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Authors: Nessa Connor

made for him

Made For Him

Nessa Connor

Published by Nessa Connor, 2015.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. August 18, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 Nessa Connor.

Written by Nessa Connor.

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essalyn was elbow deep in Mod Podge and wallpaper scraps as she finished the dresser for the staging warehouse. The X Ambassadors were blaring from the radio on the floor and her hips swayed in time as she checked for air bubbles in her work.

Tanner stood in the studio doorway watching her. Jessa was definitely someone who attracted his attention... his and every other red-blooded male in a hundred mile radius. Anytime she was around his head went completely blank for thirty seconds before he regained control of himself.

He watched her sway her hips in an absentminded way, the fringe of her cutoff denim shorts moving in the breeze against her long, sun-kissed legs. Her tank top clung to her curves and hugged the swell of her breasts, giving him just enough of a view to know that her body would blow his mind when he got her naked.

'When?' He questioned himself. 'Awfully sure of yourself, aren'tcha, champ?' Tanner shook his head. Apparently his subconscious already had plans. So what if he had designs to get her into his bed?  Even if he didn't get to keep her, he wondered what the odds were of getting her into the dungeon for a session or two. The idea intrigued him greatly.

Tanner wasn't the kind of man to air all his secrets with just anyone. Sure, those in the community knew who he was for one reason or another, whether they knew his name from his construction business and affiliation with Coleman Industries or from his finely honed skills in the kink clubs. Those chosen to join him in his own dungeon didn't take him lightly when he stepped through the door.

He had to fight the urge to cross the floor and take down her long strawberry blonde hair from the haphazard bun she often threw it into while she worked. He liked it best when it was down. It hung low on her back in loose curls that swung when she moved.

Tanner had been the one to hire her into the company six months ago as part of Coleman Industries’ full service home building program. Jessalyn was the best interior designer he had worked with. He had grown up in the trade working at his father's side until he took over the company a year ago, at 31, after his father retired and moved to The Outer Banks.

After all of her success it was hard to fathom that Tanner had actually wavered on hiring her. She walked in wearing a sleek dress suit with a cobalt blue shirt that accented the color of her eyes and a resume that would have made anyone drool when they read it.

It wasn't that he had doubted her skill set. She was one of the best in the industry. It was the shining green eyes and those shapely legs that made him hesitate. Tanner hated to mix work and pleasure. Employer/employee relations were generally a very bad idea. The power exchange at work shouldn't morph into the power exchange in the bedroom without some serious thought.

Tanner had done a lot of thinking lately.

He had taken a chance on her when he hired her. There was something inside of her that he could see, that rare potential to turn into something phenomenally impressive that promised success.

Jessa turned around and gasped when she saw Tanner standing there watching her. She blushed a little and prayed he hadn't seen her dancing around while she was supposed to be working. She hadn't even heard him come up behind her.

"You surprised me. Hey, Tanner, what's going on?” Jessalyn wiped her hands with a wet old beach towel.

"Just wanted to check on the furniture rehab and see when you wanted to go out to the Carson place. I guess things are ahead of schedule and you could get in there and start your stuff whenever you have time." Tanner felt himself mentally reeling in his hormones as he always had when the business man in him took over.

Being around Jessa was like being swallowed by a fire. The increasing heat and the longer he stayed made him want to let her engulf him. As her boss, he knew he should keep things professional, but as a dominant man all he wanted was to seduce her and then bask in her submission.

"Are you heading there now?" Jessa asked, tossing the towel down onto the newspaper laden floor. She noticed the keys to the Silverado hanging loosely from his middle finger.

"Where?" Tanner had drifted off in thought and lost the gist of the conversation.

"The Carson house." Jessa raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh, yeah. Just to check around and make sure the crew got everything done. Eddie's been having some problems with the new tile guy and after the problems at the Willis house I want to make sure everyone has their damn ducks in a row." Tanner kicked his boot against the door frame.

"Mind if I come with you?" Arms clean, she adjusted her belt and ran a hand over her hair, pulling out the elastic and causing a fiery landslide of raucous waves and curls down her back.

Tanner felt his body respond to her shift from worker to temptress in under sixty seconds flat. His heart and cock couldn't handle it when she pulled that stunt. It sent both into overdrive.

