he makes me bundle


He Makes Me Bundle

Book I: He Makes Me Hot

Book II: He Makes Me Wet

Book III: He Makes Me Burn

Published: February 2012


Published by i heart Smut. Copyright, Gia Blue. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author.


This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.


Editor: Craig Kim | Cover Artist: Gia Blue

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He Makes Me Hot


Mom’s been gone for about a year or so, leaving me and my stepdad, Justin, to fend for ourselves. And what was so important that she would abandon her eighteen-year-old daughter and new husband? She ran off to join the circus. No lie.

After all this time, I’ve finally accepted she’s probably not coming back. My gut feeling was confirmed when I came home one day to find Justin staring at divorce papers.

No tears or anything, just him focusing on the pages requesting he go from married man to newly single…just as soon as possible, please.

Finding him in the near-dark, looking down and dejected, I did the only thing I could think of…I hugged him, wrapped him in my arms and held on tight. “I’m sorry, J. You don’t deserve this.”

He’s broad, so I didn’t quite encircle him, but it was close-ish. He’s a firefighter, big and toned and sweet as the day is long. And my mother definitely hadn’t deserved him. From the moment she’d brought him home, it’d all been about how hot he was, how he had a steady job and would take care of us. That he was “going places.”

Stability was all that my mom saw when she looked at Justin. And sure, that’s what I’d thought about too…at first. After my real dad abandoned us when I was three, having a “normal” family seemed pretty awesome.

But then, Mom never got to know the sweetheart he really is. The man who would’ve brought flowers home to her, taken care of repairs around the house without being asked.

Justin is such a keeper.

Mom was just an idiot. A circus idiot.

They’d dated for two months, gotten engaged, and then were married within another two. Love at first sight, she’d said.

He went along for the ride.

That night, when I’d hugged him, I started feeling a lot less like a little girl, his stepdaughter, and a lot more like a woman. One who could look at Justin and see all of the good things about him, his true personality, his heart…and his body.

Oh, I’d been attracted to him before. No woman could look at his muscled body, sweet smile, and shining blue eyes and be unaffected. He’s the all-American boy, aged by about twenty years. Yeah, he’s hitting thirty-seven this year, but he still looks delicious.

So yeah, I hugged him, he patted my arm and then pulled away, signed the docs before he rose from his chair, pressing a tender kiss to my head. “No worries, Amber, it is what it is and we’ll get past it.”

It may be my imagination, but I remember his lips lingering against my temple, as if savoring the touch.

Of course, I could just be a horny teen, looking to bang my stepdad. I mean ex-stepdad.


It’s been a week since he signed the divorce papers, and we’re still acting as if nothing’s changed.

Okay, that’s a lie.

When I look at him, I see the toned body, the sheen of sweat that coats him after his workout, the way his muscles move beneath his skin. He still wanders through the house in nothing but a pair of shorts, giving me a good look at him, day in and day out.


And I think he’s noticed me, noticing him. I also think he’s looking in return.

It started as a look that lingered the tiniest bit too long, and now, he outright stares at me.

Of course, I parade around the house in tiny shorts and even tinier tank top. No bra, naturally.

The point is to get his attention. To see if he wants me as much as I want him. ‘Cause I do. Hard core, fuck me all night long, kind of wanting.

It’s Friday, and Justin has two days off. He’s been working like a fiend this week, and I figure it’s because he’s trying to avoid facing the fact that Mom is really, truly gone.

Doesn’t matter. He’s home tonight and I have a plan.

I’ve already showered, and so, I pick out my typical home wear. Except this time, I’m not wearing any panties and I’m definitely going braless. Just a thin, white, men’s undershirt, and teeny, tiny shorts. Hell, I could totally give the Hooters girls a run for their money.

Dressed, I head downstairs, take the steps two at a time so I can hurry and get dinner ready.

And by ready, I mean ordered. I
don’t cook.

After calling the pizza place, I pop a beer into the freezer for Justin so he’ll have something ice cold to drink when he walks through the door. I also snag a couple of twenties from the tin near the phone and toss them on the table by the door. I wanna be ready when the delivery guy shows up.

