kiss & spell

Kiss & Spell


By Kris Eton

Marissa Glenn is a witch with one amazing power. She can make men fall in love with just a kiss. But Marissa sees her magical gift as a curse. After years of using men merely for sexual fulfillment, she wants a man to call her own. A challenge from a rival witch is just the motivation she needs to fall in love for real this time.

Months after his fiancee cheated on him, Justin Heller still nurses a broken heart. When bar regular Marissa puts her moves on him, he thinks she's nothing but trouble. He knows her M.O., a different man every night, and he's not interested in being one more conquest.

Marissa is determined to convince Justin she's more than just a pretty face. But who knew falling in love without any magic would be this hard?


WARNING: This e-book contains matters of a sexual nature and adult language, which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. This book is for ADULTS ONLY


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


By Kris Eton


Kindle 2
Edition, Copyright 2013

Copyright 2009 Kris Eton


Cover Art by: Kellie Dennis at Book Cover By Design


All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without written permission from the author.

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Chapter One

Marissa set the handcuff key on the nightstand. She'd let someone else have the pleasure of releasing her conquest from last night. She should’ve left the motel room hours ago.

In the weak morning light,
Joseph was just as fine as when she'd first spied him at the Three Crowns Pub. His body was long and lean with a tribal tattoo encircling one massive bicep. She scanned her memory. Were his eyes blue or brown? She couldn’t remember. He'd passed out long ago after hours of lovemaking.

Well, maybe that's not what he'd call it.

Sex then. Hot, nasty sex. Stuff she'd never be able to tell anyone she craved.

Thank God she didn't have to.

She tossed a blanket over his sculpted, naked body. A shame to cover up such perfection. In the past she’d never cared about how these men felt, but lately the guilt was getting to her. How many men had she lured into her bed over the years?


That word made it sound so above board. Marissa knew the truth. The men never came with her willingly. Not really.

She slipped into her tight black dress and put on her heels. The cheap motel room smelled of stale cigarettes and sex.
Her life had been reduced to empty nights of fucking strange men. She couldn’t sink much lower.

She raked her fingers through her hair and avoided the mirror across from the bed. Her dark eyeliner was likely smeared, her eyes bleary. She hadn't slept well. She'd curled up next to Joseph
, but he'd been more of a solid thing against her side than a comforting presence.

ball of wadded up paper caught her notice. She picked it up and unfolded it.

The tattoo.

Sketched on the paper was a crude drawing of a woman's face—supposedly hers—with the lettering MARISSA across the bottom. Last night, Joseph had declared he'd get a new tattoo. One with her likeness and name.

That had been a first.

Usually her men begged her for sex and maybe asked for her phone number.

She dropped the paper in the wastebasket.

This one had gone too far. Maybe that’s why she felt less-than-satisfied. Her soul was as empty this morning as it had been when she walked in the door of the pub last night. She was sexually sated. Joseph's dick had made sure of that. But the rest of her felt so . . . lonely.

Joseph sighed. The metal handcuffs clinked together.

Time to go.

The sun shone a brilliant orange as it rose abov
e the Santa Cruz Mountains. Marissa squinted. She'd dallied too long. She dialed the front desk on her cell phone and headed straight for her car.

Gulls Motel." The front desk clerk sounded bored.

"Hi there.”
In a few minutes, Joseph would be awake and confused. Regret weighed heavily on her mind. “I need you to do a favor for me."

"Excuse me?"

"Room 124. There's a man in cuffs. I've left the key on the nightstand. Could you just unlock him?" By the time the desk clerk made his way to the last room on the first floor, she’d be long gone.

"Did you say handcuffs?
” That bit of information got his attention. “Who is this?"

Marissa hung up and zoomed out of the parking lot toward home. Tears fell in big droplets into her lap.

This is not what life was supposed to be.
A big, empty string of nameless conquests. One body after another.

Sure, when she used her magical kiss to put them under her spell, it was intoxicating
how men fell all over her. They’d beg to touch her, kiss her, fuck her. Do whatever she wanted. Anything and everything to make her happy. In the middle of it all, while she rode some man's cock for the hundredth time, it had been easy to fool herself into believing all she cared about was the sex. The feel of a man's dick inside her. The hot, hard heat of him and how quickly he could get her off. Did it really matter how he'd gotten there? How she'd managed to make him fall for her?

She shifted into third gear.

Yes, it did.


* * *


Justin Heller locked up the Three Crowns Pub. The first flicker of sunlight reflected off the plate glass window and into his eyes. That was the last time he'd fill in for Danny, the janitor. Working as a bouncer wasn't very taxing, until some drunk idiot decided to do something stupid. Luckily, the pub was a pretty low-key place. The extra money he made cleaning up the joint whenever Danny didn't show, however, wasn't worth the added time and hassle.