"Fine by me," he told her and waited for her to finish cleaning up the workspace.

Ten minutes later she was inches from him in the truck, smelling like adhesive and gingersnaps.


ulling up to the newly rehabbed house, they decided it looked good from the outside. The landscaping was on point and the stone path was completed.

"I love the colors out here," Jessa sighed, hopping down from the truck before Tanner had a chance to turn it off. She was in the middle of the flower bed and then off into the house before he got out of the truck. He loved her enthusiasm.

When he entered the house after inspecting the roof and landscape, he found her on the living room floor with her sketch pad balanced on her knee drawing out a two-story tile and stone fireplace and adding detailed furnishings to the room.

"Not sure the Carson's had any intention of adding a grand fireplace," Tanner leaned on the wall behind her, watching the sketch come to life in charcoal and lead.

"Maybe not yet, but once they see how it will act as an anchor in the room and tie it all together they'll demand you put it in." Jessa didn't look up from her work as she answered him.

"You think you can talk them into a $20,000 project like that?" Tanner raised his eyebrows doubtfully.

Jessa looked up at him with a mischievous expression on her face "Do you know me at all, Tanner?"

Tanner knelt down next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Maybe I need to get to know you a bit better,” he suggested softly.

Jessa's gaze locked on his silvery green eyes. She hesitated as the urge to kiss Tanner's soft lips filled her mind. Her eyes darted back to her sketch in an attempt to mask the temptation she was feeling.

"Oh?" She asked, adding unneeded shading to the chimney.

'Tanner Coleman is not flirting with you right now,'
she told herself sternly, trying to snap herself out of it.

"Have dinner with me tomorrow, Jessalyn." It wasn't quite a question the way he spoke it.

Could she have been wrong? Apparently so.

"Really?" She asked, letting herself look up at him.

"Yes, I'd like to get to know you better. I think you and I should have a stronger relationship. You never know, maybe you'll even have a good time," The sound of that laugh had always made the muscles in her stomach tense up in arousal.

'How much better would be determined by how she handled their evening together,'
Tanner thought.

"Okay. Yeah, sure" Jessalyn wiped charcoal from her fingers, leaving black streaks on her jeans.

When she stood up Tanner straightened. They were a breath away from kissing when Tanner's cell phone started ringing.

He could have thrown it into the cement mixer.

"Hello." He answered slightly more sternly that he intended.

Jessa went out to the truck to wait while he finished up with his phone call with what sounded like the lumber yard. When Tanner came out and joined her he seemed to be deep in thought.

Pulling into the office lot Tanner got out and opened the door for her.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow night at seven." Tanner locked the truck and Jessa pulled out her keys.

"Sounds good to me. I'll see you then." She smiled and waved as she headed to her car.

When she got home she flopped down on her sectional and let the tension of the day melt from her muscles. She couldn't believe she had a date tomorrow night with Tanner Coleman... her boss. He was quite possibly the most attractive man she’d ever had the pleasure of being around.

The next evening when she was getting ready, digging through her closet trying to pick out something that would be sexy but not too sexy, teasing but not overly revealing and not over the top, she realized she didn't know where they were going.

“How am I supposed to decide what to wear if I don't know where I'm going?” She furrowed her brow and chewed on the inside of her cheek while evaluating her dresses. A date was definitely a dress occasion. Working in construction and design, she had a few dresses but not very many opportunities to wear them. She hated to admit that she didn't make time for dating.

After her last relationship ended right before she took the job at Coleman, she hadn't looked into finding anyone else. Focusing on her job seemed like the right move, especially when she had been given a chance at one of the top construction and home building companies in the state.

There was one thing that was true no matter how much she wanted to deny it. She missed sex. Sex with a strong man who made her feel that anything he would do would be exactly what she needed, someone who would take care of her and let her bask in the glow of romance and earth shattering orgasms, someone who brought out her desire to give the same to him.

That was where her last relationship had failed. Brantley had treated her well. He tried to be adventurous in the bedroom but the furthest it had ever gone was him tying her to the bed with silk scarves once before he announced she wanted too much from him. She needed someone who could give her what she longed for.

Tanner had the strength, the all-male personality, the demeanor that demanded her respect. Her mind wandered to what he would be like in the bedroom. With her luck he was probably one of those one-position-only-with-the-lights-out kind of guys.