For now, all I can do is wait.

And think.


I lie on the couch, take up the entire thing with my height. I’m just five-six, which is nothing compared to Justin’s six feet. Six feet of rock hard, fuck me even harder, of a gorgeous man.

And I’m getting wet, anticipation thrumming through my veins, excitement heightening my arousal even more. I want his cock in my pussy, as far in my cunt as he can go, and then I want him deeper. Just another inch…

I’m all squirmy now, clit throbbing, heat tensing and spasming, ready to milk his cock for all it’s worth. I cross my legs, tighten my thighs to try to ease the full-blown ache that’s consuming me. A rock of my hips sends a shard of pleasure down my spine and I do it again, savor that piercing sensation.

My nipples are hardening, turning into little nubs, and I want his mouth on me, sucking, biting the sensitive flesh and leaving his mark.

Fuck yeah,” I whisper, like I’m talking to him. Like he’s here, giving me what I want.

God, do I want.

But I can’t do this now. Can’t put my hand down my shorts and rub it out. No, I have a plan. Really.

A glance at the clock reveals that it’s almost time for dinner to show up, and with a sigh, I roll from the couch and pad to the window. I’m weird, I guess. I can’t ever really relax while I’m waiting for something to arrive.

It’s like two seconds before the delivery guy drives up and I rush to the front door, snag the twenties off the table before I tug it open. I want him here and gone.

The kid that gets out of the car looks exactly that…like a kid. I mean, I know I’m young, but he looks so much younger. I know he’s not, but he looks like he’s sixteen.

The second he sees me, he stumbles, nearly dropping our food on the driveway. Yeah, I guess I’ll be filling his spank bank for a while.

With a smile, I hold out the money with one hand and snag the food with the other. “Thanks!”

The kid appears to be dumbfounded, his mouth hanging open, fingers barely clutching the money I’ve given him. One final look and I figure he’ll be pretty hot once he’s grown up a bit.

Not as hot as my stepdad, though, and that’s who I’m waiting on.

Holding the pizza, I hip-bump the door after I smile one last time. “G’night.”

The tantalizing scent of pepperoni and cheese fills the air around me and my stomach grumbles.

Ah, to eat or not to eat…that is the question. On one hand, I’ll have pizza breath, but so will he. Fuck it, I need strength if I’m gonna ride him all night long.

And I totally will.

I head back into the living room, our eating area of choice, and just as I plop the box onto the table, I hear another car in the driveway.

He’s home.


My stomach turns into a big ball of butterflies and I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. I want him between my thighs, fucking me hard and long, hour after pleasurable hour. Period.

I can totally do this.

One last breath and I dash into the kitchen to snatch the beer from the freezer. Ice cold beer to go with delicious food, and then he’ll be all relaxed and happy.


I am totally not usually like this, but I want him so f-ing bad it’s ridiculous.

Plus, we live in the same house. That means a good fucking is only down the hall.


When I hear his key in the lock, I hurry down the hall and greet him at the door, refreshment in hand. “Hey! Long time no see, J.”

I get a look that’s gratitude and weariness all wrapped up into one. “God, I need that.” He drops his duffel and snags the drink from me, twisting off the top before he takes a long draw from the bottle. “Ah, that hits it, right there.”

I smile wide, happy that I’ve made
happy. Bending over, I snatch his bag from the ground. “I’ll get the wash started. There’s pizza in the living room.”

I give him one last glance, and just before I head to the laundry room, I find his attention on my chest, my breasts straining against the super-thin cotton.

He tears his gaze from my tits to look me in the eye, his face turning a light shade of pink. “Yeah, okay. You don’t have to…”

I just roll my eyes. Same argument, different day. “I like taking care of you, J. You do a lot for me in return, so it all balances out.” I gesture toward the living room with my chin. “Go eat.”

And then, he can eat me…

That thought carries me through dinner, through watching stupid television shows while he’s sprawled next to me on the couch. Pizza devoured, he’s still nursing his first beer. He likes one to relax, but he typically stops after just the one.

