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Insatiable: Episode 5

I. Lia’s story

II. Meghan’s Story

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Insatiable: Ep. 6

Curved Blue Lines: Ep. 1

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Onyx Mafia: Insatiable

Lia and Meghan

Episode Five

by Nova Black

Lia’s story

e stopped at a small family run restaurant tucked away along a side street. Brenda and I enjoyed watching Zi trying to charm Meghan with all the subtlety of a hurled brick; she had warmed to Meghan and was now purposely masking her regard with over the top innuendo and flirtatious touching.

Meghan, for the most part looked bemused, thinking the gregarious Zi was having a bit of fun at her expense, unaware Zi was getting her used to these joking advances. Getting her used to her touch.

I leaned back in my chair and enjoyed the banter, a pleasant ache from today’s activities muting my desires to background noise.

Brenda leaned over to me, “They seem to be having fun. “

I nodded. They looked good together, their complimentary sense of humor bonding them. I would have to decide what to do about my growing feelings for Meghan soon, before Zi became too attached.


She was breaking a piece of bread, placing half on my plate, the other on hers.


“I am sorry about making you uncomfortable earlier. Truly.”

She sighed. “Lia, you know I care for you-”

“You love me.”

She smiled. “Yes. I love you dearly. But, I thought we had an agreement that this,” she waved her hand between us, “would never be that.”
Her swung to a laughing Zi and Meghan.

I was silent, watching her eat her bread. Depending on her mood she either ate the crust or the soft middle, rarely both. “Would it be so bad, Brenda? Zi and I have found a comfortable solution.”

“Well, two things.” She held up her fingers. “One, Zi accepts you as you are, you can do whatever the hell you want and she doesn’t mind. Some shit wouldn’t fly with me, Lia.”

“There’s room for compromise, Brenda.”

She ignored my words, eating the crust. “Two, you and Azina are the same damn person. Right now your girlfriend is trying to score with your lover and it amuses you. You
encourage it
. When Azina brought that other woman Emily over she was literally eating from your hand in less than ten minutes. You two are a little pack, sharing your dinner.”

Brenda shook her head, staring at the broken pieces of bread on her plate. “I’m not dinner, Lia.” Her mouth twisted and she looked up, eyes fierce. “And I am not a lion. I am also not a gazelle. Lia, what I am is your friend. Let’s just, let’s leave it at that.”

I contemplated her, the proud tilt of her head, the way she returned my gaze in defiance, knowing I could read the attraction she held for me. Knowing that, if I were so inclined, I could break that once strong resolve.

She trusted me. She trusted the silent truce we held for years. But I was hungry. Oh, so hungry. And I…

Ah, I just wanted a taste.

She was not a gazelle, but she could be chased. She could be caught. Would she struggle against her desires even in that moment, her eyes glittering, fixing on me as she climaxed? The little wrinkle on her brow, the one that only appears when she’s furious, would it make its appearance at the peak of her pleasure? Or would a new expression make its debut, one I’ve never seen?

She blinked at my expression, her voice strained. “Please, Lia. Don’t.”

The temptation was getting to me, coloring my thoughts. My hand gripped the table, fingers digging through the cloth to the wood below. Two sentences, no more, and I could bed her, make love to her. In the bathroom, even. It had the room. Spacious and clean. Two sentences…

She leaned in, voice low. “You need a friend, Lia. And I need you.”

None of my relationships have lasted as long as ours. I treasured it, our friendship rare and precious to me. I admired her. I’ve never admired anyone the way I do Brenda. She loved me without the promise of pleasure. She loved me explicitly denying herself such pleasure.

She loved me.

If she could hold back, so will I. I touched her hand, my gaze resting on them. Capturing the image. The memory. When we finally succumb and make love it will be both one of the greatest and worst days of my life.

But, not today.

I looked away, my breath was as weak as my smile. “So, the grand gesture of remorse. Balloons? Fireworks? Skywriting?”

Her answering smile was relief mixed with shadowed disappointment. I closed my eyes, swallowing the impulse to kiss her. Kiss her and fucking be done with it.

She gave me a moment, leaning back expansively, her tone forcefully cheery. “That would only require money, not effort. I want sweat and tears, Lia. Let’s meet in the middle. What about one of your famous beach blowouts?”

Hmm. I cut my eyes to Meghan.

“She likes the ocean, does she? Swims well?” Brenda asked, mouth twitching.

I raised my brow, taking a sip of water. “Amazing aquabatics.”