Stale beer all over the dance floor. Piss everywhere but in the urinals.

Thank God he only had to walk three blocks to get home. Downtown Santa Cruz wasn't much, but it had character. After the earthquake years ago, they'd rebuilt the city center to look much like it had before. Old fashioned storefronts. Classic mission architecture. He loved the area and was glad he'd found an apartment he could afford.

A car beeped behind him.

"Hey, Justin, need a ride?"

He recognized Marissa—a pub regular—right away.

She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Long, dark brown hair. Shocking gray-green eyes. A wide, sexy mouth.

he was exactly what he didn't need. What he'd

"I'm just three blocks up. I think I can manage." He tucked his hands in his pockets
and kept walking.

Marissa's car crept forward. "It's no trouble. Really."

He paused. This woman was nothing
trouble. He'd seen her several nights a week, picking up men, never leaving with the same one twice. There was something odd about the guys she’d end up with. They never seemed to remember they'd left with her the night before, or that they’d even met the brunette beauty.

He faced her. "What are you doing up this early, anyway?" Then he got a better look at her. Smudged lipstick. Tousled hair. She had the look of a well-fucked woman. "Oh."

"Get in. I want some company." She popped open the passenger's side door.

Justin hesitated. They had a friendly thing going. The usual "hey, how are you doing?" when she walked in the
bar. Maybe a few jokes later in the night. She'd even bought him a drink once or twice. She was smart, funny, and oh-so-dangerous.

"Come on.
” She smiled, and her whole face lit up. “I won't bite."

must know what a gorgeous smile she had. "Fine, if it’ll make you happy." They’d built a rapport over the last six months. Although wary of her intentions, he had to admit he enjoyed their conversations. What would be the harm in driving with her for a few blocks and taking a load off his aching feet?

He climbed
in. "I'm down here on Walnut." He pointed up the street toward the intersection.

"Can I buy you some coffee?"

"I’m kinda beat. It’s been a long night." Sharing a friendly cup of coffee with Marissa did not fit his view of her. Marissa was the kind of woman who slinked in late at night wearing some kind of sexy outfit, much like the tight little number she wore now, that hugged her breasts like a second skin. Strike that. He would not think about Marissa's breasts or any other part of her anatomy. He was not going to be one of those guys who fawned all over her.

"Coffee first. Then home." Her smile widened. Could it be she'd caught him checking her out? "Looks like you could use some."
She pulled over next to Waves & Waffles Café.

"Fine. Coffee."
At least it would get the stink of the bar out of his nose.

This ea
rly, the streets stood empty. Not many people got up at the crack of dawn for coffee on a Sunday morning. Inside the restaurant a few elderly couples occupied the tables. They grabbed a booth and ordered coffee.

Justin sta
red at her profile and drank in her beauty. He gave himself a mental shake. He was
interested in getting tangled up with a woman like Marissa. Why did he ever agree to a ride or a cup of coffee? He downed the hot beverage as quickly as he could.

"Whoa, slow down.
” She stilled his hand. “You're going to burn your tongue."

Her touch burned him. He yanked away and sloshed hot coffee all over the table. "Dammit." He grabbed some napkins. "Look, I should really get going. It was nice of you to offer to drive me home and buy the coffee, but really, I just want to get some sleep. You understand."

"What did I do wrong?" Her liquid gray-green eyes drew him in. He could see pain there, which surprised him.

"Nothing." He watched her lips stretch into a tight line and f
elt a pang of regret. "I'm tired. Not in the mood for socializing."

"Oh." She grabbed
his hands and pulled him toward her. "Can I just tell you something? A secret?" She drew him closer.

"I guess."
Her grip was like iron, but her gaze drew him in. He could get lost in those eyes.

When their faces were inches apart and he thought that wide, sexy mouth might close in on his, she let him go. "Never mind. You're right. You need to get out of here."

He sat back in his chair.
What just happened here?
Coffee was still splashed across the table. "Yes, I do need to go."

"See you
around." Her voice, which moments before had been seductive, had turned cold and sterile—as if she'd shut off a switch inside.

"Yeah, I'll see you."

As he walked down the street toward home, he wondered about Marissa and the secret she'd wanted to share. What had made her change her mind? He shivered. Even though the morning sun warmed his shoulders, a cool chill followed him. He had an odd feeling he'd just escaped something. A few moments later, the feeling had vanished.

Chapter Two

that was close.

Marissa sat in the
café, trembling. She'd never had to rein in her power before. If she wanted a man, she kissed him and that was that. Difficulties over. Problem solved. Her magic kiss wrapped him up in a fog of lust and dutiful obedience.