So yeah, it’s time for me to make my move.

This really sounded a lot better in my head. Now, not so much.

Taking a deep breath, and saying a quick prayer to God for courage, I snag the remote. “Do you mind if I switch it? There’s this movie I’ve wanted to see and it’s coming on the pay channel soon. That okay? I’ll totally pay you back.”

Because, even if he gets my pussy, I don’t want to take advantage. I’m working while I’m in school, so there’s no reason I can’t contribute.

My voice seems to break him from some trance, because he jumps, attention turning to me in an instant. “Wha—?” He clears his throat, snags his beer and finishes it off. “A movie? Right. Sure. Go ahead and order it. And you’re not paying me back.” He gives me this look like I’m a total moron.

Well, when he sees what I’m about to order, he may change his mind.

Lemme go grab a soda and some popcorn and we can watch it together.” He hops to his feet, six-foot frame towering over me. “Lemme guess, this is a total chick flick, right?”

I pout, sticking out my lower lip. “Not totally. I know tons of guys who’d probably love it too.”

He just rolls his eyes as if saying “yeah, right,” then leaves the living room.

It takes hitting a handful of buttons and entering the security code before I’m gifted with the opening credits to
Daddy Does Debbie.
Yeah, I know choosing a “daddy” porno for my seduction is a little bizarre, but I want him to get the point pretty quickly.

I ease back against the arm of the couch and turn sideways so one of my legs is resting on the seat, leaving my thighs open for easy access.

In moments, the action begins. 68 Productions is known for their short intros that lead quickly to fucking. All the bullshit is at the end, thank goodness.

Peeps wanna get off, not read about who they’re getting off to, no?

The girl on the screen looks kinda like me. Bigger boobs, though. And she’s totally got bleach-blonde hair. Ick.

She’s wearing a super-short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt with an equally small, white top that barely covers her breasts. Knee socks and platform Mary Janes cap off her outfit. She’s the epitome of walking, talking sex.

Fuck yeah.

My pussy’s growing wetter by the second, tingling and aching more and more the closer she gets to the man on the screen.

He’s fit and trim. Not ugly, but he’s not as hot as Justin. He’s just…a man. Everyone knows that the male “actors” get their jobs based on cock size and stamina. Oh, and the ability to come on cue. He doesn’t have to be pretty, he just has to be able to get it up…and know how to fuck.

Already, the man is rock hard in his slacks, dick tenting his pants.

She’s leaning over him while he sits on the couch, breasts in his face, and the camera catches it all. It spies the hint of nipple, the way the guy licks his lips and can’t take his gaze off of her chest.

Right now, they’re “acting” out their parts. She’s going on about needing his assistance with a problem, he’s offering to help, all the while looking like his dick’s ready to burst.

It’s the game. The cat and mouse one they play before moving on to hard core fucking.

Justin comes back in, bowl of popcorn in one hand, a couple of sodas balanced in the other. He comes around the coffee table and drops his stuff on the polished wood before he slumps onto the couch.

He’s ditched his shirt, leaving him in nothing but a pair of slacks. I just want to lick his entire chest, taste all of him.

So, what’re we…?” His attention’s frozen on the screen, and I turn mine back to the movie.

Yeah, I can see what’s appealing to him. The woman is topless now, getting her nipples sucked by her “daddy” while he lifts her skirt to expose her naked pussy and ass.

The woman’s shaved, just like me, nice and bare and ready to be licked.

Fuck, the idea gets me even hotter. My juices are soaking the crotch of my shorts and I need to get something inside me. Soon.

Preferably Justin’s dick.

It takes a split second before my stepdad’s surprised gaze is on me. “What the fuck, Amber?”

I can’t figure out if he’s pissed or aroused or both. The bulge between his thighs tells me he’s aroused, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s only because of the movie, or the movie

I rise to my knees, hand colliding with his chest as I shove him back. He’s staring at me, wide-eyed, attention shifting between the movie and me and back again.

Okay, he’s not entirely opposed to the situation. I think.