She smiled despite herself. Shook her head. “Who will you invite?”

“Whomever you want, dear. Even Married John, if you like.”

She grimaced. “No. But there’s a new guy in IT I’ve been eyeing. Aaron something...”

I knew him. He would be a good match for Brenda. Too good.

Her dark eyes studied me. I’ve never outright sabotaged her romances, but I’ve never played wing-man, either. The idea of her with someone who loved her pleased me. The thought of her turning away from loving me filled me with dread.

“I’ll invite him,” I said softly. “I do want you to be happy.”

Azina interrupted, hand moving around Meghan’s shoulder. “Are we having another party?”

Meghan inconspicuously tried to inch her shoulder away, making me smile into my cup.

“It appears so.”

My phone and Brenda’s rang almost instantaneously. We rolled our eyes as we checked the caller id. Brenda received three texts at once and showed one to me.

“There’s a work “emergency”. Zi can you drop us off there and drive the car back home?”

“Sure.” She glanced at Meghan. “Are you coming home with me?”

“What? No! I, uh, have interviews to conduct anyway.”

Brenda looked at her watch, grinning. “It’s almost 5:30. Everyone who hasn’t left for the day is probably leaving soon.” She smiled helpfully, “Since the dinner party is at 7:30, there’s no reason to stay in the office.”

Meghan shot her a look. “Thank you,
. But I need to stop by my hotel room to get ready for tonight's party, anyway.”

Everyone turned to look at her and her very baby-gazelle-like stumble.

She closed her eyes as Zi chuckled. “Perfect. We’ll swing by your hotel room before heading home. I’ll help you pick out something… nice.”

The others piled into the car. I pulled Zi aside. Kissed her fondly.

“Be nice.”

“Lia.” She watched my eyes. “If I’m not nice… have you asked?”

I tugged a errant tendril of her hair. “Ocean.”

She grinned and nodded, kissing me behind the ear before going to the driver’s seat, the curve of her ass and the bounce of her breasts making heads turn.

I slipped in the back with Meghan, who jumped nervously when she saw me.

“Come here.”

She practically leapt into my arms and I held her, kissing her neck.

“If you would prefer Zi to leave you alone, say so now and I will speak with her.”

She shivered but kept silent. Her emotions warring with her innate sense of self preservation. Desire won.

After a moment her eyes slid to me. “Are you upset?”

“Of course not. I care for both of you.”

She sighed. “I don’t know what, if anything, I want to… you know, do with her.”

“I told her your safe word.”

“What!” She flushed hard, slinking down.

I smiled, kissing the top of her head. “She generally has stronger… tastes than I. I felt it prudent for her to know.”

Meghan had covered her eyes, but I could feel the curiosity peaking.

“Like, uh, what…like whips and stuff?”

My own pulse quickened with the undercurrent of eagerness threading her voice. The things I will do with this one.

“Would you like that, Meghan?” I whispered into her ear, “Would you like to be held down, face deep in my pussy while Zi fucks you with one of her toys? My hands on your head, pushing you deeper into me? You writhing while she spanks you?”

She shivered. I pulled her closer, almost on top of me.

“I wouldn’t let you go, Meghan. You would struggle, try to pull away. Your voice would be muffled, begging. You'd scream when Zi starts whipping you with her leather strap. You'd scream and scream, vibrating into my wet pussy with every lash.”

Brenda cleared her throat. “I can hear you back there.”

Zi’s voice was hoarse. “I’m about to fucking crash. Jesus, Lia.”

I smiled unapologetically. Meghan was breathing hard, her thighs clenching inside her blue dress.

“Soon, Meghan,” I said in her ear.

She nodded, once, and shivered.

I kissed her temple. “Here we are.”

The car rolled to a smooth stop in front of the main entrance. Brenda and I stepped out of the car, her flat stare meeting me over the open door.

“I know you meant for me to hear that, and the answer is still no, but goddamn if I’m not really starting to regret it.”

I held her gaze. “Whenever you are ready. I’ll wait, Brenda.”

She gave me a considering look, speeding my already throbbing pulse. I touched her hand and she moved it away gently.

“I don’t want a fling, Lia.” She flicked her eyes at Meghan in the backseat. “That’s not waiting. What you are doing is…,” she sighed, “Lia, it’s the opposite of waiting.”

The moment passed and she shook her head, smiling. “Come on, horn dog. Whatever’s happened is big enough they’ve moved the meeting to the west conference room.”

