making step daddys ba



Making Step-Daddy’s Baby


by Laurence Ford


Copyright 2012 Laurence Ford


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"You can't be serious, Chloe."

"Why not?"

Adam stared at me with a mix of faux horror
and amusement on his face. "I know he's not really your dad, and
not even your step-dad anymore technically, but it's still a little
gross don't you think?"

"It's not like we have a lot of options. We
already agreed to find a sperm donor instead of adopt and all your
fertile friends are douchebags."

Adam couldn't help but laugh at that. He
knows full well it's true.

We've been married for about a year, but
we've been together since high school. Now that I've finally
finished getting my bachelor's degree and our home is somewhat
stable, I want nothing more than to start a little family of our

The only problem is... Adam is infertile.

We'd already cried, schemed, and planned, and
finding a sperm donor really seemed like the best option for us. I
especially liked the idea of it being someone we already know who
could play a role in our future child's life. Adam seemed okay with
it too, until we discovered we didn't know a soul who could do this
for us.

Except for my mother's ex-husband, my former
step-father, Grant.

Grant was a kind, wonderful man. He just
wasn't the man for my mother. I always liked him a lot, maybe a
little more than a step-daughter was supposed to. How could I not?
He was such a silver fox, with his dark hair just starting to turn
grey around the temples and barely there smile lines. I hadn't
spoken to him in a while but I knew that when I did, he would be
happy to hear from me as he always was. He always picked up the
phone with a "Hey sugar, how's my girl?" even long after he
divorced my mother and moved out.

I was certain he would be interested in doing
this little favor for me.

"Well... I guess we don't have a lot of
options. He even looks a bit like me!"

I giggled. It was totally true. I think
subconsciously I dated guys who looked like Grant because of my
inappropriate attraction for him. "Okay. Let's call him in a bit
and see what we can do."

I was so excited, I immediately jumped up
from the table to kiss him right on the lips. Adam put his coffee
down and returned my affection passionately, slipping his tongue
against my lips to gently ask for entrance into my mouth. I
obliged, parting my lips and holding his stubbly face in my hands.
I sank into his lap as we kissed harder and rougher with each
passing moment. Soon I could feel his erection pressing insistently
into my thighs. I rubbed myself against it, savoring our morning
lust. I groped clumsily at his pajama pants, trying to free his
warm cock from the folds of fabric. Finally I succeeded and his
engorged member sprung out against my bare legs, already dripping a
bead of pre-cum from the tip.

I gripped it firmly in my hand, stroking it
up and down. His own fluid provided an excellent lubrication, and
his foreskin was so soft that I loved to touch it. I moved it
around the head and down around his shaft, enjoying the feel of the
hot blood pulsing through the veins of his throbbing cock.

Adam let out a soft, low moan. "You always
gave the best hand jobs..."

I flashed him a smile. "Flattery will get you
everywhere." I increased the pace of my stroking and moved to
fondle his balls with my other hand, leaning my face against his
warm, heaving chest. He buried his face in my hair and sighed. as I
worked his shaft with smooth, quick movements. Soon I felt his
muscles and balls tightening up, and knowing he would come soon I
slipped out of his lap and down between his legs on the floor. He
gave me a confused look.

"I want you to come in my mouth," I whispered

He nodded, before rolling his head back. "Oh
god, soon..."

I licked my lips and enveloped the head of
his cock in my mouth just as his hot, salty fluid began to explode
out of him. Only a little trickled out of my lips and I swallowed
it all down eagerly before swiping my mouth with the back of my
hand just in case.

When I looked up, Adam was smiling at me.
"All right, let's call Grant now."


I couldn't believe this was finally
happening. I pulled my knees up to my chest and hugged them as we
neared Grant's house. Not only had he been willing, but he was
ecstatic at the idea! "If that's what it takes for my little girl
to have a family of her own, count me in," he had said. I smiled to
myself. He was such a sweetheart.

It was growing late in the day, and we were
just starting up his drive-way. Grant had a big, lovely house in a
wealthy area. He had made a lot of money in the stock market, and
liked to spend it on his living quarters.

Grant was already on the porch. waiting for
us as we parked out front, grinning broadly. "Chloe!" he yelled as
soon as I opened the car door and stepped out. He ran over and
enveloped me in a warm bear hug. "I'm so glad you're here. What
time does the fertility clinic close? I know you said you wanted to
get this done as soon as possible."

It was just then that my jaw dropped as I
realized my horrible mistake. "I..."

Adam looked at me, confused. "What?"

I shook my head slowly. "I think... They may
have already closed!" The image of the fertility clinic’s schedule
out on the front window flashed into my mind. "Oh, no!" This could
not be happening. How could I be so stupid? I was already
ovulating, I didn't want to wait another month to do this! Maybe
Grant would change his mind in a month, who knows? I buried my face
in my hands. "Fuck."

Adam turned away, his hand on his forehead.
"How could you let this happen?"

