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Authors: Jennifer McKenzie

last kiss from the vampire

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Last Kiss from the Vampire


Vampire Romance





By: Jennifer Mckenzie


Last Kiss from the Vampire

Megan was coming home from a hard night at the diner. The sun was coming up and it was time to get back in her box. However, she didn’t know if it would be a good idea to let her boyfriend out of his.

The late shift at the Baudelaire Diner in the town of Skiptrap, Pennsylvania was always a difficult one. Weekends were the worst since the staff never knew who was coming in the door. They were far enough away from the city to not have to deal with the worst party animals and yet close enough to encounter the occasional car full of road trippers from Allentown. The worst crowd they would ever see were the ghosts who floated in from the abandoned and forgotten cemetery in back of the farmer’s field two miles down the road. They only spoke German, so waiting on them was a nightmare in and of itself. Plus, they paid with gold coins, which the management had tried to tell them over and over again couldn’t be banked through the normal channels. But the ghosts hadn’t been by in months, so Megan assumed they had found another diner to haunt.

Tonight’s crowd had been bearable, but Megan was ready to leave as soon as her shift was over. She had counted out the cash and put in her deposit bag before transferring it to her car. She had tried to get the management to use a security company to come and retrieve the evening’s deposit, but the owners kept telling her how good a job she did and why then would they want to use anyone else? Megan had sighed and gone back to the method she was using. It was a good job and late night jobs were hard to find. Especially working for such an understanding group of owners.

She had finished up by checking on her inventory and made sure the schedule was in order for the week. Everyone was on board with the new posting. She had pinned it to the notice board, right below the OSHA notice. She couldn’t imagine anyone having trouble reading the damn thing this week and there were no new requests for time off. Megan finished the night by counting up the stacks of cash with Larry, her assistant manager and sealed it all in the pouch with the receipt safely inside. God forbid the count is off and the pouch has to be reopened. Doing that would involve another half hour of work.

She got in her car and put the pouch right next to her in the passenger seat. Megan checked the time on her cell phone: four in the morning. Good, she had enough time to get home and not have to worry about a thing. It was all going according to plan. Too bad it didn’t work out so well every night.

She circled around the bank three times to make the deposit. Skiptrap wasn’t a bad town, but there had been a rash of snatch and grabs over the past few months from the local stores and people were getting nervous. She didn’t care who was doing them or why, it was the local police’s job to take care of such things. Everything looked good at the bank  and she pulled up to the night drop, pulled out her key, unlocked it, and reached into the passenger seat for the bag of cash.

And turned to face the biggest gun she had ever seen in her life.

The man holding it had a scarf over his face and was wearing a hooded sweat shirt, which was strange since it was the middle of July. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses and lowered the gun at her face.

“Get out of the car,” he said. “And bring that big bag of cash with you.”

She put her small car into park and opened the door. She left the engine running just in case. Megan had the bag of cash in her other hand and held it up to the man while he watched her carefully the gun still in his hand.

“Now give it to me,” he told her.

“Why did you go and do this?” she asked him.

“I said give me the money!” He raised his voice. There was nobody else around this early in the morning, but still….

“You had to really mess things up this time,” she said to him. “Johnny.”

She saw him nearly jump in the air. His disguise hadn’t been as good as he had thought.

“You had to get yourself fired from taking money out of the till,” she told him. “Now you’ve gone and robbed me on the way to deposit the cash. What do you think will happen? Bad choices, little man, bad choices.”

“Then I guess you leave me with no option!” he yelled and pulled the trigger on the revolver he’d aimed at her.

When the roar from the gun was over, Megan was still standing. She had a powder burn on her manager’s shirt which was going to be a pain for the laundry to remove. The bullet hole was another matter, but the place employed an older Korean lady who could patch anything.

She looked down at the burn.

“My new blouse,” she said. “You just cost me fifty dollars. Now you really have done it!”

Johnny was still standing in disbelief when Megan extended her fangs and sunk them into his neck.

He tasted lousy, too many pheromones and additives. She stood over him licking the last of his blood off her hands. It was too sweet as well. This was why she kept gaining weight, dammit. Her boyfriend appreciated her soft, round body, but she needed to do something about all the calories she kept consuming from these scumbags. This was the third attempted hold-up in the past year and she was getting tired of these losers and their bad diets.