She bumped my hip as we walked into the building. “Whips, huh?”

I smiled, the points of my teeth showing. “Oh, yes.”


The room was filled with dour looking high level management, Pamela, and two very nervous IT guys – one of whom was Aaron.

“We’re not saying it was hackers, Mrs. Benson, we are saying we are not sure if it was hackers. It is not improbable that the backup servers simply suffered a system wide failure that caused a cascading crash. The data is there. We just need time to rebuild it.”

“I want to know exactly what happened as soon as possible. Hourly updates.”

Aaron nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Brian, the poor guy in charge of IT stepped in. “In the meantime we are asking for all staff to properly create a current local backup of their data. Our IT staff will be busy recovering the main and backup servers, so you will have to rely on tech savvy support staff to create your backups.”

Pamela looked livid. “What can we do to ensure this does not happen again, Mr. Maloney, Mr. Donovan.”

Brian shrugged, looking as if he had checked out long ago. Aaron cut him a nervous glance and stepped in, “What Brian means is that these things sometimes happen, even with multiple redundancies. I think perhaps the next step is to have a separate backup offsite, one not directly connected to our network.”

She nodded. “Send me a report on your recommendation once the computers are reinstated. Thank you, Mr. Donovan. That will be all, everyone. Brian, may I have a word with you?.”

“Oh, shit.” Brenda whispered, “He just pissed off the wrong person.”

Indeed. Pamela’s voice was even and clipped as she dressed down the hapless IT manager, her stance showing no mercy. People gave the two a wide berth as they headed out the doors, some shooting pitying looks at the soon to be demoted worker.

I watched her, remembering when she was splayed out on a bench in my showers, quivering with the aftermath of rolling orgasms.

No one would believe which side of the whip she prefers.

She turned, catching my gaze, a flush filling her face before she turned back to Brian.

Brenda caught our familiar look and started rubbing her temple. “For fuck's sake, Lia. Do you ever keep it in your pants?”

“Who are you going to have help you with the computer backups?”

She paused, eyeing me. Then shifted, graciously letting me change the subject. “Well… I’ve already texted Aaron and he’s agreed to help me.”

I raised my eyebrows.

She flushed. “I run HR, Ms. Onyx. There’s a lot of sensitive and personal data that cannot be compromised by some fumbling intern.”


“Shut up, Lia.”

An overly handsome guy in a expensive fitted dress shirt and black tie sauntered over. Brenda huffed and tried to edge away from me.

“Lia,” he angled for a hug.

“Michael,” I held out my hand.

He shook it, turning red.

“So, I hear you are having a dinner party tonight.”

“It’s a small event.”

“But, I heard the audit chick is going. You fucking her too, Lia?”

Brenda hissed softly, folding her arms, eyes turning hard.

I didn’t answer, letting his words echo back.

He reddened further, saying brusquely, “Well, anyway I was thinking maybe I’d stop by tonight– “


He stopped, staring at me with a sickened look on his face. “I just– Why won’t you give me a chance? I know you fuck guys, that asshole in accounting is still smiling.”

I saw Pamela catching my eye, motioning away. Mmmm…

Michael was waiting for an answer and for a moment I almost felt sorry for him. Couldn’t he see how transparent he was?

“Michael, the moment you become interesting I will let you know. For now, you are a simple, posturing boy wearing an expensive tie. Excuse me, please.”

I slipped past him and a tittering Brenda. Went through a side door and waited in the small hallway.

A few minutes and Pamela came through, her perfume filling the space. I tilted my head. “In here.” Opened the door to a smaller room meant for more intimate meetings and leaned against the door, watching her organize her emotions. Watched her trying to match them with what she expected of herself.

She flung herself on me, pinning my arms behind me. “Where have you been, Lia? I’ve been waiting all afternoon.”

“I’ve been away,” I said, not struggling from her grip.

“I have some news for you, Lia.” She leaned into my ear. “My husband wants to fuck you.”

“I know.”

She jerked, studying my face.

“He approached me. Pamela, I don’t fuck married men without their wife’s permission.”

“Jesus...” She pulled away. “Did he know about us?”

I said nothing. He knew he wanted to fuck me.

Her mouth twisted. “Is that why you slept with me, to get to Bob?”

“I fucked you because you’re sexy as hell and I wanted to know how you tasted. I wanted to see if those years of expensive gyms, the yoga and the fucking calisthenics would push you to climax harder."