Justin was different.
When she’d spotted him walking down the street, her low spirits had lifted. She liked him.
liked him. He was handsome in all the right ways—tall, blue-eyed, sandy brown hair that dropped down over one eye just so and a big, powerful body. Her attraction to him, though, hinged on more than the physical. He could keep up with her repartee better than any man she’d ever met. Whenever she’d coax a laugh or smile out of him, a thrill would run through her. Because of that, she’d decided long ago he was off limits. Justin had become her touchstone against which all men were measured. She liked the purity of their relationship, and the fact she hadn’t degraded it with magic. He was the one man she’d never allow herself to have.

Up until now, she’d had no trouble resisting
the urge to use her power on Justin. A bar like the Three Crowns Pub swam with eligible men every night. This morning, though, the power of the kiss had become too much for her. She wanted to indulge. She wanted to know what Justin would be like at her mercy with that hard, handsome body writhing under her touch. She closed her eyes and imagined him calling out her name as he came in her mouth.

ast night's guilt flooded back. She’d grown sick of the Marissa who used and abused men. She imagined a world without Justin and his friendship, tenuous as it might be. If she’d indulged herself this morning, everything would’ve been ruined. Horrified she’d even considered Justin as a conquest, she headed for the safety of her house in the hills, where she could wrap up in a quilt, crash on her couch, and sleep until noon.

Maybe it was time to move on. Her mother had often suggested that idea.
Witches lived as solitary creatures among regular humans. A coven of witches would draw too much attention, make things dangerous. Plus, too much time in one place tended to pique the curiosity of nosy neighbors and well meaning acquaintances. A twinge of sadness filled Marissa’s heart at the thought of leaving Justin behind. If she wanted him to be safe from her magic, however, it might be her only choice.



Marissa opened her front door. “Mink? Where are you kitty, kitty?” Her sweet black cat had a way of soothing her loneliness with a few swishes of his tail.

Mink didn’t appear. Marissa tensed. Something wasn’t right. She stepped into her foyer. The presence of a witch much more powerful than she filled the room.

"Marissa, dear, I've been waiting for you." A familiar voice called to her from her living room. "I hope you don't mind that I made myself at home."

Demetria Rostov, her gray hair wild around two dark eyes and a thin red mouth, tilted back in a recliner chair, a cup of steaming something in her hands.

"What are you doing here?”
Marissa could forget about taking a nap. She'd be lucky if she could convince Demetria to leave before the sun set. “I don't have anything I want to trade with you. Especially today."

Demetria came and went like the fog that infiltrated the northern California coast in the summer. Here one day, gone the next.
She had a reputation for making trades and playing games, which Marissa’s mother had warned her about for as long as she could remember. Demetria had never troubled Marissa, so she’d never taken stock in her mother’s warnings. Marissa had assumed the stories her mother told had been an exaggeration to keep her in line.

"Is that any way to greet an old friend?” Demetria set her cup on the table next to the recliner. Demetria
took pains to stand out. She’d never lived a normal life among humans. She dressed all in black, kept her hair wild, and used her magic whenever she could get away with it. “I've come a long way to meet with you." She tented her fingers on her stomach.

Marissa dropped her purse on the kitchen counter and snapped her fingers. A mug of coffee appeared in a shower of sparks. "Is that so?"

Demetria sniffed the air. "You have the scent of man on you, and sex."

Her back to the ancient witch, Marissa’s cheeks heated in embarrassment. "I don't see how that is any of your business." She flicked her fingers, and the dishwasher magically unloaded itself. She hoped the distraction would show the old bat she didn’t care what she had to say.

"Have you tired yet of your kiss, my dear?

f Demetria only knew the truth—her magical gift was a curse. Demetria was all about tricks, however, so Marissa kept silent.

"I might have a way for you to be rid of it, if you wish."

Marissa hesitated. A clean spatula flew into an open drawer. Be rid of it? "What do you mean?"

The recliner creaked
as Demetria got up. "Ah, I thought that might interest you."

Mink app
eared from the laundry room off the kitchen, his whiskers twitched and his tail snaked back and forth. When Demetria came nearer, the black cat ducked back inside to hide behind the dryer. Even the cat didn't trust this witch. Marissa faced her. "I don't know what kind of trick you have up your sleeve, but . . . "

Demetria leaned against the counter. "It's a bet I'm offering."

"A bet?" Marissa’s mind slowed to a crawl as she mulled over Demetria’s words. All the tricks and schemes she thought Demetria might have planned for her, and she wanted to make a bet? A wager between witches was serious business. Signed in blood. A pact that couldn't be broken.

"Yes, I have an offer for you. Something I think you'll be interested in." The older witch set her empty tea cup on the counter.

"I'm listening."

"My challenge is this: Make a man fall in love with you without using your magic kiss. If you succeed, you can keep your power and the man, permanently. If you fail, you give your power to me
and lose the man forever." Her thin lips curled into a wicked smile that shouldn't be trusted.