At least her boyfriend Steve was going to be grateful. She wouldn’t have to pull him off his video game to get a little blood this evening. What Johnny had contributed would keep her fed for the next week.

Megan had been a vampire for the past three years. She had been turned by a former employer when she found out what it could do for her career. Although it hadn’t made her rich, being a vampire at least meant she could stay out late and not have to worry about expensive medical bills. She also had to avoid the bright sun since prolonged exposure to it could be fatal. Other than silver, it was the only thing a vampire has to worry about. No one knew their lifespan; no studies had ever been undertaken. Megan had met vamps who were over eight hundred years old and still looked as good as they did when they were turned.

She still needed to ingest a certain amount of blood or start to decompose. An account at the blood bank helped, but the need could be satisfied with certain types of animal blood. The vamps had long ago reached an accommodation with the mortals on going after humans: no innocent human was ever to be touched or face the wrath of the state. Bloodletting in self-defense did not qualify as a criminal act. All Megan had to do when she had been attacked was to make one phone call to the right government agency. The body of her would-be assailant was picked up for disposal within an hour. She just needed to wait around to make sure they arrived and sign the paperwork. No questions would be asked and Johnny would be listed as another missing person.

Megan found her regular source from her boyfriend. He’d been agreeable to staying with her after she made the change and wanted to continue the relationship. The only condition from her was that he donate some of his blood to her whenever she needed it. This wasn’t much of a problem and could be solved by the use of the proper knives and sterile conditions. He could usually tell when she was in a needy mood and he would go get the blades.

They still lived in the same apartment they had occupied when the two of them moved in together after high school. Both Megan and Steve had family in a nearby decaying industrial town and didn’t want to leave them. When Megan turned, it became helpful because she could take any late night calls when she wasn’t at work.

It had’nt been a quick procedure to turn Megan into a vampire. Megan never told Steven how she had gone about the process, but it seemed to involve a lot of blood from a vampire donor. Megan hadn’t pressured Steve to convert and he didn’t want to make the change. One vampire in a relationship worked fine for most couples.

Steve wanted to know why Megan was late when she came home. He was, as she expected, playing video games again. He had a decent job at the local electronics store, but she felt he could do better. Steve lacked the ambition to attend junior college or improve himself and it was starting to bother Megan.

“I had a former bus boy try to rob me,” she told him. “Idiot tried to stick a gun in my face at the bank drop. Can you believe that?”

Steve dropped the video controller and ran to her. He hugged Megan to make sure she was okay.

“Are you alright?” he asked. Then he looked down at her shirt. “Oh my God! What did he do?”

“Tried to shoot me, the fool. Ruined a perfectly good top, too. Don’t worry the body transport people picked him up already. I will say he was tastier than the last one.”

“I’m glad you’re safe!”

Megan had to remind her self that mortals could be killed many ways and didn’t resurrect like vampires. Steve was becoming a little too needy lately and she was going to have to make a decision soon.

Megan kissed him on the lips.

“Taste him?” he was eating the wrong foods, all those losers do. It’s what makes them such easy targets.”

“But,” she continued, “the good thing is that I don’t need any of your blood for another week. I know you’ll appreciate it. Now take my shoes off.”

Steven took off his robe and got down on his knees. He removed the heels she had been wearing, smothered her ankles with kisses and put them in the closet. He was nude except for a small gold chain with her personal symbol she had placed around his neck after becoming a vampire. It was a way the vamps had of identifying their mortal companions to each other. Should another vampire need help from a human, all he or she had to do was look for the right symbol.

“Is there anything else you need?” he asked, standing at attention, as she undressed.

“I need my robe,” he said. “But not the knife or whip. No need for any bloodletting this morning.”

He went to the closet, took out her favorite house robe and put it around her. As she tightened the tie, he gathered up her clothes and put them in the laundry basket.

When he returned to Megan she placed one finger in his neck chain and pulled him to her.

“I’ve had a rough night,” she told him. “I’m going to want some tenderness. Now go in the bedroom and wait for me.”