Jessalyn sighed at the thought of all of that gorgeous dark hair and the hard body going to waste unseen in the dark. She wanted to feel all of it, explore the curve of his muscles and feel the tightness of them under her touch. She wanted him to pin her to the wall and take her to levels she had only dreamed of.

She decided on a royal blue dress with lace sleeves and kept her hair down with soft curls. Making it look sleek was a true test of patience and determination.

Her doorbell chimed like church bells at five to seven and she grabbed her purse, checking her hair one last time as she headed to the door.

When she opened it Tanner stood there in an all black suit. His dark good looks were in full force tonight.

"Good evening," He produced a single giant sunflower with its bright sunny petals spread wide.

"Good evening. Wow, that is stunning and the flower is pretty, too," she winked at him and accepted the sunflower, inviting him in while she put it in water.

"Not quite as radiant as you tonight. Spin once for me." Tanner twirled his finger and watched as she obliged him. The skirt of her dress twirled out as she gave him a quick spin, revealing more of her legs than he had previously seen. He immediately wanted more of her.

Tanner felt himself lengthening in his trousers and took a deep breath to calm his thoughts. ‘Stunning’ was all he could think of when he looked at her. He liked to pride himself on his way with words but he always came up short when it came to Jessalyn.

"Thank you, Tanner." She nearly blushed.

"Are you ready to go?" He adjusted his jacket.

"Yes." Setting the sunflower in the middle of her table and smiling at how homey it made the room feel, she followed him out to his car. She was glad they weren't taking one of the trucks. Getting into a high four-wheel-drive pickup in heels and a dress would have presented a slight problem.

Tanner opened the passenger door of his ebony Aston Martin.

"I'm feeling very Bond in this," Jessalyn smirked at him as he got in.

"I like to take my toy out for a spin now and then... special occasions, you know."

"Should I feel as flattered as I do?" Jessalyn asked.

"Yes. Yes, you should." he smiled and turned the engine over.

"Where are we going?" Jessalyn asked, watching him pull out of her drive and head toward the city.

"I figured we would go to The Ocean Club. I know you have a thing for seafood."

"A thing?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah, well. Whenever we get Chinese you get shrimp or lobster. I figured you might like this as well," Tanner shrugged.

"I do, actually." She had never been to The Ocean Club.

Places like that were a whole pay grade outside of her price range. It would have been one of those save up for a special occasion places at a hundred dollars a person.

"Are you sure you want to go there?" She asked him hesitantly.

"Do you not like seafood now?" he smirked.

"It's just... a little expensive." She looked out the windshield and watched as the sign came into view down the road.

"Don't worry about it. You get what you want, okay?" Tanner put his hand on her thigh.

What exactly was he going to expect in return for taking her to dinner in a place like The Ocean Club?
She wondered. It wasn't that she didn't want to find out what Tanner Coleman looked like naked. There was just something a little offsetting about him expecting it in return after a date like that.

She didn't know for sure that was his plan. The thought could have never crossed his mind. But she doubted that. She had seen the way he looked at her even though he never let on that he understood that she knew.

"Then after dinner, I have a surprise for you," Tanner announced with a grin.

She raised her eyebrows. "What kind of surprise?"

"Dessert." His sly smile extended to his eyes, making them shine.

Shit, he did think he was going to get into her panties after dinner.

"Oh, that sounds good," she tried not to let on that she had picked up on his little plan while trying to sort through her morals and figure out how to handle it.

When they got to the restaurant he gave the keys to the valet and asked him to be careful.

He had made reservations and the hostess took them to a private booth in the back of the restaurant, away from other customers. There was a single red rose in a goblet and a white taper in the sconce on the wall.

"It's beautiful in here," Jessa whispered.

Tanner ordered a bottle of Verdicchio, classic and traditional. He knew what he wanted before he walked in the door. Jessalyn looked through the menu and noticed there were no prices listed on hers. That made her a little nervous. She had never been to a restaurant like this before. The waiter took their orders and they were left with the soft sound of violin in the background and the quiet chatter of the other patrons.

Seeing Tanner out of his muddy jeans and t-shirts was a rare treat. He may be the CEO of the company but he worked alongside his guys in the houses and got his hands dirty like anyone else. He would go crazy if he were to be tethered down to an office with a desk and memos. Tanner was the kind of man who needed to be doing something physical.