’s offer tempted her. Marissa had been wishing for an end to the curse of the magic kiss. A way to find love.
love. No more meaningless nights of sex with one man after another. Her mind flitted to Justin. She could have him. She could really, truly have him. "How long will I have?"

"A week."

How hard could it be to make Justin fall in love? She saw humans falling in love all the time. A little flirting, a little talking, and he'd be hers, right? "I'll do it." The words were out of her mouth before she could contemplate it further.

Demetria's smile grew even wider. "Smart choice, my dear. A magical gift like that is a burden. I understand."

The older witch’s words fell on deaf ears. Marissa couldn't care less what the old hag had to say. This was a way out.

Demetria snapped her fingers, and a parchment materialized out of thin air.
A little shadow of doubt crossed Marissa’s mind at that moment. The warning words of her mother echoed in her head. She pushed them away and focused her mind on Justin. She’d win him over with her heart and not her kiss. Her kiss would be gone, and she could leave this empty life behind. This is what she wanted.

pricked a finger and signed the document in her own blood. Demetria followed. A shower of bright blue sparks exploded from the paper. It curled up on its own, and a black wax seal appeared. If someone cheated or broke the bet, the other party would win. It had been sealed. It was real. No backing out now. No changing her mind.

"The first touch of your lips agains
t any man's mouth, you lose. If you reveal anything about the bet, it’s over. You understand?" Demetria tucked the rolled and sealed parchment into her belt. "Your power will be mine, and the man you pursue will be lost to you."

Marissa touched her fingers to her lips. The power
remained with her for now. Clarity of mind returned, and it dawned on her how difficult this challenge would be. She'd always used her kiss as a way to seduce, a way to trick, a way to get what she wanted. Now she'd have to try something new. Although confident she could succeed, a small bit of doubt crept into her heart. She pushed all negative thoughts away.

"I hope you're ready to lose, Demetria." She thought of Justin and his dimpled smile. He'd always kept his distance from her, but she'd done the same. Time to rectify that little problem. She shouldn't have any trouble getting him to fall in love with her. She was Marissa, after all. Her beauty drew the men in first, before the kiss took hold.
This time would be no different. She'd turn on the charm, lay it on thick, and he'd be falling all over himself to get close to her. Wouldn't he?

Demetria's laughter cut into her thoughts. The witch hovered above the ground, and her body
spun. Faster and faster. She whirled so quickly, she became a blur of black and gray. A moment later, she disappeared completely.

For the first time in years, Marissa's heart felt lighter than air. Free. She'd tried a few times in her younger years to attract men without her magical kiss
to shake things up a bit. Back then she’d enjoyed finding out how far she could take it before she had to enchant them. She liked sex rough, hard even. Pain mixed with pleasure. Men wanted to be the ones in charge in the bedroom, she’d discovered early on. An aggressive woman could be a turn off. Targeting men who liked to be in control became a game for her. The only sad thing was, they never remembered it in the morning. How they'd begged for her to let them climax, or touch her, or lick her.

Now things would be different.
What it would be like to have Justin willingly fuck her brains out? What it would be like to have his hard, muscled body trembling for her? When morning came, he'd remember it all. Each moment of passion. Each touch. He would belong to her, completely and without magic. She fell asleep on her couch, her mind lost in a fantasy.

Chapter Three

Justin kept an eye on the growing crowd inside the pub. Since Santa Cruz was a college town, even Tuesday nights were party nights. Tonight, young men and women packed the bar to listen to a popular Celtic rock band. A hard, rhythmic drumbeat filled the room. Justin grimaced. He needed to buy some earplugs before this place made him deaf.

John, his fellow bouncer, jabbed him in the ribs. "Looks who's back. The Siren."

Justin caught sight of Marissa as she entered the pub. He and John hadn’t nicknamed her ‘the Siren’ for nothing. Like the Greek myth, Marissa lured men to their doom. She’d entice them into bed and leave them with no memory of what had happened.

Even with that knowledge, Justin
couldn’t stop staring. She wore a sexy silver halter dress that flowed loose around her long, beautiful legs and had a deep V, which showed off her cleavage. A star pendant hung between her breasts, drawing attention to the amount of flesh she had chosen to display that evening. Lots.

Goddamn that woman knew how to get every man's eye on her.

His dick jumped in his pants. His willpower was no match for his hormones.

She slinked up to him, her unfettered breasts bouncing enticingly. She'd painted her eyes with dark makeup, which emphasized their cool gray-green shade.

He expected her to greet him, ask him a friendly question or two, and then move on to the bar. There she’d pick out the lucky guy who got to see her out of the dress.

For a moment, he wi
shed he could see Marissa naked and those long, long legs spread for him.