Steve walked off and she heard the bed creek as he got ready for her. She had a drink from the faucet- she still needed water- and thought about her relationship with him. Steve had never been the most romantic man, but they had been an item since high school. She was worried he was getting too dependent on her. She needed him for his blood, but he could be replaced by another human. Still, they had been together a long time and she was fond of Steve. But why wouldn’t he just grow up?

She understood why he liked having her in charge of the relationship. He’d hinted around about playing little games before she was turned, but the sex didn’t really get kinky until she became a full scale vampire. Some of the older vamps had told her it was a temporary aspect of the change and she would grow out of it, but she hadn’t. If Megan hadn’t bled that wannabe robber, Steve would be tied down to the bed right now with her scratching a pattern on his back until it bled. His blood always tasted so nice when he was sexually excited. She’s seen his erection rise to the occasion on his way back to the bedroom.

But this morning she needed something less intense. Megan padded into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. She could see Steve was excited and ready to do whatever she asked.

“Get up,” she said. “Off the bed.”

Steve did as told and she untied her robe letting it fall to the floor. Megan lay back on the bed and looked at him.

“Now turn around,” she said. “I want to see something.”

He did as told right next to her. Megan traced the brand on his thigh with one finger. It had healed up nicely and looked pretty. It had been his idea. He wanted to show obedience to her after she had changed and a few of the other vamps told her it was a good idea. It showed the permanence of the relationship. She had done it with a few strikes from a piece of hot metal while she had him tied down over the table. God, she got wet just about thinking how he squirmed.

“Now turn back around,” she said to him.

Steve did as told and she extended one bare leg to him.

“Kiss,” was all she had to say.

He began working on her ankles and then down the inside of her legs as she smiled at his level of detail. He knew better than to leave any spot of her pale skin uncaressed. He’d neglected to kiss her toes one time and she made him do it for an hour until he got it right. But this morning he was in rare form. Megan laid there and just felt his tongue slide over the inside of her knees and up to the wet mound between her legs. Steve gave it some attention and began working to the middle between her legs. She held his head in place until she felt her pleasure begin to rise.

“Stop,” she ordered and he froze.

Megan rolled over on the bed and spread her legs out.

“Now work on my back,” she told Steve.

Steve began kneading the muscles in her neck which had become sore over the course of the shift. Just because she was a vampire didn’t mean she no longer suffered aches and pains. One of the older vamps had told her it was something you needed to adjust to. A broken back, for instance, wouldn’t kill you, but it would need time to heal on its own. You still might need it treated. Internal organs did regenerate, something else not understood. The bullet which passed through her earlier had already closed up and the blood vessels had sealed instantly. It hurt like hell for a few seconds, another reason she had taken Johnny down with one bite. But now it wasn’t bothering her, unlike her shoulder, which had a pinched nerve in it that kept getting messed up. Megan considered going to a doctor who specialized in vampire problems, but wasn’t sure if her insurance would cover the treatment. For now she had Steve’s fingers to work out the tension.

Steve was starting to kiss her back. She hadn’t told him to do it, but enjoyed his attention just the same. Then he began licking down her back all the way to her rear and further to the bottom of her legs. She could feel his erection on her. The sensation and the knowledge that only she could make him hard was delicious.

He liked having her tell him what to do in bed and it had taken a whole new direction when she became a vampire. It began with his suggestion that she brand him. The neck chain just wasn’t strong enough for Steve. He didn’t to get legally married and neither did she. Besides, even though real vampires didn’t have issues with crosses, there was all that silver in a church. Too much silver near her could spark a reaction. So he suggested the branding. Megan loved the idea and it nearly drover her insane when she took a local course offered at a tattoo shop on how to do it. They even had it done at a party with her vamp friends in attendance. The only thing which had broken the mood was a cell phone going off just as she was heating up the metal on a gas flame. It had taken a few more strikes than she had expected to get her symbol on his thigh and he’d cried at the end. The guests had told her it was one of the most beautiful things they had ever seen; an outpouring of love and devotion they would treasure forever.

After the burn had healed, Steve became very submissive to her. Not just the boring “Yes-Goddess-how-may-I-please-you” submissive, but agonizingly submissive. He wanted her to pick out his clothes for him, tell him when to go to bed, what to watch on TV and when do sweep the floor. She finally had to put her foot down and tell him not to lick the heel.