I want you, J.” I lean close. I want more than anything to straddle him and rub that thick cock against my slit. But I can’t move too fast. “I want you. Want my daddy to fuck me. Don’t you see how good the daddy in the movie’s being?”

He tears his gaze from the screen to focus on me. “What? Amber, this isn’t right. This…”

I stroke his chest, let my fingers trail over his pecs and sift through the curly hair there, then circle his nipple. “Why not? You’re not my biological father. Besides, I hate to say it, but my mother doesn’t want you anymore, J.” I move as fast as I can, throw my leg over his lap and lower my dripping wet pussy over his groin. Oh, fuck yeah. I hiss at the contact, the pleasure spearing through me like lightning.

He’s huge and hard…and all for me.

But I want you. I want my daddy to fuck me hard. To take me and fill me everywhere.” I rock my hips, relish the moan I’m able to coax from his chest. I lean forward, bring our lips just shy of touching. “Don’t you want to, Daddy?”

He’s breathing heavy, panting, attention bouncing between me and the screen, back and forth and back and forth. I turn my head to watch with him, see that the woman’s getting fucked from behind, tits swinging with every thrust, begging her daddy to do it harder.

I bring my mouth to his ear, lick the outer shell. “Don’t you want to pound your dick into my cunt, Daddy? Take my ass?” I roll my hips, grind against his length while I bite down on his earlobe. I wanna tease and tempt him, make him give in. “I want you, Daddy.”

When his hands land on my hips, grip them, and push me down even harder, I know I’ve got him.

Fuck that feels good,” I moan into his ear, bite his neck, release him, then lick the spot.

His hands guide my movement, back and forth, up and down his length, ratcheting up my arousal more and more with each passing second.

You’re a bad little girl, Amber.” I feel his voice vibrating through me, tickling me from inside out.

I am, Daddy. So bad.” I lay my head on his shoulder for a moment, breathing against his neck.

What should I do with you?” He’s talking between gasps, me writhing all over him, cunt leaking cream, and I know I’m soaking the outside of his pants.

I moan, push down until it nearly hurts. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

He drops his head back against the couch, holds my hips still. “Amber…” He says my name like it’s a curse and a prayer at the same time.

I bring my hands up to wrap around his neck, fingers sinking into his hair. I tighten my hold until I’m sure he’s feeling a bit of a sting. Seduction has only gotten me so far. “I want you, Justin. I know you want me too. Now, what’re you gonna do about it? Are you gonna go into your room and rub one out, or are you gonna use the pussy I’m offering you? Choose.”


I form a fist, hair knotted between my fingers. “Which one?”

He takes a deep breath, air huffing out. And then another, before he finally answers, “I choose you.” I rotate my hips and grind. “Ooh. Fuck yes.”

Gee, I feel like purring like a fucking cat, rubbing all over him and bathing in him. I close the small distance between us and take his lower lip between my teeth, tug and bite. I lick the damaged flesh before I whisper, “Your little girl is very happy, Daddy.”

Justin doesn’t give me an answer. At least, not a verbal one. He captures my lips in a searing kiss. I don’t get a moment to protest or prepare. He just dominates me, tongue forcing its way past my lips, demanding that I open and submit to him. He tastes every bit of my mouth, flicking and toying with me, stroking and pretending to fuck me.

I can’t keep still, can’t
move. I roll my hips, press my cunt down on him while I delve into his mouth, savor the flavors of beer, pizza and him. He overwhelms me, takes over, and I follow his lead, let him sweep me away.

His hands travel over my back, up and down my spine, and then he’s tugging at the hem of my shirt, bringing it higher and higher until I break our kiss long enough for him to whip it over my head.

Fuck your tits are gorgeous.” His voice is deep. Deeper than normal and laced with pure sex. He cups my breasts, squeezing and kneading, thumbs stroking my nipples back and forth.

I arch my back, push my chest out, shove against his palms—silently beg for more pressure.

In answer, Justin leans forward and takes my nipple into his mouth, sucks and teases the sensitive bud with his tongue. The rapid flick, flick, flick heads straight to my pussy, forcing me to shift and rock my hips along the ridge of his dick.