My hands slipped from hers and I gripped her wrist. Squeezed. She gasped, her throat working in soundless desire, a rush of arousal flooding her, overtaking her carefully constructed offenses.

In the bedroom she was no hunter.

In the bedroom, Pamela wanted to be hunted.

I pulled my gazelle closer, fingers digging into her arm. "I wanted to put you on my shower wall and fuck your ass, watch you cum with my hands inside you.”

Her mouth opened, closed again. “Shit, Lia.” She leaned in to kiss me but I stopped her.

“On your knees, Pamela.”

She dropped, kneeling on the wood planked floor. I propped my leg on the fabric chair, pulling her head forward.

Ah, the first touch of her tongue was heaven. I pushed her hard into me, grinding against her face, smearing myself on her.

She moaned in delight, long hard flicks of her tongue increasing. Ripples of pleasure running into the center of me, her mouth hot and busy. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, the whites of her eyes wide and glazed with lust.

“Are you going to use that fantastic tongue of yours to lick my clit, Pamela? Make me cum into your greedy little mouth. Swallow until not one drop is left?”

She nodded and I smiled. “Good girl.”

A whimper escaped her parted lips. I placed her back into my pussy, her hot tongue spearing pleasure to the tips of my toes. She entered me, circling her tongue and moaning. Her nose rubbing my clitoris. My head fell back against the door and I held my fingers loosely in her hair, letting her work.

Fuck me, she was good.

She worshipped my clit and I encouraged her, thrusting in and out of her mouth. She sucked at it greedily, lips insistent and begging. Pleading for my release with her tongue. She made little hungry noises, vibrations running through me. Another deep moan on my clit made everything tighten.

“Here it comes dear. Drink up, Pamela.” I came hard into her eager mouth, my pubis pummeling her face, hands holding her head in place.

The waves pushed into her and she swallowed. Swallowed again, her rasping tongue circling inside me for more.

When it subsided I untangled my hands and she gasped, clutching the chair.

“Lia, my God!” She laughed breathily, arm trembling. “There’s no air in there, you know.”

I smiled, kneeling down. Kissed her long and hard, tasting myself and the ocean. Meghan’s mouth and Zi’s fingers and Kevin’s thrusting dick.

A hint of melted chocolate…

“It’s been a long day, dear. I need to get back to the office.”

Pamela nodded, “Yes. Yes, of course. Um. So, we’ll talk about Bob later?”

I touched a smear of my wetness on her face with my thumb. “We’ll see.”

Back to my office and my third shower of the day; I made note to find another way to thank Zi for finding it. Such convenience.

When I returned, refreshed and dressed in a spare set of clothes, Zi and Meghan were sitting in my red guest chairs.

“Anything wrong, Zi?”

Zi was sprawled out in a most unnecessary position, almost upside down in the curved chair. “After the hotel room Meghan didn’t trust herself to be alone with me.” She flashed a smile. “So here we are.”

Meghan had the look of a person re-evaluating life decisions. She glanced at me and shrugged. “Yeah, that’s basically it.”

I looked back to Zi, who return my gaze with overwhelming innocence. Then, her head tilted.

“Lia. Who were you just fucking?”

Meghan’s head shot up with Zi’s words.

“Pamela sends her greetings.”

Zi grunted. “Not Brenda, then.”

“No, Zi.”

She nodded, not looking at me.

I sighed. “Ladies, I have work I need to do now if we are having people over at 7:30.”

Azina twirled in her chair. “Don’t let us stop you.”

I managed to get work done, despite Azina’s quiet but insistent banter with Meghan. She had somehow coaxed Meghan to sit with her in the same chair, under the pretense of a massage or something similar.

Meghan kept flicking her eyes at me, gauging my reaction, which I largely ignored until I noticed the room had been silent for a while.

Oh… Well. I pushed my keyboard aside, propping my feet up to watch. Work can wait.

Zi was standing over Meghan, thrusting a pretty sizable dildo into Meghan's mouth. I recognized it as one from our collection in the back drawer, not one of my favorites but it was certainly doing the job.

Meghan's eyes were closed, breathing serenely. She tilted her head back and worked her throat, the dildo sliding in almost to the hilt.

Zi pursed her lips. "Damn. Would you look at that? Hidden talents." She leaned closer, massaging Meghan's throat. "That's so fucking hot."

She pulled the dick out slowly, enrapt.