It finally hit a peak when they were watching TV one night and he asked permission to go to the bathroom.

“Steven!” she yelled. “This has gone far enough!”

He immediately fell to his knees and tried to kiss her feet.

“I’m sorry if I bothered you,” he tried to say while she picked her feet off the floor and put them on the couch.

Megan grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and brought him up to her face. She had to fight the urge to keep her fangs retracted. Getting angry as a vampire could be dangerous.

“Look at me!” she said, holding his pathetic face into her blood red eyes. “I am not your mother, do you understand? You need to be able to do things on your own!”

He didn’t say a word and dropped his head. She forced him to look at her.

“Do you hear me?” she continued. “You are getting too dependent on me!”

“I just wanted to make you happy,” he tried to say. She saw the tears start and it really made her mad. He was trying to play on her sympathy.

“No you don’t, Steven. You want a fantasy. You don’t love what I am; you love what you think I should be. And there’s the real disconnect.”

The tears had now turned into real crying.

“Cut it out,” she said.

She made the mistake of slapping him. Exactly what he wanted. He was reduced to crying like a five year old girl who just had her toy stolen.

“What am I going to do with you?” she said. “Goddamit, go use the bathroom before you piss all over the floor. And get right back here.”

She sat on the couch doing the slow burn while he was in the bathroom. How could she go on like this? He wouldn’t even try to get a better job, kept finding reasons not to apply to junior college and wanted her to do everything. It had seemed sexy at first having Steve hand his pay checks over to her, but it was getting out of control. She needed to talk to another vampire and find out if what he was doing was a common problem with a mortal supplier. She wasn’t the only vampire who lived with their donor. There were plenty of others out there. Hell, she knew of four vamps who had outlived three donors. She really needed to talk to her sponsor. But for now, she had to decide what to do about Steve.

He came out of the bathroom with swollen eyes and a better composure. Carefully, he sat down next to her. She tried to ignore him. But the problem didn’t go away and Megan put off the talk she needed to have with her sponsor.

So there she was, getting her ankles kissed by the only man she had ever loved. And she wanted him to make her feel like a woman, not a bitch goddess. She decided to let him continue and see if he could take initiative.

Megan felt him slide up her back and return to her neck. Steve began kissing it again and kissed her ear. She murmured an approval and bent her head back. He kissed her back. She loved the sensation of his breath back there and told him not to stop. Soon she could feel him moving inside her. This was what she had missed, the drive he had to make love to her. Megan gasped as she felt his manhood slide into her wetness and fill her up. He was finding all the right spots as she began moving in and out of her. She started feeling the wave of pleasure start to rise up from the base of her soul and into her eyes. Her fangs extended as she climaxed and she fought hard to keep them away from his arm. Too much blood was not a good thing for a vampire, she had been taught. No matter how much your donor wants to give you, understand there is a limit to what can be accepted. She grabbed the pillow in front of her and shoved her face in it to restrain the scream and block her fangs.

Her climax was over and she arched her back for Steven to finish. She didn’t need protection any longer since vampires weren’t subject to human diseases and couldn’t get pregnant. She waited for the satisfaction of feeling him tighten up and the warmth which would follow.

But instead she heard: “Can I cum now?”

Which was not what she wanted to hear.

Megan sent him flying to the floor with one shake of her body and turned over. She looked down at Steve lying in the floor, his erection rapidly shrinking. At that moment, she didn’t care if he ever got another one. Now she was really pissed. She jumped out of bed and went right to her sleeping box, which she had saved her hard-earned money from the diner to order from Peru. It was specially made to resemble a cedar chest, was fire proof and lockable on the inside with a timer and daylight saving detector. She shut the lid behind her and locked it.

The next thing she knew Steve was tapping on the surface.

“Can we talk about this?” she heard him say. The box was supposed to be sound proof, but was not perfect.

Megan opened the lid, extended her fangs to make him understand how pissed she was and said:

“I need to sleep. You get done whatever you were doing before I came home. When I wake up in eight hours we will continue the conversation. Until then, good morning!”

She slammed the lid back and locked it from the inside.

Steve stood silently for a few minutes. She really sounded mad and he didn’t know what to do. So he went back to his video game. He was getting close to the highest score he’d ever achieved.