I crave the pleasure, the sensation, of being touched. Need it like my next breath.

He moans, increases the suction and pinches the nipple on my other breast, sending slivers of pain to mingle with the ecstasy he’s giving me. “Fuck yes, Daddy. Harder. More. Suck me.”

Justin bites my breast and the ache in my pussy increases in response. It’s spasming, tightening and releasing, practically begging to get fucked. “Oh, god. I need…”

He releases my flesh with a pop, hand taking the place of his mouth. “What do you need, baby girl?”


Please what?” He’s grinning now, that teasing smile I haven’t seen in a while.

I need you, Daddy. I need you to fuck me.

He grabs me around the waist and positions me so my back’s on the couch, hovers above me. “I’m not sure if bad girls get what they want. What about what I want?” His voice is a deep growl.

I lick my lips, watch him watching me. “Use me, Daddy. However you want.”

That earns me a smile. A wicked, evil, I’m-going-to-regret-this smile.

Oh, god. In a totally, hopefully, good way.

His weight leaves me as he levers himself from the couch, and I frown at him. Damn it, I didn’t think “no sex for Amber” was going to be an option. But my frown melts away in a split second when I watch as his hands go to the button on his pants. He snaps ‘em open, and just like that, they’re sliding down his legs, pooling at his feet.

Oh, shit.

His cock really is huge.

He went commando, and his thick, long dick is hard and ready, a pearly drop of pre-cum on the very tip. The head is an angry purple, as if screaming for attention, and I want to worship him with my mouth. For, like, ever.

Oh, Daddy.” I push myself up, but he nudges me back.

My turn, Amber. Be a good girl.”

I nod and lay back, watch as he kneels on the couch between my knees. He reaches for the waistband of my shorts and I lift my hips so he can slide them off. I know what he’s seeing now, know why his eyes are widening for a brief moment before they appear to darken even further.

I’m bare as a baby’s bottom. I shaved off everything until I felt smooth from every freaking angle. I’m soaking wet and completely revealed to him.

With a single finger, he traces my slit, and I shudder at the contact, arch my back and try to follow his movements. I want the touch to last forever. But it ends, and he brings the digit to his lips. I’m focused on him and don’t miss the look of bliss that passes over his face as he tastes me, my cream.

Fucking delicious. I could live on that forever.”

I open my legs, prop one on the back of the couch and let the other fall wide. “Are you hungry?”

Starved.” He shifts, moving back until he’s nearly at the other end.

And then, he bends down. Face right over my needy pussy. “Mind if I have a snack?”

I roll my eyes. “Eat me already.”

He tsks. “That’s earned you a spanking, little girl.”

I raise a single brow. “But later, right? Cause I seriously need you to fuck me. Soon.”

Instead of answering, he lowers his head, tongue out, and he laps at the very top of my slit. Just a tiny flick and my nerves sing in response. I immediately grab my breasts, fingers pinching my nipples and back arching at the stab of pleasure.

Shit. He’s barely touched me and I’m ready to come.

He moans and comes back, this time licking more of me. From the top down, he travels along the seam of my lower lips. Fuck, but he’s a tease.

He’s not getting where I want him. Damn it. I slide my hands down my body, enjoy the feel of skin against skin and reach for my pussy, intent on spreading my nether lips for him.

Please, Daddy.” I moan.

But he brushes my hands away. “No touching. Let me play with my pretty, little cunt.”

The tone of his voice, the fierce, possessive look in his eyes, causes a shudder to zip through my body, pussy clenching on air and positively demanding to be fucked.

He sounds on edge. Good. He should be as needy as I am, damn it.

He skims the inside of my legs, starting at my knees and ending at my upper thighs, squeezing and kneading my flesh for a moment before he takes his fingers and separates my lips to reveal my damp heat to the cool air.

Such a pretty, pink pussy. All ready for me.”

God, yes.” I arch, rock my hips and search out his touch. “Lick me, Daddy.”

He hums and the sound reaches me the scantest moment before his tongue connects with my aroused pussy, lapping me from hole to clit, flicking the tiny nub of nerves at the end of his licks.