"I don't know! I was so excited it slipped my
mind!" I wanted to cry but tried to hold it in.

"Let's not freak out, let's just go inside,
have some coffee, and think things through. We can call the clinic
and see." Grant put his arm around me and led me into his house.
Adam followed after.


Grant hung up the phone. "Well, we just
missed them by half an hour apparently."

I slouched in one of Grant's comfy dining
room chairs, staring into the dark liquid of my steaming mug

Adam shook his head sadly. "I guess we'll
just have to wait. I'm sorry about the trouble Grant!"

I suddenly had an idea. It was a bad idea, I
knew it, but also one that made me tingle between my legs. Why
should we wait and use artificial insemination when Grant and his
balls were right here in front of me? I had always wanted to have
sex with him anyway.

The only problem was Adam. I knew he wouldn't
understand and doubted there was any way to convince him that this
was a valid plan. I closed my eyes and thought of what I could
possibly say to him to make him see this my way. Didn't he want a
family just as much as me?

"Adam... I want to talk to you for a minute
alone." I looked at Grant and smiled. "If you could just step out
of the room for maybe a minute that would be so kind."

Grant nodded. "No problem. I'll just sneak
off to the bedroom. Knock on the door if you need me." He sauntered
off with his coffee and I looked at Adam nervously. "Adam, I don't
want to wait another month."

"I know sweetheart, but what choice do we

"I think we might have another option."

"Not if we want Grant to be our donor."

"Grant's right here. Why do we have to
involve the sperm bank at all?"

"What are you saying?" Adam looked
uncomfortable and folded his arms across his chest.

"Maybe we could make a baby right here."

"That's... What? How could I let you just
fuck Grant? With me right here!" He didn't look angry, just
shocked. I took this as a possibly good sign but knew I wasn't
quite done convincing him yet.

"Adam. You know I love you. You're the only
man I would ever want to spend my life with. But I've always
thought Grant was attractive and I think he would be the best
person to make our baby with. It wouldn't change anything between
us." I looked him directly in the eye and tried to sound confident.
"I want this, Adam. Please don't try to stop me."

Adam looked unsure. "I don't know if Grant
would agree to this even if I did. I want you to be happy honey and
if this is what it takes for us to have a family... It's okay."

I smiled. "We'll talk to him about it."

"There's just one thing I want in

"What is that?"

"I want to watch."

A jolt of arousal coursed through my body.
Adam watching? Oh god, what a thought! If fucking Grant wasn't
arousing enough, thinking about Adam watching our bodies writhe
together really got me. I blushed. "Okay. I want you to watch."

"Then let's go get Grant."


My legs shook as I approached Grant's bedroom
door. Adam slipped his arm around my waist. I think he knew how
nervous I was. I knocked gently. "Hey, Grant?"

I heard footsteps and the door opened.
Grant's hair was messed up. I assumed he had been laying down for a
bit. "Oh hey guys. I was starting to fall asleep in there..."

I shut him up with a sudden kiss on the lips.
Grant backed away, with me still pressed against his body. A moment
passed and he stood still, giving in to my mouth and responding
with his own. I flicked my tongue against his lips, and he opened
obligingly for me. When he finally pulled away, he looked shocked
but I could also feel a hint of an erection growing against my
thigh. "What was that Chloe?"

"We want to make a baby with you Grant. We
don't want to wait!"

Grant looked thoughtful. "I don't know

"Adam doesn't mind." I glanced over at Adam.
His eyes were glazing over with lust just from watching me kiss
Grant. I never knew he had a fetish for seeing me with another man
but I was beginning to think he did. I caressed Grant's chest, hard
and shapely even through the crisp shirt he was wearing. "And I
want you."

Grant looked down at me. "Okay, well..."

That's when I felt him firmly grab my ass in
one hand while he turned my face to his with his other and kissed
me roughly. He tasted like the expensive peppermints he always
liked and it was tantalizing. I couldn't get enough of him. I
grabbed a hold of his shoulders and clung to him, letting him
invade my mouth with his tongue. He bit my lower lip and I yelped.
He looked at me and smiled smugly. "Get to the bed and bend over

I did as he asked. As though in a trance, I
moved to the bed and laid down against it, my legs flush against
the mattress and my round little ass in the air. Grant made a noise
of approval, apparently happy with what he saw.

"You go sit over there Adam, I think my
step-daughter here needs to be punished for her bold behavior." I
knew he was referring to the comfy armchair in the corner, and also
that it would give Adam a full view of my ass from that angle.

Grant walked closer and pulled my white
panties down in one swift motion. I felt terribly exposed all of a
sudden. I had expected some gentle lovamaking perhaps, not

"Spread your legs," Grant said roughly.

Feeling humiliated by his dominant side
suddenly coming through, I swallowed my doubts and opened my legs
for him. I felt Grant's fingers exploring my wanting crotch and
groaned. What was he doing to me? His thumb brushed over my clit
and I moaned into the mattress.