When Megan came out of her box the sun had gone down. She went over and checked on Steve. He was fast asleep on the couch with his game controller still on his lap and the TV it was hooked into on “pause”. She had the night off, but still needed to go out and drop off her messed-up work clothes at the cleaners to see if they were fixable. She looked down at the prostrate form of Steve and shook her head. What was she going to do with him?

Megan took a quick shower and thought about her situation. She had changed a lot in the past four years they had moved in together. Not just by becoming a vampire. She had matured in a way Steve hadn’t. Getting vamped had put a whole new perspective on the way her life was run. She wasn’t content to sit around watching reality shows with a bucket of ice cream. Megan wanted more out of life than a cheap apartment and the cashier job she used to have. When the opportunity came up to manage the diner she made a strong play for it and impressed the owners beyond all other candidates. They were pleased with her and she constantly received stellar performance reviews.

Steve, on the other hand, hadn’t had tried to get a better job since she turned. Why he’d even asked her about quitting one day to “server her better”! The audacity of him, she fumed while toweling herself off. Did he think all she wanted was a man-child to take care of for the rest of his life? By the time Megan had her clothes on; she’d made her mind up: she needed to talk to her sponsor.

Viscount David had turned her almost two years ago one night when she went out with him on a date. It had been as a lark suggested by her coworkers after he kept coming in to the store asking about her. They had no idea who the tall thin man really was, but he seemed to have plenty of cash from the way he dressed and the cars he drove. She had never paid him too much attention as he was always waltzing in with another young girl on his arm that looked half his age. They turned out to be a lot less than half his real age.

Megan had told Steve she was going down for the night to Philly with some friends as he was hanging out with some of his gamer buddies and didn’t seem to care what she was doing. The viscount picked her up in a new Ferrari and took to a number of afterhours places she didn’t know existed. The last one was a vampire bar where the local vamp community hung-out on weekends. She was thrilled to be hanging around with such a rich, powerful and handsome man who just happened to need human blood every now and then. In the back room of the last club they had hot, passionate sex, but he forgot to use a condom in the heat of the moment. And having unprotected sex with certain vampires could turn the other person into one, as she found out the next day when the sun started bothering her.

Megan had intended to have the date with the viscount a one night thing, but it started getting worse. She was getting pale and starting to miss work. She finally pulled him aside one night when he came into the store and wanted to know if he’d been treated for anything lately. When she described her symptoms to him, the viscount knew exactly what had happened. The next week she was a member of the local new vampire support group and had been adjusting ever since. It turned out the viscount had a rare form of vampirism which was communicable. He paid for a special clinic to check Megan out to see if she carried it too. Fortunately, she didn’t.

She had a long talk with Steve. He was sorry he hadn’t noticed his neglect of her. Megan was worried that cheating on Steve would do more damage to her relationship than becoming a vampire. But he was understanding and began helping her out, making sure she had enough raw meat in the refrigerator and a local account at the blood bank. She had appreciated everything he’d done for her.

But then the relationship took a strange turn when he told her one night in bed how her being a vampire turned him on. He wanted to be her donor and servant. She was grateful for the donor aspect as her support group stressed the importance of having one. Even the viscount, who had sponsored her and checked in regularly, told her he found it good to have a supply of fresh blood whenever he needed it. He never had problems with his wit and style; there were plenty of young women throwing themselves at him all the time.

Megan had been turned on by the idea at the beginning, but now Steve was becoming a nuisance.

So she decided to go out and try to find some other vamps to talk about her problem. Her weekly support meetings had ended after the community had felt she was now fully adjusted to vampire life. But she had made a few friends among the older vampires and decided to drive to a local bar where they could be found. Maybe they had some advice.

She wrote a note to Steve in a hurry. All she said in it was that she was leaving and needed go out and find some space. Had she written the note in a more direct manner, events might have followed a different course.

When Steve woke up the first thing he did was check Megan’s box. As he feared, it was open and she wasn’t in it. He looked around the apartment, but couldn’t find her. He checked their room and saw a dress missing from the closet. Maybe she had just gone out to party with some of her vampire friends.

At that moment he saw on the refrigerator and saw the note. He mind focused too things: “leaving” and “my space”.