Yes, yes, yes…”

Justin keeps going, bottom to top, again and again, moaning all the while. He pulls away and blows on my soaking flesh, the chill causing goose bumps to rise along my skin. Then he dives back in, butterfly-quick movements of his tongue over my clit sending my arousal flying higher than a kite. His lips form a seal around my sensitive nub, sucking while flicking and licking, circling the ball of nerve round and round.

Fuck, that’s it.” I’m breathing heavy, panting and begging. “Suck my clit. Give it to me.”

He does. He sucks harder, flicks quicker, giving me exactly what I’ve asked for. I’m wide open for him and I feel my juices sliding over my asshole, and I’m sure they’re soaking into the couch. Fuck it, I’ll clean it later.

Two fingers tease my hole, gently brushing my entrance, touch, touch, touch…circling it…only entering me with the barest inch. God, that feels so good. No, good doesn’t even start to explain it. Good is a brief kiss.

This is fan-fucking-tastic.


I shift my hips, roll and ride his fingers as much as he’ll let me. I figure he’ll probably tell me to stop soon, so I take what pleasure I can, while I can.

But then, he proves me wrong. He shoves those fingers deep, hard and fast, filling and stretching my pussy with his digits.

Fuck yes. Fuck me.”

He gives me a few tiny strokes, an inch out, an inch in, scissoring his fingers, and I figure he’s trying to get me ready for his massive cock.


I’m staring at him, his eyes focused on mine while he works over my pussy. He lifts his mouth, hot breath fanning over my aroused lower lips, fingers picking up speed and working my hole. “Like that, little one? Like your daddy fucking your cunt?”

Yes, oh, fuck yes.”

He shoves deeper, and then brings the thumb of his other hand to rest over my clit. “Come on my fingers, and then I’ll fuck you, baby. Gotta give it to me, though.” I moan, move my hips in time with his thrusts while he makes little circles over my tiny nub. “Squeeze your tits. Make yourself come.”

I can’t help but listen. I grab my breasts, knead them, fingers pinching the hard nipples while he keeps up his movements. “Yeah, that’s it, give it to me.”

I’m panting, writhing, begging and sobbing all at once. I tighten my grip on my hard-as-hell nips, savoring the hint of pleasure with the pain, inching closer and closer to my climax.

My pussy’s tightening and milking Justin’s fingers, spasming while he keeps fucking me. Harder. Faster. Deeper.

I feel my orgasm approaching, inching toward the precipice. It starts with a low ache surrounding my pussy, gathering force as seconds tick by, spreading out from my cunt until it fills my arms and legs.

I’m shaking, it’s rising. Like tiny sparks of electricity, my muscles twitch, shift and move of their own volition. My back arches, bowing until I’m only touching the couch with my hips and head. I’m strung tight, ready to snap at any moment.

That’s it. Come for Daddy.”

Oh, god.

Oh, god.

Oh, god.

It’s right there, within reach, ready to slam into me.

Do it.”

Then the dam breaks, fucking explodes until nothing but pleasure exists for me. I scream, I writhe, I yell. Fuck, I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s just wave after wave of ecstasy, and it consumes me from inside out. My whole body is sensitized, hyperaware of the world around me, but my mind is wandering, floating while my orgasm takes control.

Over and over again, the joy blows through me until it dies down to a gentle wind, tiny aftershocks slowing in time with Justin’s movements.

I open my eyes, and I don’t even remember closing them. His gaze is locked on mine and he’s sitting up, showing me his impressive, hard cock.

I lick my lips, anxious to wrap my mouth around his prick, but his words stop me. “You can suck me later. Right now, I want to fuck that tight pussy.” A residual shudder racks my body and he just smiles. “Flip over, Amber. This is going to be a quick, hard ride.”


Without hesitation I turn over, both hands on the couch, one knee on a cushion and the other foot planted on the floor, pussy bared and ready for him. I look over my shoulder and see him staring at my ass, one hand stroking his fat cock from root to tip and back again. “Like what you see?”