He shook his head to get rid of the image. This was Marissa Glenn. The Siren.
A man-eater who loved them and left them like Jana, his faithless fiancée. She’d give a sexy smile, a reassurance he was the only man for her, and then move on to the next willing partner. He gritted his teeth at the memory of Jana’s betrayal.

placed a hand on his arm. "How've you been, Justin?" She stood a hair too close. Her citrus perfume wafted toward him. Marissa gave him a slow smile, and her eyes burned green fire.

His gaze
met hers, and he cleared his throat. "Fine." He couldn't find any words when she looked at him like that.

"I thought I might hang out with you two for awhile, until the crowd dies down some. Is that okay?"
A table with a few stools stood next to them. No one ever wanted to sit this close to the entrance, so he and John kept bottles of water and a bowl of peanuts handy. She hopped up on a stool and crossed her lean, lovely legs. Her skirt rode up her thighs.

Justin snapped his gaze back
to the crowd. He wasn't going to fall for her game. He'd watched her enough times to know exactly what she was up to.

"Go for it," John said
to the Siren. "We could use the company."

Justin wanted to kill his co-worker. First, there’d been Sunday morning's weird cup of coffee, and now this. Marissa was up to something. But why? He thought they had an easy friendship going. She did her thing with the men at the pub. He stayed out of it. They shared a few jokes, a drink or two. All light, easy fun. The kind of relationship he could handle with a woman. Platonic. With distinct lines neither of them had ever tried to cross . . . until now.

If she wanted to play a game, he'd take it right to her. "So, which one's it going to be tonight? The black guy in the football jersey standing at the end of the bar, or Mr. Motorcycle Gang with all the tattoos over there?"

John raised his brows.

"Excuse me?" Marissa shifted in her seat. He thought she couldn't get any sexier, but he was wrong. The minute she got her dander up, she went a few steps higher on the hot ladder. Her eyes snapped, her curvy body tensed, her wide, pretty mouth screwed up in a pout.

"You heard me. Which one of those two guys are you going to pick tonight?" He smiled. "Come on, we've seen you in here three or four days a week for months. Always the same routine. Never the same guy twice."

She blushed. The sexy, gorgeous siren actually blushed. For one split second he thought maybe he'd misjudged her somehow.

"You've been watching me?"

"Hard to keep my eyes off someone as beautiful as you, sugar."

"Would you believe me if I told you all of those other men were just for practice?"

"Are you training for the Olympics? Because I've never seen an athlete more dedicated than you."

"Am I supposed to take that as a compliment or an insult?"

"Both." Now he felt comfortable again. She'd dialed down the overt sexuality she'd walked in with and had turned into Marissa again. Yes, she was still beautiful, but now he'd brought her back down to earth. She was just as vulnerable as he. "So, which one is it?"

She didn't even look toward the bar. She kept her gaze entirely focused on him. He shifted from one foot to the other. A bead of sweat slid into his collar.

"Neither. I've found the one I want tonight."

John gave a low whistle. "Think I'll go get us a couple more bottles of water."
The bouncer stepped between them and headed for the bar.

Justin watched John disappear into the crowd. "You're joking."

"I'm serious. You. Me. Tonight."

The band’s pounding drums grew louder and louder. The bartender flipped on the ceiling fans as the heat grew in the crowded room.

Justin couldn't think straight.

There was a popping noise. Then another. The crowd jumped. The loud conversations broke up into gasps and squeals.

One more pop, and the pub plunged into darkness.

A woman screamed.

Justin couldn't see his hand in front of his face. He reached for the flashlight he’d left on Marissa’s table. His hand touched something soft and warm. "Oh, sorry." He pulled his hand back.

he crowd rushed past them into the pitch-black night. The streetlights that normally illuminated the parking lot were out.

A hand clutched his.


He could smell her.
Her soft body pressed up against him.

Driven by purely masculine impulses, he pulled her against him and curved an arm around her waist, protecting her from the dozens of frightened pub patrons fleeing out the door.

The feel of her rounded backside up against his groin lit a fire inside him. A fire fueled solely by instinct and hormones. Any man would react the same way. He fought against it and willed his cock to stand down.

For a woman who’d seemed hell-bent on seducing him this evening, she was surprisingly quiet and meek in his arms.

"I can't see." Her voice was a squeak amidst the chaos surrounding them.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "It's okay. Most of them are outside now. A transformer must've blown or something. The lights are out on the street, too." Did it mean anything that he found her scent intoxicating? The orange blossom sweetness filled his nose. He wanted to lean in closer, tickle her neck with his lips, dip his hand inside her dress and . . . .

"Stay with me." Her hand clamped down on his.

Beneath the sil
ky fabric of her skimpy dress was a warm, live woman. If he moved his hand just to the left, he could touch her hipbone. Is this how she did it? Is this how she lured men to her? With her softness? With her delicious, sweet scent? Even blindfolded a man would know she was beautiful by those two things alone.

For a moment, he understood how they could fall for her. How they could want to bury themselves between her thighs. Get a taste of that sweetness. Know what it was like, even for one night, to have something that tender, that delicious, that lovely all to themselves.