"You like that?" Grant laughed. "You like
moaning for me while Adam watches you be a little whore for

I nodded. It was all I could do. I squirmed
as his hand's invasion continued, continuing to stimulate my clit
while another finger slipped into my sopping pussy.

"God, you're so wet already. I raised you
better than this!" Grant said jokingly as he curved his finger down
and stroked the rough area of my g-spot. My back arched and I was
breathing heavy. How could my mother have ever let a man who can
use his hands so well go? He was hard and fast, and I felt as
though I may come any minute.

Suddenly, with his other hand, Grant laid a
loud smack down on my ass. I yelped. I could hear Adam making sound
and squirmed so I could look over to where he was. Just as I
suspected! Adam was stroking his fully erect cock, pulled out of
his jeans, and watching me with his mouth open. I mewled as Grant
spanked me again and again, still fingering me, until he finally
inserted a second finger and I couldn't take it anymore.

The pressure of pleasure had built up, and my
body exploded with sensations. Eyes closed, I cried out as my pussy
spasmed against his hand. "Oh Adam! Grant!"

"Oh baby, you shouldn't come so soon. I'm not
even halfway done with you." I heard Grant's trousers being
unzipped, and felt the warmth of his cock move upon my ass. It was
huge, hot and throbbing against my skin. I shivered. "Please

"Tell me you want it." He slapped my ass with
his engorged member, and I flinched though it wasn't hard.

"I want your cock inside me now!" I felt
ashamed for my brazenness.

"What else do you want?" His cock came down
upon my flesh a second time.

"I want you to come inside me Daddy." My
lower lip was trembling. "I want you to give me a baby. Oh

Grant grunted, and I heard the rustling of
his trousers being fully dropped to the floor. I tensed up for what
I knew was next. But I was wrong.

"Adam, get over here. She seems a little
tense. Maybe you should warm her up for me."

I felt Adam's hand caress my back, and his
gentle voice whispering "You wanted this Chloe, relax babe." Just
as my tension began to wind down, I felt Adam's cock slam into my
pussy. I cried out with surprise and grasped the sheets between my
fingers as he pumped in and out. Adam never had the biggest cock in
the world, but the curve always hit my g-spot perfectly when we
made love and I loved him inside me. Tonight though he was showing
a new side. He was never so rough before! I held on to the mattress
for dear life, overwhelmed with pleasure and shock.

"That's enough now, Adam. Give her back to

I was in too much of a sexual daze to realize
Grant was about to fuck me, but as soon as I felt the head of his
large member against my tight hole I was alert yet again and cried
out. He was much larger than I had ever been used to! "Go slow..."
I murmured.

"If you want a baby, you're gonna have to
play by my rules." Grant pressed his cock against me and I moaned,
wondering if it could even go in.

It did.

The pain and pleasure mixed together left me
speechless as he entered me, stretching me more than Adam could
ever dream of doing alone. Overwhelmed by sensation as it turned
more and more to pure pleasure, a moan began to build within me. It
released as he filled me up, balls deep in my cunt. As he hit the
hilt, I screamed into the mattress and I heard Grant making his own
noises behind me. He started thrusting, and I lost my mind. I
couldn't stop moaning and my body writhed as a woman possessed,
unable to control myself. He held on to my hips with a firm grip,
keeping me against him as he slammed himself into me over and over
with his huge cock. It was so intense, almost too intense. It was
everything I had ever dreamed of, right in my pussy.

His balls slapped against my clit as he
pounded me, increasing his pace rapidly. Adam would never fuck me
so roughly. This was amazing. I heard a groan from the corner and
knew Adam was jerking off again, probably coming by now. That's
when I remembered, deep down in my well of pleasure that overtook
my brain, why I was fucking Grant.

"Oh, daddy!" I cried out. I thrust my ass up
against him and he slapped it, still fucking me deeply. "Fill me
with your seed! I want your baby!" The way his body was tensing up
against mine told me he was close, and it sent a final, killing
wave to my senses. I quaked, my second orgasm hitting me far harder
than the first. My pussy clamped down on his cock tightly, ignoring
the pain of his size. I screamed and bit the sheets surrounding my

That was all it took for Grant as well. In a
moment, he shoved himself into me all the way and released his hot
load deep inside me. One squirt wasn't even enough, he just kept
going until I felt it dripping out and down my thighs. As he pulled
out, I scooted my legs up on to the bed and rolled over, keeping
his semen warm inside me. "Thank you Daddy," I breathed.

"No, thank you." Grant smiled. "I've been
wanting to do that ever since you turned twenty-one."

I laughed, still delirious from the orgasms
he gave me. "I can't believe it, Adam! We're gonna have a

"We hope." Adam sounded just as shagged out
as me. He came over to the bed and laid down next to me, putting an
arm around me. "But if it doesn't happen this time, we can do this
again, right Grant?"

Grant nodded, and also laid down next to me.
"Of course. Anytime."

I hugged both men to my still-clothed breasts
and sighed. "You're both so wonderful to me."


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