"So, six months into working with me and I still don't know you. I want to." Tanner pushed the rose with the tip of his finger so that it pointed in her direction.

"You know quite a bit about me." She argued with a laugh.

"I want more." The candlelight cast seductive shadows on his face, making him look even more ruggedly handsome than normal.

Jessa nearly blushed with the intensity she saw in his eyes. All of his focus was entirely on her and nothing else in the room seemed to interest him in the slightest. When their food arrived Jessa looked at her risotto with shrimp and remembered that she had an appetite.

Over dinner they talked about her garden and how her raspberries were starting to ripen early for the first harvest. Discussion turned to Tanner's family having a reunion next month so his grandmother could see her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Once they finished their meal, the waiter came over to ask if they wanted to sample the tiramisu. Tanner declined and asked for the check.

"Something better than that at the house," he said with a wink as he handed the waiter his MasterCard.

"Thank you for dinner, Tanner," Jessalyn said as he led her out to the valet and waited for the car.

"You're welcome. I think you're going to like what's next even more. It's a bit of a hidden talent that I keep to myself," he admitted mysteriously.

She wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from him when he said things like that. The mystery was making it more enticing and yet she had a slight pang of hesitation. It couldn't truly be dessert, could it? Was his secret that he went to culinary school? Could that really be all it was?

They pulled down into a subdivision she recognized as one of the places they had worked together in the last few months building and redesigning two of the homes.

Tanner's house was impressive. The gated community he lived in was prestigious and the homes were substantial in size. The architecture of most of the homes, including his, was unique and well designed. Jessa had a hunch that Tanner may have been behind the blueprints and built it himself.

"So, your surprise?" She prompted.

"I told you. Dessert." Tanner opened the teal front door and a St. Bernard came bounding to the door to investigate.

"Whoa!" Jessalyn peeked from behind Tanner. "How did I not know you had a dog?"

Tanner held up his hand and the dog stopped in her tracks.

"Clementine, sit!" The dog lowered her hind end to the bamboo floor and waited to be allowed to greet the guest and her owner. Tanner flipped on the foyer light and took a step inside. "Don't worry, she's harmless, but if you would be more comfortable I can put her outside. I'm sure she wouldn't be heartbroken."

Jessalyn held out her hand to the dog and petted her when her tail wagged. "She can stay".

Tanner led her to his kitchen. It was a masterpiece. Pure heaven for anyone who liked to cook and it was completely unexpected that Tanner would know how to handle a mixer or the double ovens and any of the fancy gadgets that lined his counters.

She knew a few people who would sell their left kidney for a kitchen like this.

Jessa was waiting for him to make his move, but to her surprise Tanner pulled out a thick cheesecake and started tossing ingredients into a small pot.

"Caramel or chocolate? He asked her.

"Don't you know that's a loaded question?" Jessalyn laughed.

"I have a pretty easy solution to that little conundrum."

"Oh? Both?" She laughed and rubbed her hands together.

"How does salted caramel Nutella cheesecake sound?" Tanner spooned Nutella into the pot and stirred it, blending it with the caramel that was gently simmering.

"Oh...god... Perfect!" Jessalyn melted over the thought.

She took a seat on one of the kitchen stools and watched him create the topping.

"I didn't imagine you to be the kind of guy to enjoy cooking."

"I'm not sure how to take that. But I suppose I have a few things up my sleeve that would surprise you,” he chuckled.

The thought of finding out what those little tricks up his sleeve were was a tempting idea.

"Hmm, I'll have to peek up your sleeve," she winked. "Can I use your bathroom?"

"Sure, down the hall first door on the left," Tanner pointed around the corner with his whisk.

Clementine followed her down the hallway.

I really misjudged Tanner. Maybe he's not the kind of guy I figured he was
, she thought while stopping to scratch the dog's head.

"First door," she muttered, opening the first door in the hallway and going in.

When the lights came on Jessalyn's jaw dropped.

"Definitely not the bathroom..." She gaped at what she found instead.

A St. Andrew's cross was against the opposite wall. The room was painted in different shades of white, black and a deep rose red on one wall. Looking around, she noticed that Tanner had repurposed a LocBoard to hold a wide variety of floggers, whips, lengths of rope, chain, gags and things that Jessalyn had never seen before and couldn't identify.