Steve looked at the note and could only think about her leaving him. Why? He had done everything to make life easy for her. He’d helped her every step of the way. Was it so strange he loved being her personal property? What was he doing wrong? He had to go now and talk to her!

Without changing out of his shorts and faded jeans he put on a pair of flip-flops and bolted out of the door. He knew exactly where she was going: the vampire bar in nearby Lost Hope. It was a little artisan town on the banks of the river which had been flooded over the past twenty years by an influx of crafters, writers and photographers. Lost Hope wasn’t that far away and he could get there in twenty minutes if he made good time. She liked to hang out at the afterhours bar in the residential part of town. The local vampires had an arrangement with the city council and didn’t get bothered by the tourist types who were unaware the club existed. But Steve knew where it was since Megan had taken him there a few times.

He quickly found the address in his day planner and headed of in the direction of the bar. On the way he tried to call Megan on her cell phone, but she wouldn’t pick up. He put it on the passenger seat and continued driving. It was already close to nine in the evening.

At the club, Megan was already hanging out with some of her vampire friends. The club, built into an old barn, had a very rustic interior with no windows to let pesky sunlight in and a second floor with boxes in case anyone wanted to crash in the daytime. For an additional fee, double boxed could be rented from the club owner, who ran a tight ship, but understood his guests did hook up every now and then.

She was wearing a blue dress with a belt and talking to some of her friends from the next county. Although they appeared to be a middle aged couple, the Johnsons were in reality six hundred years old. The aging process slowed down to snail’s pace when a person turned, another reason vampires weren’t made very often. They tended to be a select bunch, but, as in Megan’s case, mistakes did happen.

“…so he’s gotten just too dependent on me,” she was telling them with a glass of wine in her hand, “and I’m getting sick and tired of having to tell him everything to do. He wanted to know if it was okay to cum last night. Can you believe that? What man asks to cum?”

“I wish someone would at least let me know in advance,” Mr. Johnson said a split second before his wife rabbit punched him. “Ow!”

“You were the vamp first in your relationship,” Megan said to Ms. Johnson. “How did he deal with it?”

“The situation was a lot different back then,” Ms. Johnson said. “You really can’t compare. We were both members of the landed aristocracy back then. You could get away with a lot more than you can now. But then the revolution came and poor Queen Marie, but you know the rest.”

“You had me as your personal servant,” Mr. Johnson said. “Don’t you remember? I had to wear servant’s clothes and go find you fresh young men every week. It was not easy. Then you beat when you were displeased.”

“And you started enjoying my cane too much, so I turned you. I remember now. Just wasn’t sure of the sequence of events.”

“The problem is, dear,” she said to Megan, “you have to think about yourself. Are you happy with the relationship? Because if you’re not, then you need to do something about it. Find another donor or just cut him off. It can be painful, but sometimes it has to be done.”

“Well you seemed to have worked it all out,” she said to Ms. Johnson, “taking another sip on the wine glass.”

“I worked it out by turning him. Are you willing to do that?”

Megan put her glass down on the bar and was silent.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “I’d have to find the right vampire to do it. I don’t think the viscount would help me. A mortal Steven is bad enough. Having a vampire version playing video games for the next two hundred years on my hands would be a nightmare.”

“It might change his way of looking at things,” Mr. Johnson said to her. “You changed. So did I.”

Megan brushed back her hair and looked at the other vampires in the club. It was a quiet night since it was Thursday. There were only twenty or so guests in it. Most of the others were at tables in groups of three or four. They all seemed in deep conversation. One of the advantages of the club was its “vampire only” policy which kept out the gawkers and blood chasers. Legally the owner couldn’t keep anyone out, but it wasn’t an official club, so he got away with a lot.

She saw one the other new vamps take an interest in her from a table on the other side of the room. He was tall, solid and dressed in a perfectly tailored suite. The man had a build on him that would make sculptors weep. He’s been a competitive body builder before some lady vampire decided she wanted him as an eternal boy toy. After being turned Dominic, as that was his name, decided he could do better than being stuck with a woman three hundred years his senior. He’d dumped her and was there with a woman his own age from Japan. But his vamp-dar had picked up Megan and he was checking her out. The Japanese vampire was looking at an older man at the other table, so whatever was taking place was mutual.