The room settled into quietness. Everyone had made their way outside, including John, the bartender, and the manager.

dark was so complete no one had noticed the two of them, flush against the wall, holding each other.

He couldn't
let go.

The manager leaned into the open door
way. "Is anyone inside?"

Justin opened his mouth, but Marissa pressed her fingers to his mouth. A quiet entreaty for them to remain in the dark, empty bar just a little bit longer.

The lock clicked as the manager shut everything down for the night, locking them inside.

Chapter Four

The dark was a living entity that insulated them from the outside world. Justin rubbed her abdomen in slow circles, a move he hadn't used since he broke it off with Jana months ago. It was automatic. That kind of move gave the impression he wanted more. He knew it wrong, but he couldn't stop. Marissa was no good, yet was helpless to the rising desire inside.

She made a low sound of satisfaction and arched her buttocks into him.

He settled his other arm under her breasts, his fingers touching the curved underside of one of them. Her nipple was only inches away from his fingertips, a tight bud under the silken softness of her dress. He ached to touch it. His dick pressed painfully against the zipper of his jeans.

God, this was wrong. This was Marissa the Siren. The woman who stepped out with so many guys, he’d lost count. He didn’t matter to her; no doubt, she saw him as one more
guy in a long line of conquests.

She turned and
, in a flash, pinned his arms against the wall.

He laughed and moved to break free, but she was much stronger than she looked.

"Don't play a game you don't mean to finish." Her voice was sexy and low. "I don't like being teased."

As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he became fully aware of how close
they were. The outline of her naked shoulders and the edge of her jaw were visible in the faint moonlight streaming in through the windows.

"I'm not playing any game." He tried again to break free. How could someone so slight, so feminine, be so damn strong?

She let go of one of his arms and squeezed his dick through his jeans. He gasped at the intimacy.

"You're the one who started it.
” Her grip on his cock grew tighter, almost painful.

"Jesus." Raw emotions surfaced. Fresh wounds. The last time he'd been intimate with a woman, he thought he'd been in love. But Marissa's hard, grasping hand had nothing to do with love, and everything to do with lust. Pure, mindless lust.

She unzipped his fly. When she touched his naked cock his mind narrowed down to one thing: sex.

He leaned down, knowing her mouth was close to his. He wanted to know what those lips felt like against his.
He imagined them to be pillowy-soft. His free hand snaked behind her neck, and he pulled at her hair.

"Let go." Marissa stilled her hand and released his cock. "Only touch me whe
n I order you to. Never before.

His cock throbbed. His balls were so tight, they hurt. He needed her hand on his dick. He needed what she could give him. It had been too long. He had been too lonely. Whatever she wanted. However she wanted. He'd do it. What would it matter if he gave in this once?

He released her and dropped his hands to his sides.


* * *


Marissa fisted his erection once more. God, he was thick and heavy. Powerful. She had him obeying her without any magic. She had control using only her hand. Maybe this bet would be easier to win than she’d thought. She thumbed the tip of his dick, and he shivered.

The only sex
she’d ever experienced had been when men were under her magical spell. What would Justin think of her needs? Would he panic and run?

She let go of his cock and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Christ." He let his arms fall at his sides. "Don't do this. I can't . . ." His hand touched her thigh and slid up under her hem. "I have to touch you."

She pushed him away. "I make the rules. You obey." This wasn't how it worked. She told the man to touch her, he touched her. She told the man to kiss her, he kissed her. She told the man to fuck her, he fucked her. Men she hadn’t enchanted with her kiss were obviously more difficult to keep in line. Anxious. Needy.

She spread her hands over his muscular chest. He curved his body away from her. "I've got to . . . I need to . . . fuck." He grabbed for her, cupped her face, and pulled her toward his mouth.

"No." She slapped him hard across the cheek. "No kissing."

"Damn, woman, what do you want from me?"

She had to keep him under her control, and if she couldn’t do it with words, she'd have to improvise. "Come with me." She grabbed
his hand and pulled him toward the bar where the shadows were thicker, the darkness more complete.

"What are you doing?" Her
grasp was firm.

"My game, my rules. Get up on the bar."


"Lay down on the bar."

"You've got to be joking."

Oh dear God this was hard.

She latched onto his cock, still free of his jeans, and stroked it. "No, I am not."

He grunted and grabbed her by the shoulders. "Have you ever heard of blue balls?"

"Get on the bar. Then we'll see what I can do for your

"This is insane," he muttered, but made his way to the bar. "What the fuck am I doing?"

"I don't think you'll regret your choice in about five minutes."

He climbed on the wooden bar and lay flat on his back. "Okay, now what?"

From her purse she pulled four men's ties. Knowing she couldn’t use magic this time, she’d come prepared.