'Sweet southern gentleman you are not, Mr. Coleman
,' Jessalyn thought with a tickle of excitement.

She hadn't imagined he would be into the world of BDSM and from the looks of it he was far deeper into it than she had ever hoped to be in her tiptoeing adventures into the dark underworld of fantastic sexual fantasies.

Talking to a few people online and her brief relationship with a man who claimed to be a Master but who was in fact less experienced than Jessalyn had been and twice as nervous, had taught her that she needed someone stronger than usual. She needed a man who wasn't afraid to exude his dominance and who would wield that power naturally with grace and control.

She went over to his wall of wonders and picked up a heavy braided flogger. It was weighty in her hand and she practiced hitting it against the palm of her hand and then her thigh.

"I bet this thing leaves some good marks," she mumbled, hitting herself a little harder with the slap of leather on skin audible through the room.

"It does," Tanner confirmed from the doorway.

"Oh, god. Tanner." Jessalyn's face paled and then burned pink with embarrassment at being caught.

He could get used to hearing those words come out of her mouth.

"I came into the wrong room and I..." she blurted.

"Thought you would look around at my dungeon on your own?" He finished for her.

"I'm sorry." Jessalyn fumbled to put the flogger back on the hook.

"I'm not upset to find you in here. Though generally I prefer to issue an invitation before someone enters my dungeon chambers. I'm intrigued that you've found an interest in my tools, Jessalyn" He picked up the flogger she had dropped and placed it back on the hooks with precision.

"I've had a little experience in the past," she didn't need to tell him how very pathetically little it had been. Her experience wasn't even suitable to be called BDSM. Her boyfriend had tied her up with a silk scarf once and forced her to come with her Hitachi while he masturbated.

She was in a whole new realm.

"Hmm, I had a feeling about you from the start. I thought I recognized something in you."

"What did you think you saw?" She took two steps toward him so they could get out of the dungeon.

"A woman looking for her Alpha. Submission seeking Domination.  A half seeking fulfillment. Someone with a lot to offer the right man who would be willing to go after it."

Tanner's mouth closed over hers and his arms pulled her against his hard body. His tongue found hers after parting her soft painted lips. Finally getting his hands on her, Tanner's body was pulsing heat. His blood was flowing through his veins like magma coursing directly to his groin and turning his cock rock hard.

Jessalyn's hands ran up and down his abs and to the sexy 'V' of his hips that had been making her panties wet from day one.

Tanner picked her up and sat her on his spanking bench.

"Was I correct?" He asked with his forehead resting on hers.

"Yes, Sir," she dared to give him the authority and title of respect and doing so made her soaking wet. Her body was extremely sensitive, her senses heightened in arousal and she was throbbing between her soft, tanned thighs.

"I like the way that sounds coming out of that sweet mouth of yours." Tanner kissed her again, drinking in the sweetness of her and testing his own patience and ability to restrain the carnal lust that was pulling at the dwindling tether waiting to snap and cause him to take her here and now.

Jessalyn could feel his rigid cock pressing against her panties as her legs wrapped around his waist and her body clung to his in a desperation she hadn't known was there until Tanner's body was pressed to hers. She wanted Tanner to take her, to show her what it meant to be taken by a man. To be dominated, teach her how to submit to him.

"Is there anything in the room you wished to try out? Your curiosity was intoxicating to watch." Tanner pulled his eyes from her and looked around the room at all of his tools and toys.

Jessalyn could only think of one thing she wanted.

Her hand went to the bulge in his pants and her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft. "I want this," she breathed. "I want you.” Her eyes flashed with heated desire up to his. She wasn't sure what she was getting herself into with Tanner but she couldn't wait to find out. Her body was aching to be claimed by him in a way she’d never experienced before.

"Out of all the things here, you want my body?" He tempted her.

"Yes, Sir. I need it." Jessalyn was shocked at how true her words were and then at how quickly Tanner moved. His hands were on her in an instant, pulling the zipper of her dress down the curve of her back before she had time to realize that he had it down to the top of her panties.

"You need to know three things about being here." Tanner eased the dress down in front, revealing her lacy bra and swallowed hard to keep his tongue from lavishing her dark little nipples.