“Looks like someone is interested in you,” Ms. Johnson observed.

“Oh to be less than a century old,” Mr. Johnson sighed.

His wife punched him again.

Meanwhile Steve was pulling into the parking lot in front of the club which resembled an old barn. There were ten cars out front and one of them belonged to Megan. He parked his car off to the side of the other ones so as not to attract attention. Mortals weren’t supposed to be allowed into the club, but Megan had slipped him into it in the past since she was friends with the owner. He stood by his car and looked at the ground. It had seemed a long time ago, but he had been here last year with her. Why had things gone bad between them? All he wanted to do was please her.

Steve walked up the ramp into the barn slowly. He got halfway up it when he looked down and realized he was wearing the same clothes he had slept in on the couch. He was going to stand out. This was an elegant crowd. Although the club lacked a dress code policy, it didn’t really need one. Everyone there knew what was expected of them and they wouldn’t dare dress down much. Do it too often and you wouldn’t find yourself on the invite list.

He walked up, grabbed the door by the handle and pulled it open. Then he walked into the club.

Steve stood at the entrance and let his eyes adjust to the lighting on the inside. Contrary to popular belief, vampires could not see in the dark. Like cats they had extremely good night vision, but still needed a source of illumination. Too much light hurt their eyes, which is why they wore shades in the evening.

Steve saw Megan at the bar. But she wasn’t by herself. She was with a huge guy whose arms made two of him. The guy had a shaved head and was dressed in a suit and tie. They were getting awful close, almost making out. He had his hands all over Megan and she didn’t seem to mind it in the least bit. They were talking in hushed voices and, although there was no music playing in the bar, he couldn’t hear a word they said.

Steve didn’t notice the stares he was getting from the other guests in the club. Everyone quit talking and just looked at him. They watched in astonishment as this mortal had the balls to come into their space and walk up to the bar. The club owner was already running an interception when Steve walked up to Megan.

“Megan,” he blurted out. “Why did you leave? What did I do wrong?”

Megan turned her head from the man she had been talking to into the direction of Steve. She might have been on the curvy side, but she jumped down from the bar stool as if she weighed less than air. Megan went right up to Steve and put her face two inches from his.

“Who told you to follow me?” she demanded.

The club owner stopped a foot away from them. Best to let the two sort it out.

“I-I-I…” was all Steve could say.

“That’s it Steven!” she yelled and everyone in the bar heard her. “Now you’re stalking me and I won’t tolerate it. I want you to go home to your damn computer games, your miniature figures, your little boy plans and whatever you happen to be into this week. I’m not putting up with you any longer! Now get out! Do you understand basic English or do you want me to teach you that too?”

Steve was at a loss for words.

“Oh the hell with it,” she said grabbing Dominic from the bar. “Can you take me somewhere else? I want to get away from this loser!”

“I’ve got my car here,” he said. “But Suzi is still…”

He looked back at the table where he had been sitting. His date had her legs wrapped around the man she had been looking at.

“Yeah,” he said, “I guess we can go.”

Megan grabbed him, hauling Dominic out of the door.

Steve was left standing where he had been, still trying to figure out what had happened.

“You’re not supposed to be here,” the club owner said to him. “You have to go. And tell Megan she needs to call me later. I can’t have people here making a scene.”

“I think he’s just fine,” a new voice called from out of the dim light.

Into visual range stepped a tall woman close of about forty. It was always impossible to tell just how old a vampire was, but she had the look of wisdom on her face. She wore a black veil over a two piece outfit that covered very little. Around her waist was a leather belt and she stood tall in her six inch stiletto heels.

“Lilith,” the club owner said. “There are rules for this place.”

“And rules can be broken,” she said, shoving a wad of bills into his hand. “Is that back room open? The one you only let special people use?”

He looked at the money in his hand, took out a key ring and pulled off a key. He gave it to her.

“Use it as long as you need to.”

“Oh, I have all kinds of needs this one can fill,” she said, taking Steve by the arm. “Come on, killer whale, we have a date.”

Lilith pulled Steve along with her through the club the other guests looking on with knowing smirks. She opened a door and took him inside, locking it behind them.

“Do you think he had any idea what he’s in for?” Mr. Johnson asked his wife.