Justin pets my hip, skims my ass. “Oh, yeah. That is one gorgeous pussy.” His thumb brushes my asshole, nerves responding instantly. “And your ass is just as pretty. Has anyone fucked this tiny hole, Amber?” I open my mouth to answer, but he cuts me off. “Doesn’t matter. I’ll be burying my dick in that ass, soon enough.” My asshole tightens on its own. “Oh, you’re a little slut, aren’t you? That hole is practically begging for my cock.” He leans over me, his thick shaft resting in the crack of my butt. He thrusts against me, sliding it up, then back, teasing my nerves. “You want it, Amber?”

I nod, unable to find the words.

Tell me.” He rocks his hips again, solid shaft teasing my tingling skin.

Yes, I want your cock in my ass, my pussy, my mouth.

He bites my shoulder in response, teeth clamping down hard, not breaking skin, but sending searing pain through my body. I scream, but can’t move and pull away. After what seems like forever, he releases me and withdraws, before thrusting right into my dripping cunt without hesitation. Only his grip on my other shoulder is what keeps me from being fucked over the side of the couch.

Fuuuccckkk!” That’s all I’m able to say, because he’s stolen my breath, pushed it right out of me with that thick dick of his.

Embedded deep in my cunt, he’s not moving, and for now, I’m damned thankful for that. His shaft is practically splitting me in half, the pain of being speared by him warring with the remnants of his bite. So, I just ride it out until it begins to wane, letting me catch my breath again.

He draws a line down my spine, nice and slow, and goose bumps follow in his wake. “Okay, baby? Ready for me?” He eases back a bit and then pushes forward to fill me again. “Oh, fuck yeah. This is one tight pussy.”

I moan, push back against his next thrust. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

At first, I’m not sure if he hears me, but then his grip on my shoulder tightens, and his other hand goes to my hip, holding me tight.

Justin withdraws for what seems like forever before he slams forward, jarring my whole body but touching all those perfect places in my cunt.


He repeats the move. “That’s what I’m doing.”

I laugh and roll my eyes. Dork.

Justin pulls back, pushes in again, strokes right over my G-spot, orgasm rising once again in response. Oh, yeah.

Give it to me, Daddy. Shove that fat cock inside me.” I can’t move on my own, his hold’s assuring that, but I revel in his powerful thrusts, the fierce way he’s yanking me back against him with every push. His balls slap my lower lips, smacking my clit with every drive.




Harder. Faster. Deeper. More. With every stroke he picks up his pace, fucks me with an unyielding intensity.

God, he’s long and thick, thicker than I’m used to, adding that stretching pain to the pleasure.

Take that dick.” In and out and in and out. He releases my hip long enough to slap my ass, a nice burn spreading through my cheek and I moan, then whimper when it seems like he’s not going to do it again. “Like that? Like getting spanked like a naughty girl?”

I am naughty, Daddy. So bad.”

He just grunts and hits me again, forcing a scream from my throat, and it seems like that’s all the permission he needs to let go.

His pace turns up in earnest now, punishing me with his cock and hand, fucking and spanking me over and over again.

Another slap. Then another. The pain’s turning into a burning fire, spreading to engulf my entire ass, inching toward my cunt and yanking my orgasm closer with every hit.

So fucking good.

The head of his cock presses against my G-spot with every pass, and I know I’m gonna squirt all over the couch. Next time, we’ll totally put a towel down.

Come on my dick, Amber. Show me how much you like my cock in your cunt.”

God, yes.” I reach between my legs and find my clit with ease, rub it furiously in time with his thrusts. It’s growing with every passing second, my climax roaring toward me like an out of control semi. It’s hard and fast and I’ll be surprised if I manage to stay conscious long enough to enjoy the afterglow.

That’s it, little slut playing with herself while getting fucked by her daddy.” He’s panting, chugging like a train while he pistons in and out of my pussy. Slam, slam, slam…

I keep tightening around him in waves, squeeze, release, again and again, my orgasm taking over while he pummels me. More and more of my juices escape my hole, coating his dick, my fingers, the couch. All of it wearing my scent, my musk.