"Okay," she agreed.

"I do not have play partners. When I have someone come to my dungeon they are either here for professional shoots for my photography or they are owned by me and in a relationship with me. Can you handle that?"

"Being in a relationship with you?" She was taken back by the idea but her heart told her to press on.

"Yes. Will you commit to me, Jessalyn?" He held her hands in her lap.

"Yes. I... I will." The intensity of the moment stole her breath.

"Anything that happens here is meant to please us both. You will be required to tell me if something I do is too much for you or if it bothers you. Otherwise I will use my discretion and my own judgment in situations."

Jessa nodded.

"And finally, you will be mine alone. I do not share my submissive with anyone." The way the words dripped like hot honey from his lips was territorial, pure animalistic sex.

She couldn't argue with any of his rules. She wanted to be his, to belong to him. To think she had been concerned about him making a pass at her after dinner and here she was with his throbbing hardness in her hands promising to be his submissive.

Jessa was finally going to learn what it meant to have a real man in her life. Dominant, alluring, powerful. Tanner was everything she had ever looked for these last few years.

"I'm yours," Jessalyn promised in a seductive voice full of offering.

Tanner took a deep breath that shook in his lungs and filled his broad chest.

He needed her. More than he needed anything. Needing Jessalyn had been eating him alive for six months, as he’d been forced to beat back his desire under the pretense of propriety.

'Fuck propriety
,' he thought as he yanked the dress down off of her body and dropped it to the floor with a swish of tulle and lace.

She was left sitting in her midnight blue bra that pushed her breasts tight and hard together and the little lacy thong that barely covered her pussy and highlighted the curvature of her ass, looking entirely edible.

Tanner nearly groaned before his mouth traced the contours of her body. He wanted to get to know every inch of her, every valley and curve that sculpted the masterpiece that was now his, from the swell of her breasts to the hourglass shape of her sensuous hips and waist. She had him wholly captivated. He was as much hers as she was his. His mouth found her nipple and sucked hard, gripping her breast in the palm of his hands. Jessa's moan was caught in his mouth as he stole her breath in a heavy kiss.

Jessalyn's fingers reached for the buttons of his dress shirt and fumbled on the first one as her hands trembled in eagerness to touch his skin. She wanted him to be as bare as she was.

Tanner grabbed it and tore it off, sending the buttons scattering to the floor. His sun-kissed skin rippling with muscles and his broad chest made strong by years of hard work and dedication were at her disposal. She gasped and ran her hand down his bare chest to the waist of his pants and then over the bulge of his cock within them. He unfastened his belt and pants and let them slide down his legs as he slid her panties off,  revealing her wet pussy glistening in the light.

Jessa wanted him inside of her, slipping her body over his, sheathing his hardness in her heat and riding him while she rocked her hips and filled herself with him. The idea of it made her even wetter. The idea of him taking her hard and forcefully, enforcing his dominance, making her obey him and bend to his will made her blood run hot through her veins and her heart beat faster as her body ached and screamed for him to take her, to touch her, to fill her.

Tanner pulled her down from the bench and flipped her over it, revealing the fullness of her ass and her pussy peeking out from between her slightly spread thighs. The sound of skin on skin filled the room as Tanner slapped her ass, imprinting a reddened version of his hand on her cheek as she gasped and moaned.

"Tanner!" She gasped his name as he rubbed his hands together, getting them hot from the friction before delivering another spank to her ass that had her clenching from mouth to toes and everywhere in between.

"Yes?" He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her body firmly into his.

Tanner's breath was on her neck and his cock was pressed hard against her ass. She could feel the pulse between her cheeks and the closer he held her, the further his erection ventured between her legs. Soon there was no denying that he was pressing against her entrance and a breath away from slipping inside of her.

"Please," she begged.

"What is it you're asking for?" Tanner bit her neck, sending goosebumps erupting over her skin in a chill of arousal that turned to fiery heat.

"Please, take me!" She begged.

Jessalyn pushed her ass back a little more and the head of his cock slowly snuck inside her pussy. It flared and pulsed as she tried to take more of him.

"You just needed to ask," Tanner spoke softly as he pulled back and reached down into his trousers pocket for a condom packet.