“No,” she responded. “Too much of the headlight deer in his face. But he’s about to find out.”

There was even less light in the room where Steve found himself. The tall Lilith grabbed him and pulled Steve down to a bed she was sitting on. She tossed one long leg over his.

“So what’s wrong, big boy?” she asked. “Your blood goddess is losing interest? You can’t understand what you’re doing wrong because all you care about is what she needs?”

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Didn’t you hear? I’m Lilith, the queen of the night, baby. I’m the worst thing you can imagine and the best thing you will ever have. I make little boys grow up and take big ones home to play with me. The problem is, you don’t want to grow up.”

Steve looked at her with absolute incomprehension. Who was this woman? Where did Megan go?

“Let me explain something to you,” she said. “Getting your ass branded was the worst thing you could have done. I’ve never seen it last. Donor wants everyone to know, in private, he’s her personal suck toy because he gets off on it, not her.

She looked at her wrist watch.

“Dominic has been out with her for less than half an hour,” she said. “In about two hours he’ll have her clothes off showing what a real man can do for her. She'll be pushed up against the wall with her fangs out screaming as she cums. You ever watch two vampires have sex? It can get pretty hot.”

“What am I going to do?” Steve started to blubber. “I just want to please her.”

Slap! Lilith hit him hard across the face with her palm.

“Have you not been listening to me, chuckle head?” She yelled at him. “She doesn’t want a guy who runs around asking her what to do. You need to start doing it right! And don’t cringe; I’m not going to hit you again. You might start liking it. Now get your clothes off.”

Steve began removing his shorts, then his shirt. He didn’t have on much in the first place. When he was finished he stood there staring at the vampire woman with his manhood hanging out.

“We’ve off to a good start,” she said. “Now get my clothes off.”

Carefully, he took off her veil, then the shoes. When he had those off, Steve asked her to turn around and let him unhook her bra.

“Wrong!” she yelled at him. “You don’t ask for permission at this stage of the game! Just do it, I’ll let you know if you’re doing something wrong.”

He continued after removing her bra to slide her thong over her thighs. Now she they were both naked. And sitting on the bed

“I’m going to do something,” she said to him. “And you get to guess what I want you to do in response.”

She put one long leg on his shoulder. Steve began kissing down the leg, licking inside the thing, and then going up the other thigh, all the way to the other foot. This part wasn’t so different from what Megan liked. He continued working his way back down the leg and went right for the middle. Steve began licking until Lilith held his head in place. She had him continue for a few more minutes. Then pulled his head back.

“Take me!” was all she said.

Steve tossed himself on top of her, shoved himself inside the tall vampire and began making love to her as hard as she could. He pounded away, not knowing where he found the ability. Her eyes changed color and soon Lilith had her head back and her fangs out. Steven knew from experience what this meant. He felt her sharp nails scratch his back and draw blood. Then he heard her orgasm explode from inside and she held him tight enough to break his ribs, but released him, just as Steve came inside her.

They held onto each other for a few minutes while Steve’s heart beat slowed down. Lilith, being a vampire, didn’t have a beating heart. Then she let go and they lay next to each other.

“By the way,” she said to him, “I’m contagious. I should have told you first, but now you know.”

“He leaned over to her. “Doesn’t that mean I’ll be one too?”

“Just like us. Don’t worry I’m now your sponsor. I’ll get you signed up for a support group soon.”

They finished putting their clothes back on. Steve was already feeling different.

“We have to get going. I need to get you some better threads. Come on let’s go.”

As they left the room, Steve asked her:

“What did you say your name was?”

“Lilith. Vicountess Lilith. Don’t bother to thank me, this is payback.”

The Johnsons watched them leave.

“Looks like Svengali found her a Trilby,” he said to his wife.

“I think she used the old ‘contagious’ line on him,” she said. “It’s not easy to make another vampire, but he doesn’t know it.”

“Best that he doesn’t.”

Megan came home the next morning to find Steve all cleaned up and wearing an Armani suit in the parlor. She was shocked, just earlier in the evening; he’d had a tee shirt and shorts on. She had made her mind up to tell him she’d just been with Dominic and the two of them were finished. He informed her they were just getting started as he now was a vampire too and needed to make some lifestyle adjustments. They went in the bedroom and had an all-day sex session.