He eyed the ties. "Are you serious?"

She looped one end around his left wrist and tied the other end tight to the barstool that was bolted to the floor. "As serious as a heart attack." She did the same to his left ankle, tying it to another bar stool. "If you want me to stop, I'll stop. Everything." She knew he wouldn't say no. His dick was so hard, the only thing that would give him some relief was a good old-fashioned fucking.

He said nothing.

She took his silence as a sign that he agreed to the arrangement and slid across the bar on her ass, her dress riding high to expose the plain white panties she wore underneath. Damp white panties. Just thinking about how she'd torture him was getting her wetter by the minute.

She took another tie and secured his right hand to the mini-fridge handle under the counter. The fourth and final tie she secured to his right ankle and tied it to the handle on the beer keg.

"I must be fucking insane."

"No, just horny." She checked all the ties to make sure they were tight. She climbed up on the bar, this
time kneeling over his stomach with one knee on either side of his body. She rested her ass on his groin and trapped his hard cock between her legs. The thick length pressed against her panty-covered clit. She rocked back and forth, feeling his hardness against her most sensitive part.

Then, it dawned on her. When this
night was over he'd remember everything. For a second she hesitated. What would he think of her? He had to fall in love with her, not just fuck her. What if her demands freaked him out?

She looked down at her captive. The lights snapped on.

There, in the dim glow of the canned lights above the bar, she was face to face with the man she'd dreamed about having. He wasn't just some warm, fuckable body. He talked to her like a human being. She’d sensed the hurt within him, even when she flirted with him. He had some past injury that kept him from getting too close. He’d always been a gentleman. Until tonight.

"The power's back on.
" His hips bucked up off the bar.


"Aren't you worried someone will see us?" The pub lighting was dim, but a large, plate glass window faced Main Street. He strained against the ties holding him down.

With deliberate movements, she undid her halter. The shimmery fabric pooled around her waist. "Let them look."

"Holy fuck." Although the lights shone directly in his eyes, his pupils were huge. His gaze focused squarely on her naked breasts.

She shook out her hair,
and her breasts jiggled from the movement. She cupped them and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples. They hardened into dark pink points. "Do you want me, Justin?" She pushed down, forcing his dick between her pussy lips. God, he was so hard.

He s
truggled against the restraints. He raised his body a few inches off the bar, and his fingers curved into claws. "Shit." He fell back. "This is fucking insane."

She stood, her head almost touching the ceiling. Her pussy throbbed. Quickly, she stepped out of her panties and let
her dress fall to her ankles. She kicked it to the floor and stood above him, completely naked. Her cunt was spread and open to his gaze. Filled with desire and a heady sense of power, she stared into his eyes. She couldn't wait to make him beg for it. His desire for her was pure, not spell-induced. A new feeling grew inside—one she didn’t recognize.

ll do something for me, and then I’ll do something for you."

He licked his lips, and his gaze roved over her. Chills ran down her spine. "What do you want me to do?"

She knelt back down, but this time over his chest, her spread cunt lips mere inches from his chin. "Eat my pussy. Make me come with your mouth, Justin."

He groaned and bucked up again, but his bonds held firm. "I need to touch you. Untie me, and let me touch you. I'll lick you better than any of those other men you've had." His words were fevered, but she knew better than to trust a man in this state of need. Without the spell, he didn't have to obey her. Without the spell, he could walk right out of here. No, he needed to stay right where he was.

She rose up, moved forward, and centered her split seam over his mouth. "Eat my pussy."

Chapter Five

Justin's breath buffeted her sensitive folds, and Marissa shivered. She could hardly wait to feel his tongue on her.

She lowered herself centimeters at a time. His teeth nibbled at the edges of her cunt lips. She moved lower. His tongue pushed deep into her.

"Aaaaah." The touch of his soft, wet his tongue against her puffy flesh made her fly apart. She kept her body raised just enough so he could reach her pussy. Her thighs trembled.

With velvety licks he tortured her labia and clit, making sounds of satisfaction deep in his throat. When he dipped the tip of his tongue into her vagina, the sparks radiated outward. "Oh God, that feels good."

His licking intensified. The cords in his wrists strained as he pulled against his restraints. His tongue ran around and around her clitoris. She wanted him to go on and on. Never stop. She could hold back her orgasm, wait even longer for blessed release, if only he'd keep licking her like that.

She focused on the lapping sound of his tongue, her own groans and cries made nearly inaudible by the rush of blood in her ears.

Lap, lap, lap.

Yes, yes, yes

Her thighs froze
in place, and her entire being centered on that small bud of hard flesh hidden beneath her folds. He drew his tongue across it one last time, and she exploded. She gritted her teeth and moved against his tongue, making him press hard against her clit. The orgasm was tight, tight, tight. Centered in her cunt, and then exploding outward in shifting waves. She shuddered.