"Shit, Meghan." The dick trailed on Meghan's lip and Zi kissed her, the toy wedged between them. Zi worked around it, catching Meghan's tongue with hers and pressing it against the phallus. She moaned, moving the dildo back and forth between their mouths and flicking tongues.

I crossed my arms, leaning back in my chair. “Well, I never wished I had one of those before.”

Zi chuckled into Meghan’s mouth, straddling her. She stuck the dildo back in Meghan’s mouth. “Hold this,” she said, undoing the back of Meghan’s dress and pulling the top down. Her mouth started on the shoulder and made a slow trail for her breasts. She sucked on them, her hips
thrusting into Meghan’s lap, Meghan’s smothered moans spurring her on.

Zi stood, coming behind Meghan’s chair. She leaned over, fucking her mouth with enthusiasm.“Lift your dress. Let’s see.” Meghan’s eyes were wide as they rolled up to Azina.

She frowned. “I’m hard on clothes. You don’t want me to do it unless you have a spare dress lying around.”

Meghan looked at me and I raised my brows. “She does has a tendency to rip open her presents when she’s excited.”

Perhaps the wrong choice of words. Meghan’s face turned absolutely terrified. She began making frantic, muffled noises, wiggling under Zi’s weight.

I glanced up. “Zi.”

Zi sighed dramatically, pulling the long toy out Meghan’s mouth.

“Ocean, ocean, ocean. Goddamn ocean!”

“Awww.” Zi dropped the dildo on Meghan’s lap, collapsing on the other chair. “That was so fucking hot!”

Meghan looked furious, jumping up. “You were going to tear me open with that thing!” She turned to me. “And you were going to let her?!!”

I tried not to stare at her bouncing bosom as she made her accusations. Zi was right though, it had been fucking hot.

“It was a poor choice of words, Meghan. I meant she might tear your dress, not your anything else. We’re not sadist.”

Zi raised her head to interject. Smiled and shrugged when I glanced her way.

Meghan looked embarrassed. “Oh. So you were just going to…”

“I was going to lift your legs wide and fuck you with that dick while Lia had a front row seat. Your chest hanging out and bouncing while you screamed... It would’ve been amazing. A-ma-zing.”

Mmm. That did sound nice.

Meghan looked entirely full of regrets. “Well, um…,” she glanced back at the chair.

“Nah, moment’s passed, sweetheart.” Zi smiled at her expression. “Don’t worry, we can finish the game later.”

I didn’t ask what game they were playing, my mind traveling to the party for tonight. “Has the caterer called, yet? Do they have a key to get in?”

“Oh. Right. That’s what I meant to tell you.”

I closed my eyes. Zi had a near genius level IQ, a surreal, almost unearthly beauty and a voracious sexual appetite only rivaled by my own.

However, when things didn't matter to her, they didn't exist.

Also, she likes to push my fucking buttons.

"We lost the caterer?"


She grinned at me as I regarded her. "Mad?"

My lips quirked. "Annoyed."

"On the scale of 1 to 10...."


"Mmm.” She sucked her teeth in.

She slid out her chair, coming towards me. Stopped at my desk, turning around and unbuckling her overalls, sliding them down beneath the curve of her buttocks. She wore a neon green thong, the strip disappearing between the golden brown cleft of her cheeks.

"Damn." I heard Meghan exclaim softly, and I agreed, wholeheartedly. Her ass was magnificent.

I uncrossed my legs and stood, my hand sliding down her thigh, into her left pant pocket. Grabbed the well-oiled ball and unraveled it slowly, my eyes on Azina and her small, secret smile.

“Did I say four? I meant five.”


“Five, Azina.”

Clasping the back of her neck I pushed her down against my desk, her bare ass high in the air.

“What’s - uh… what’s going on, guys?” Meghan’s face was equally frightened and titillated.

Before we came to this arrangement Zi expressed dissatisfaction the range of my reactions. She thrived on great swings of emotional interplay. When she fucked up royally she needed me to tell her. Show her.

She designed the whip herself, oiling it every night, the pattern loose enough to be rolled into a tight ball. Little intersecting hearts dotting the length of it.

I trailed it down the crack of her ass, playing hide and seek with her thong.

“Pull them down, Zi.”

She did so, wiggling her hips, pushing the panties down as far as her hands could reach with her body still pinned to the desk.

“Do you want Meghan to leave?”

Zi shook her head no against the wood, her eyes closing in concentration.

“Uh, yeah. I’m gonna step outside, anyways. Good luck with–” She waved her hand nervously, opening the door. I saw her outline lean against the outside tinted glass.