I feel my release gathering in my lower back, wrapping around me like a cocoon and swallowing me whole. My clit’s practically singing, cunt begging, and I can barely hold myself up. It’s like my body has deserted me to bathe in the pleasure that Justin’s giving.

It’s growing, growing, growing, and then…it’s finally here, fireworks on the Fourth of July and Christmas all rolled into one.

Somehow, I keep my arm from buckling beneath me, but the rest is just a blur of unadulterated sensation. Pleasure, hotter than before, burns inside my veins, lighting up my nerves as it races through me, gathering and surrounding my pussy. I feel my mouth moving, words pouring out, but I couldn’t tell you what the fuck it is I’m saying.

I feel warm, slick fluid coating my upper thighs, and I know I’ve squirted all over his cock, coated him in my cream, done something I just don’t do with a guy.

With a dildo? Totally. Guy? Never.

Until Justin.

He’s still pumping in and out of me, both hands on my shoulders, jarring my body and sending my tits swinging with every stroke. I figure he’s close, ready to come.

Do it, Daddy. In my cunt. Fill me with your cum.”

Fuckfuckfuck…” His voice trails off, and then it’s back with a roar, my name on his lips as he seals his hips to mine. I feel his cock jerking in my cunt, spurting stream after stream of cum into my heat.

And it drags my orgasm along, shivers and shudders of pleasure seeping into my arms and legs, keeping me from doing anything but slumping onto the couch, ass high, chest against the cushions.

We’re both panting in the near-quiet living room, the porno I’d ordered still playing in the background.

Hell, even if the vid got him going again, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up. I think he broke my vagina.

I feel his dick softening in my pussy, stretch leaving as he deflates inside me. After a few moments, he slips his cock free, cum flowing from my hole in the wake of his leaving, more fluid dripping onto the couch.

I’m totally going to have to rent a steam cleaner.

Justin shifts away and I figure he’s off to snag something to clean up our mess.

I’m wrong. He rolls to the side and drops down onto his back between the couch and coffee table. I take the opportunity to stretch out a little, only to encounter the wet spot.

Eew. Scooch over.” I motion with my hand for him to move, but he just sits up and snags me, pulling me down onto him with a slight “oomph.”

I relax against his body, drape over him like a blanket, and we just lay there, breathing, his heart pounding against mine.

Any minute now I’m going to carry you to bed. And if I don’t die by morning, I’m going to fuck you again.”

I nod against his chest. “Yeah, okay. I may even participate.”


Daddy really makes me hot.


The End


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Fucking my ex-stepfather, Justin, had been hella awesome. Doing it the entire time he was off was even better.

Except—he’s now back at the firehouse, working twenty-four on. Ugh.

I know the guys cook for each other during their shifts, but I’ve also heard Justin complain about them not being big on the dessert front.

So, seeing as I wouldn’t be “seeing” him for a bit, I decided to bake.

Plus, even though I’m fucking Justin, there’s nothing that says I can’t check out the other hotties at the station.

Pulling up in front of the firehouse, I throw my little car into park and reach over to the passenger seat to snag the prepared dishes I’ve brought. I made brownies and cookies, plus I stopped by the grocery store for a few cartons of ice cream and toppings.

Yeah, I’m hoping to keep ninety-nine percent of them busy for a while. I’m evil that way.

After wiggling my way out of my car, I lock it and trek toward the average looking building with huge, red garage doors. Just as I reach the entrance, I’m met by one of the guys who’s on his way out, and like a gentleman, he holds it open for me. I’ve never been to the station before, and I wasn’t too sure what kind of welcome I’d be getting…or if Justin had ever talked about me.

He-Hey.” The guy’s fucking adorable. I’m guessing he’s in his early twenties, but I’m positively certain he’s gorgeous. He’s not quite as built as Justin, but he’s got his share of muscles, and the cutest blush stealing up his cheeks. He gives me a tentative smile, dimples showing, and I just want to eat him up. “Do you need any help?” He swallows, and as I follow the movement of his Adam’s apple, I wonder what his skin tastes like. Yum.