night, not her own.

Aris thrust his hips into the air. “I’m ready for you to massage my dick with your sweet mouth.”

She rolled her eyes. What had she seen in him? He was just there to satisfy his own needs. He’d only be a one-time client, and never call on her again.

In her dreams, though, he’d forsaken his own pleasure for hers, made sure he left her satisfied, complete. She’d never felt that way before, not even by her own devices.

With a deep breath, she sank her lips over his shaft. She couldn’t think of what her mind had created, only of what she’d been trained to do. Up and down she traveled, teasing the tip of his cock, giving it a lick or a nip with every pass. She used the same amount of suction that kept the monitors in the green during training, and gently fondled his testicles, as she’d been taught in class. She could do this and remain detached.

He moaned and his entire body tensed. “Oh yeah, a tantalizing tongue, just as I imagined. No one has ever made me feel this way.”

Her stomach clenched. He’d been with multiple women? How many? Sure, she would pleasure other men, too, but her job required it. Wait, why did she care? With every word he said, he made it easier to keep her distance from him.

She toured his shaft with her tongue, her mouth, exploring his most sensitive areas, remembering the way his testicles puckered just before he came in her dream.

It wasn’t real. He won’t want you after tonight

The faster she made him come, the sooner she’d be rid of him and the conflicting emotions battling in her heart.

The muscles in his legs tightened, and as instructed, she pressed her thumb against his perineum. If she made his orgasm as intense as possible, he could possibly be asleep within minutes, and she’d be free for the rest of the night. She shoved thoughts of something more with Aris to the recesses of her mind.
One day, I’m going to be a Mistress and train other Adamos. That is my future

“Gods, Xia, I’m going to come.” He thrust into her at the same time he released.

She kept pumping his cock, swallowing all of his cum and priming him to go again.

Sitting straight up, he grabbed her head. He pulled her off his shaft, clutched her wrists, and flipped her onto her back. Positioned between her breasts, he released a second time. “Frolicking farzles, woman, you’re good at your job.”

He slid down her stomach to settle over her pubic bone and leaned down to capture her mouth. Oh-so-gentle lips tugged at her soul.

She pulled away, gasping for air. “I can’t do this, Aris.” He would destroy her self-control. She refused to open her heart to any client, to consider another life.

“I don’t plan on letting you leave without hearing you scream in ecstasy.” He trailed kisses across her chin and down her neck. “You deserve pleasure, too. You deserve so much more.”

As he laid claim to her lips all over again, she melted under his weight and fierce tongue. Perhaps she did want her dreams to become reality. The morning, and the end of the appointment, seemed so far away.



Chapter Five



Aris didn’t think it possible for his cock to still be rock-hard, but the sensations brought by Xia’s slender body under his proved otherwise. Yet his heart seemed to have swelled inside his chest. He knew he would have to leave her soon, but he never wanted to be with another, couldn’t bear the thought of her being with anyone else, either. For the first time, he considered settling down with a woman. With Xia.

When she relaxed beneath him, he released her wrists, dragging his fingers down her arms and sides. Never had he been with another like her. Even though she claimed she had no experience with others, she’d left him more satisfied than any other woman and implanted herself in his heart.