Using her hips as leverage he pulled her down onto him, his thick cock sliding deep into her. He groaned at how good she felt around him and she gasped at the deep penetration. Thrusting deep into her he set a pace that made it hard for her to keep her breath. He took her in a way that made her feel like he was claiming something he had wanted all his life. He was hungry for her. Like an animal driven by carnal desires, he ravaged her. Tanner's hand wrapped up in her long hair, pulling her head back so he could kiss her while he fucked her.

Jessa crossed her legs around his ankles, creating more friction between them and squeezing his cock tightly inside of her.

"Damn..." he growled in her ear as he slapped her ass and made her pussy clench again around his hardness. He groaned and drilled into her harder than before. She was crying out with each thrust and the sound of her taking his cock, taking him and giving him what he needed, what he demanded from her, had Tanner on edge.

Everything inside of him was centered in his cock right now, his balls pulling tight against his body and the root of his cock starting to throb, tingle and twitch. The rumblings of an orgasm started in his stomach as a pulling sensation melted through him and headed south.

Jessalyn suddenly exploded into an orgasm that he hadn't felt coming on. Her pussy was fluttering around him, clenching and unclenching rapidly as her legs trembled and she collapsed into heavy breathing and moaned loudly.

Tanner held up her weight against the spanking bench and couldn't hold back his own orgasm after such an intense eruption from her. His cock pulsed and erupted as he groaned and slowed his pace to enjoy it. He pulled out of her when his cock started to rebound and it bobbed in front of him.

"Was this what you brought me here for?" Jessalyn questioned as she tried to calm the speed of her beating heart.

"No, but damned if I'm going to complain." he smirked and scooped her up into his arms and carried her out to the living room. He kissed her soft lips as her arms wrapped around his neck and her head leaned on his shoulder before setting her down on his loveseat.

"I'll be right back," he said gently and she nodded. He vanished into the bathroom briefly to toss the used condom and wash his hands, then pivoted to the kitchen. He returned a moment later with the cheesecake oozing and covered in caramel and two spoons.

"Remind me again why I haven't gone out with you before?" Jessa joked.

"Probably because I was trying to tell myself you were off limits." Tanner piled thick creamy cheesecake onto a spoon and brought it to her mouth. Jessa accepted it and took her spoon, moving her legs so he could join her. Tanner sat down and put her legs back on top of his lap and proceeded to feed her cheesecake from his own spoon.

"Mmm, you weren't kidding. This is delicious!"

Tanner shot her that rock star smile of his and took a bite with a nod.

"So, how did you end up with... all of that?" She pointed with her spoon down the hall to the dungeon.

"I've been into kink since I was a lot younger. I've had a few years to build and acquire things that interested me," he explained.

"Build?" Jessa asked.

"I made the cross as well as the spanking bench you were introduced to tonight, and a few other odds and ends. Paddles. I tried my hand at leatherwork and found out that's better to leave to the professionals." Tanner shrugged.

"That's very impressive." She gushed.

"Thanks." Tanner offered her more cheesecake and she debated over it before taking one last bite and letting him put it away.

When he came back from the kitchen she asked him, "What does this mean for you and I, Tanner?"

"I haven't quite figured that out yet. I've wanted you for so long. I still want you." He was still naked and his body was taking the hint by growing hard again to prove it. He sat down to try to keep it from being obvious but Jessa had already seen and her body was reacting to the view.

"I've wanted you, too," she admitted as she eyed his cock.

"It's more than simply wanting you, Jessa. I want you as mine," Tanner breathed. "I want you to belong to me. I want you to be my submissive, my other half." The intensity in his eyes took her breath away and made her heart swell in her chest.

"I want to be yours," Jessalyn admitted, feeling like she was agreeing to something much deeper than any relationship she had been involved with in the past.

"You'll be my submissive?" He asked, looking into her eyes as she looked up at him.

Jessalyn nodded. "I...ah, I will.”

"Do you know what that entails?" He asked her doubtfully.

"Not exactly. I have a pretty good idea though." She had read some books about BDSM relationships and based on the items in his guest room, she had a very limited idea about what to expect from Tanner when it came to him being her Dominant.