I turned back to Zi. “Hands.”

She placed them flat on my desk, her breath starting to quicken. I drew out the moment, lightly tapping the inside her thigh with the whip.

“Spread your legs, Azina.”

Her eyes flew open. She looked at me with incredible, panic-struck desire, legs shifting open.


She did so, gripping the edges of my desk.

“Lia?,” her voice was hoarse, shaking.

“Do you have a word you wish to speak?”

Her gaze, ah the stubbornness on that face. She shook her head.

I smiled. “Then beg me.”

She did, though we both knew it wouldn’t matter.

She begged me not to whip her; when it began, my arm moving methodically, covering the top of her ass to the cuffed underside, returning for the unmarked inches in between; she begged me to whip harder.

I made her count the lashes, her cheeks and thighs burning bright. Five lashes for each point on the scale. Her rules.

Tears ran down her cheeks when a glancing blow landed on her pubis.


“Please what Azina?”

“... do that again.”

I did. Two more and her hips began thrusting into it.

The count reached twenty-five and she cried out, back arching. “More, Lia.”

I dropped to my knees, spreading her wider, my tongue resuming the course of her pleasure. My teeth grazed her clitoris and she stiffened, air sucking inward.

“Yes! Oh God, PLEASE!!”

I bit, pushing my tongue in hard circles.

She came buckets, dousing my face, her cry a silent, unending scream.

I watched the clenching muscles of her cunt, kissing it tenderly. She moaned, pushing into it. My tongue spread over her, calming her until she collapsed back onto my desk, spent.

I licked her once more, a new taste in my mouth. What game had the two of them been playing?

“I know,” I said standing. “Tonight will be a make your own pizza, we’ll have everyone bring exotic toppings. I’ll make a few phone calls.”

Zi nodded weakly, still hanging onto the desk for stability. “Yeah. Sounds fun.”

Meghan’s Story

he past week has been filled with uncomfortable moments: made to crawl naked on a shower floor, a giant spotlight shone on my hoo-ha, my boss fondling my dirty underwear in front of me, a massive unsolicited orgasm in a public elevator…

But, standing outside the door and hearing Zi cry while Lia whipped the ever-loving shit out of her, I think…

I think I hit my uncomfortability quota.

“Are they in there getting ready?” Brenda stopped in front of me, tilting her head.

“Of, um – of sorts.”

She paused, listening. Her expression became indecipherable. “Oh.” She turned to leave, then paused. “If you want a ride to the party you can come with me.”

I nodded frantically, abandoning my purse still inside the room. No way in hell was I going back in there to get it.

My steps followed hers. We made our way past the twist and turns of hallways and dark offices, our silent thoughts begging not to be spoken aloud.


“No, Meghan. I can’t help you with that.”

I nodded behind her, not blaming her one bit.

We reached the nearly empty parking garage, riding the elevator to the 3rd floor. Brenda barely saw me, deep in her own thoughts.

“Over there,” she said, the car’s lights flashing twice. It was a newish but inexpensive model car and I raised my eyebrow, having peeked into Brenda’s file earlier. She earned substantially more money than Lia.

Brenda drove silently for a while, impassively, letting the traffic move her.

“Do you want to know why Zi and I have issues with each other?”

I turned towards her, shrugging. “I thought because Zi’s jealous of your friendship with Lia.”

“Hmm,” she said, sliding into the right lane. “That’s a symptom, not the cause.”

She flicked her eyes at the clock in the dash, 7:05.

“You want ice cream? I want ice cream.” A hard U-turn and we were going in a different direction, noticeably away from Zi and Lia’s home.

She pulled into a dairy place and stepped out the car. “Want anything?”

Actually, ice cream sounded pretty damn good right about now. “Yeah, I’ll come with you.”

We stood in line between families with eager and loud toddlers, our eyes scanning the restaurant’s board of about twenty million flavors.

I picked a small vanilla cone, as did she, and we piled back into her car.

She licked it and sighed. “I don’t even want this.”

I didn’t answer, carefully licking the creamy drips from my cone.

“You’ve ever been a tether, Meghan?”

I shook my head, confused.

“You ever had a person look to you as a standard, a guideline of goodness? A personal fucking ruler to gauge if you’ve gone too far.”

“No. Not really.”

She sighed. “Shit gets old fast.”

“So, Lia sees you as her guideline?”

She glanced at me. “What? No. Zi does.”