Justin continued to lick her and moan into her hot, wet flesh. The echoes of her orgasm continued for several seconds.


* * *


Abruptly, Marissa
sat up. Justin aimed his gaze at her pussy. It was wet and ready for him. His dick ached. He couldn't wait much longer. "Let me touch you, Marissa. Untie me." He tried to break loose, but his restraints were tight. "God!" He growled in frustration. Her pussy had tasted musky and sweet, and the flavor lingered on his tongue. He wanted more, wanted to split her in half and pound into her. No mercy. Just hard, hard fucking until they both were spent.

s is how she worked her magic, how she brought men to their knees.

Those ripe, round tits. The legs that went on and on. A sweet, pink cunt. All of it. He wanted it all. What happened in the morning, he didn't care.

She cupped her breasts again. Thumbs tweaked her nipples. She cooed in pleasure, riding out the orgasm.

God, she was gorgeous.

"Let me fuck you, Marissa."

She splayed her hands on either side of his head. "Oh, no." She clucked her tongue. "Let me fuck
." She scooted back, leaving a trail of slick wetness down his chest. Her wetness. Her desire for him. "Would you like that?"

He wanted so badly to sink his fingers into her hips, force her cunt onto his cock. "God, yes."

She sat on his thighs now, his dick at her mercy. She palmed it, and he grunted. "Hmm, nice and hard." Her hot hand was more than he could bear. "How good that will feel, but first, we have to be smart." She held up a condom. Where did that come from? His mind had not been on protection of any kind.

She tore open the package and rolled the condom down over his cock. His balls were painfully tight. One sudden move and he might ejaculate all over the bar.

"There. Ready to go." She lifted up, lined up her cunt with his dick then sank down.

Heat and pressure surrounded his penis. Blessed, blessed pressure. God, her body gripped him like a vise. A sweet, wet vise. He pumped upward. It
felt so good to finally move and to have some sort of control over what happened to his body.

"Slow down, tiger." She stilled, not allowing him any room to thrust.

He let out a breath. She was going to be the death of him.

She began slow, circular movements with her hips, grinding her cunt into him. The pull of her pussy was heavenly. Tight, yet soft. He pumped slowly this time, hoping to please her. Hoping she'd keep going and not leave him frustrated.

"That's it. Slow, slow, slow. I want to feel everything. Mmm." She rested her hands on the bar and rotated faster. His cock drove deep inside her.

God, he wanted to grab her around the waist and flip her underneath him. Drive into her like a piston. Lose himself in her body. He struggled again at the ties. "Please let me touch you."

She smiled and rolled her body forward. She continued to move up and down, but now her face was over his, her hair hanging down, her tits inches from his chest. He thought she would kiss him then. She lowered her mouth to his. He moistened his lips. At the last minute she planted a kiss on his cheek. "Why don't
?" She rubbed her tits across his chest, the hard points of her nipples exciting him more. She followed that with a line of soft kisses down his neck, all the while gyrating her hips and continuing the slide of his dick inside her.

He needed everything to be harder and faster. "I'm begging you, Marissa
, I can't do much more of this." He pulled hard at his restraints. Miraculously, his right arm came free. He wasted no time wrapping it around her waist to force her to move more rapidly.

The game must've been over at that point, because she didn't even seem to notice he'd touched her. She pressed back against him, driving his cock deeper inside. Her tight walls clamped down, and he grunted at the perfect pleasure of it.

Yes, yes, yes

Above him, her tits swung in his face. He curved
his hand around one sweet breast. Incredible. Soft flesh with a puckered nipple. He stroked his thumb across it. Marissa cried out and arched her back. He did that to her.
made her cry in desire. No one else.

He lifted his hips off the bar to delve deeper into her cunt. His fingers clamped down on her tit, squeezing it.

Marissa screamed her release, long and loud. He followed seconds later. An enormous burst from his balls to his penis. Release. Beautiful, wonderful sexual release. He groaned at the intense pleasure.

She fell on top of him, breathing hard. Her hair covered her face.
He swept away the dark strands and touched his fingers to her lips. He wanted to feel that soft mouth against his. A final sign he'd conquered her in some way. When he turned his head to seek out her mouth, though, she pulled away.

"I have to get dressed. You can untie yourself."

He crinkled his brow. “What?” It was over. Just like that?

jumped to the floor and slipped back into her dress. "How do I get out of here?"

He untied his other hand. "You should be able to get out the back." He was in shock. So he
like all the other men. He thought back to earlier in the evening. She'd never had a chance to slip him any drug. She didn't try to knock him out. So how was it that all her other lovers in the past didn’t seem to remember her? Marissa was not a woman who'd be easy to forget.

"Thanks." She disappeared from view, heading toward the storage room and the back exit.

"Wait!" He worked at the ties on his ankles. By the time he was free, she was long gone.