"I want you to be mine and only mine. I want to be able to have you whenever I want you, dominate you and have you willingly give yourself to me in all ways. Not just physically. I'll protect you, look out for you and keep you safe. I'll make love to you, I'll have sex with you and I'll fuck you like an animal. You'll give me the control that you had previously held, you'll look to me when you make a decision and you'll obey me when I request you to do something." Tanner ran his hand up her bare thigh and his fingers met her wetness before sliding back down.

"I understand." Jessa stated.

The look she was giving him was an invitation, if he’d ever seen one.

"I want the respect, the obedience and most of all I want the passion you have inside of you to be mine." Tanner leaned forward and pulled her into a kiss and broke it abruptly, teasing her.

Jessalyn bit her lip, looking across the loveseat at him with a pout.

"Of course."

"I will be your Sir," he stated boldly. "You will call me Sir or Sir Tanner at all times. At work and while we are with others will be the only exception that I will allow.”

"Yes, Sir," Jessalyn replied and the words flowed from her tongue like heated honey. Tanner liked the way she looked at him while she said it and his groin heated further.

"Come here," he held her hand as she sat up and Tanner pulled her onto his lap. Being in his arms and lap made her body tremble.

"Ride my cock," he licked his lips and leaned back.

Jessa straddled his lap with his rigid cock rubbing between her pussy lips. Her wetness made him slick with her desire as she used her hand to tease his cock, sliding it up and down her slit and pressing hard on her clit with the head of his cock.

He made a low sound in his throat and his hands gripped her hips as she slid down deep on his cock, taking it to the base and emitting a satisfied sigh with the first rocking thrust of her hips.

How had she waited so long for this?

Tanner watched her breasts bounce, those perfect pink nipples as hardened as the muscles in her thighs as she gripped him close. Her hips rocked and she rode him hard and fast.

When she finally went home that night her head was full of thoughts about their sexy encounter.  Her heart was being pulled back into that house where she had left Tanner, while her body was slightly sore in the best way possible when she got into her car.

The drive home gave her time to clear her head and she felt she had a better grasp on what was going on by the time she got back to her house. When she got inside she was exhausted and her eyes were ready to slam shut by the time she crawled into bed after a hot shower and a cup of cinnamon tea.

She slept eventually and her dreams were full of Tanner Coleman, with his hard body and soft lips that made her melt and made her body tighten in response to his touch. The night was spent tossing and turning before she woke in a state of arousal that she couldn't seem to get over.  The cold shower helped little. The only thing that was going to take her mind off him was to get her hands dirty and her brain working.


fter a large jolt of coffee in the largest mug she owned, Jessalyn checked her planner and made sure she had the company credit card before hopping in her car and going to Lowe's to pick up the plants for the finishing touches to the landscaping at one of their jobs before the open house tomorrow.

Tanner had been looking for Jessa all morning without luck. She was scheduled to go finalize things at the Goldman estate. He was considering heading out there himself to find her since she wasn't picking up on her cell phone.

'If she's trying to ignore me and brush off everything that happened last night, that isn’t a smart move,'
Tanner mumbled to himself. He could handle it if she didn't want to be involved with him after last night but she should at least have the decency to clue him in on that.

'And if she plans to continue working for me she needs to answer her cell phone when her boss tries to get in contact with her'.
He fumed.

Tanner went out to the garage and jumped in his truck. He would just head out there to the job site and make sure nothing was wrong. Tanner hated to admit that he had gotten protective and territorial over her so soon.

When she had agreed to be his submissive, she’d agreed to be with him, to keep him in the loop of her life when he wasn't able to be there and to belong to him. Heart, mind, body and soul.

Pulling up at the site, Tanner slammed the truck into park and got out. Her car was parked on the side of the road so at least he knew she was there. That made him feel a little better knowing where she was but at the same time he was more annoyed that she wasn't responding when he tried to get in contact with her.

Tanner heard something around the side of the house and followed his ears to the backyard.

Jessa was digging in the garden, planting zinnias and gazing star lilies in alternating areas throughout the flower bed. The fence had finally been installed that morning and it appeared that the rest of the crew had gone on home, leaving Jessa as the last person on the property, which wasn't exactly under protocol but happened more often than not when she got caught up in a project and refused to call it a day when everyone else was done.

She was in a summer dress that the wind was playing with and she had on one of those silly floppy hats that she was thirty years too young to be wearing in public. As her usual habit, she had a pair of sound buds in her ears and he could actually hear the music from the corner of the house.