“Zi and I were friends before I roomed with Lia. And let me tell you, girl grew into them curves. She had always been pretty, but a late bloom happened and…” She shook her head.

“She didn’t understand why everyone was treating her different – men of all ages, her friends, her family. She became something to acquire. There’s being seen as an object, then there’s being an actively, exclusively, obsessively pursued object. It messed with her.”

“But you didn’t see her that way.”

“Me, a couple of her other friends. We tried to shelter her as best as possible, when that didn’t work we told her to own it, take who she wanted and don’t give a fuck about the rest.”

The car was quiet, sounds of happy ice cream eaters filtering through the windows.

“Being that pretty all the sudden, without the right mindset.” Her voice was weary and sad. She stared out the window at nothing.
“It did something to her. Like being thirsty and given a river to swallow. She went overboard, started craving sex from everyone, anyone was fair game. And no one. No one turned her away.”

I glanced at Brenda. “Except you.”

“All I saw was my good friend hurting. My best friend. I couldn’t. It didn’t even tempt me.”

“So, Lia and Zi…”

“Yeah. My dumb ass thought, hey, you’re rooming with an engaging bisexual nymphomaniac, and your best friend is a brilliant bisexual sex addict, introduce them!”

“Jesus, Meghan,” she shook her head, “the things they did. Not even with each other – they cut through campus like a scythe through wheat, students, faculty, and staff. It didn’t matter. What mattered was the game. The hunt.”

I thought of the game I played with Zi in the hotel room and shifted, putting a pin in that thought.

“They laugh about it now, but it began to frighten them, how easy it was to manipulate the incorruptible, in all positions of power. A pride of lions in a duck pond. The ducks sprinkling little bits of salt on their head for good measure.”

“And then there’s you.”

She sighed, throwing the cone in a plastic bag from the floor. “And then there’s me. Zi’s patron saint, the moral thorn in her side. The unseducable friend, impervious to their charms, choosing to stay with them for love alone. Asking nothing but friendship in return.”

She shook her head, putting her hand on the key. “Shit, it’s hard. There are days when I think it would be easier on us all if I just left. Pack my shit and leave them alone.”

The car started and she pulled by the waste bin to throw the bag out.

“What would happen if you just, I don’t know, slept with one of them?” Or both, I thought with a thrill that clearly needed to be evaluated later.

“How the fuck do I know, Meghan? When it happens–.”

“When?” I stated.

She glanced at me sourly. “If it happens, it will at least change the relationship between us. And I really care for Zi.”

“But you’re in love with Lia.”

She shrugged, turning back into traffic with a small smile. “Who isn’t.”

Ten minutes later Brenda received a call from Lia. “Yeah, I’m almost there. She what?” Brenda sighed. “What’s the back-up plan?” After a couple of minutes talking Brenda agreed to swing by a specialized food boutique not far from us.

“Oh, yeah. She’s with me.” Brenda glanced at me, trying to hold back a smile. “A little freaked, but getting over it quickly. That seems to be a talent of hers.”

I sunk into the seat, not bothering to argue because honestly, I had pushed the whipping incident firmly out of my mind.

“Yes, I’m sure she does have many talents. I don’t need to know anymore…”

We parked, Brenda turning to me. “Come on Meghan, let’s get some hundred dollar mushrooms and pre-chewed grass to put on a pizza.”

Outside of their condo in the guest garage we stopped to take a collective breath. A prickling on the back of my neck warning to fucking take my time. Be careful, for once.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea,” I said, more to myself but Brenda agreed.

“I have that thought all the time. Yet, here I am.” She sighed, turning off the car.

I nodded, unlocking the door. “Here we are.”

Lia had called in the cavalry, having guests scour specialized food store and boutiques to bring the most unique and tasty topping for the pizzas. She had the dough delivered from a nearby Italian restaurant and was arm deep in flour, kneading a batch on the kitchen island.

She smiled at us. “Hello, dears. You can put the food in the fridge. I started a voting board in the living room. No stacking the deck, Brenda.” Brenda smirked and went to check out the toppings listed so far.

“Meghan, be a dear and help me with the dough. It was short notice and they are a bit dry.”

“Sure.” I washed up and dried my hands on a towel. Floured my hands and grabbed a ball of dough. A timer dinged and Lia turned to take two pizzas out of the double ovens.

I glanced at one. “The fuck?”

Lia grinned. “Octopus with squid ink.”

I mimed gagging and she laughed.

“What about the other one, is that beef or something?”


“You guys are just nuts. Seriously.”

She slid the pizzas off the boards, replacing them with two slightly less disgusting looking ones. Set the timer.

“Come here.”

I came closer and she regarded me. “Are you okay?”

My eyes slid to her flour covered hands which, not forty minutes ago was quite thoroughly whipping her partner.

“Um. I’ve been better.”

Azina’s cries of pain were real, not playful moans. She had begged Lia to stop.

“You need a moment?”

I breathed deeply. “No. I’m fine. Let’s just – let’s get back to those pizzas.”

For a while the only sound was my fist pounding the dough, knuckles sinking in a soothing rhythm.

“She’s really giving that dough a beating,” I heard someone murmur and looked up, inordinately happy to see Azina standing there, looking no worse for wear in a different but equally worn pair of overalls.

It’s not that I expected her to be bruised and bandaged. I… just don’t know what I expected.

Lia practically rolled her eyes at my expression of relief, placing the finishing touches on another pizza.

“She thought I had you locked in a trunk somewhere.”

“No, I didn’t!”
Not too far off…
“I’m just, I’m happy to see you.”

With all your limbs attached.

“Aww,” Zi grinned, sauntering over to me. “I’m happy to see you, too, Deepthroat.” She kissed me on the curve of my neck, trailing to the hollow of my throat.

Why did I tell her about that trick of mine? How does it even come up in the course of a conversation? I just met you, but I’ll have you know my throat muscles are excellent!

The timer dinged, and Zi leaned against the counter, picking it up. “You bought a new timer, Lia? I like it, but what was wrong with the other one?”

Lia gave a low laugh, leading me to believe something quite naughty happened to the last timer.

I started pounding the dough again. I needed something, like five minutes to reflect. I was spiraling, I could feel it,
my actions so out of the norm I felt like I was having a weeklong out of body experience. Who was this person kneading dough in the kitchen of two predatory women bent on seducing her? One recently whipped and enjoying it.

Run, bitch

The dough was ready and I plopped it onto the tray. “I’m going to see what’s happening in the living room.”

“You can run away, but you will come back, Meghan.” Lia’s amused voice was right behind me. She placed her hands around my waist, nudging her chin onto my shoulder.

Zi watched, eyes glittering. And then she came forward, languid movements stretching time and
flowing the sway of her hips. Lia’s chest rose and fell along my back as Azina leaned in, kissing me.

Her lips. Oh God. Her lips, her mouth made my knees weak. Sweet and soft, and the sweetness itself absolutely unexpected.

She pulled away and smiled softly, a tremble racked me and Lia’s arms tightened. “Shh… I know. It’s been a long day.”

Azina touched my temple, trailing down my cheek. “Would you like to see them, the welts? They’re quite nice.”

What was I doing here? I shook, suddenly terrified because for some damn reason
I did
want to see them. Fuck me, could they make me do anything they wanted, things I would never have dreamed of doing?

Make me want to do it?

Make me
to do it?

“Yes.” Lia whispered in my ear. “I could.”


I noped the fuck out of there, ducking Azina and untangling from Lia’s arm. I was halfway through the front door when it hit me: Brenda drove me. My purse with all my money, and my phone, lay abandoned in Lia’s office.

I was stuck.

I turned, two sets of eyes watching me from the kitchen, one smiling enigmatically, the other smirking. Lia turned back to the pizza, mildly scolding Zi for snagging a topping.

I slunk past them to the living room.

Just avoid being alone with them, either of them. But especially avoid being alone with both of them. You can do this Meghan. Contact Agent Eagleton after midnight and see what progress was made. Then, go home. Alone.

I nodded to myself.

“You okay, Meghan?” Brenda seemed a little concerned. Mostly amused.

“I’m being flanked, but I’m ok. This gazelle has teeth.”

“Like, flat little nubs? Teeth meant for grinding grass and flowers and shit?”

I gave her a dirty look. She laughed, her own teeth flashing. “Do you want me to take you back to the hotel?”

“No.” I sighed. “I need to stay.”

She raised her brow but didn’t comment.

Lia came out with two more pizzas, sliced in perfectly even wedges. Zi’s contribution, I bet.

“Okay, this one is caramelized banana and curry. The other is wild mushroom and ‘foie gras’.”

I almost leapt for the banana one, but waited, allowing others to go first. It gave me a chance to study the attendees. I blinked when I recognized a member of my team.