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Brad moved slowly around the room.
Unsure of what to call the place he was currently in. A basement,
warehouse…dungeon. He mentally shrugged. Maybe he should have
stayed at the hotel with his twin brother, instead of taking his
sister and her Doms, his two best friends, up on their offer to
attend a holiday event with them. A BDSM event at that. However, he
couldn’t deny that he’d been curious over the two years his sister
had been in her current

Mike, Josh and Alesha were in one
of the private rooms observing a show, they weren’t “playing”
tonight. Alesha, his sister was just barely four months pregnant,
and that had ended the singles cruise he and Brian, his twin would
normally be on. They’d decided to come visit their little sister
instead. Now, here he was, his impetuous self, loitering in an
environment that he didn’t understand at all. It wasn’t just the
fact his baby sister, had committed her life to two men, but she’d
committed herself to wearing those men’s collar for life, getting
spank and whatever else her

He shook his head, and tried not
to judge those around him, family and strangers. It amazed him how
the classic Christmas song
Baby it’s Cold
could be playing over head while
people where in various states of undress and strapped to objects
all over the room. There seemed to be some disconnect with what he
was hearing and what he saw. The snaps and popping of different
“tools” being administered to, what his best friend’s assured him
was willing flesh, accompanied by the screams and moans just added
to his holiday confusion.

Why any man wanted a woman to submit so fully to him
was beyond reason to him. Didn’t these women have wills of their
own? Desires of their own?

Lifting his cherry flavored soda to his mouth, he
sipped it pensively and thought about Alesha his sister, she wasn’t
anyone’s doormat. She was sweet, generous, but she also handled the
administrative part of the business and Mike and Josh listened to
her and considered her an equal part.

He sighed, unsure about any of this. The sound of a
man coming as the woman in green leather pants suit behind the man
used a long whip on his bare ass, was too much.

That’s enough for me.

Brad downed the rest of his drink
and wished he could have opted for something stronger. However, the
place didn’t have alcohol at the bar. Josh, one of his sister’s
Dominants had explained to him it had to do with using the
equipment and people having a clear mind in a scene. That
definitely wouldn’t have been him, so a rum and Coke would have
helped him handle what he was
. Placing his empty glass on
the tray of a person with some kind of ball in their mouth, he
moved toward the door.

Maybe it was best if he waited for his sister and
her men by Mike’s car. It was cold outside, but the crisp air was
possibly just what he needed. He headed to the door.


Unsure if someone was speaking to him, Brad turned
and saw a woman dressed in red high-waist underwear and stacked
heels moving toward him. The fact that the woman was nude from the
waist up didn’t give him pause, because he’d seen bare bodies all
night. But, she had an amazing body, all the sienna-brown skin and
pert nipples caused an instant reaction in the lower part of his
body. Allowing his gaze to travel up, he noticed her make-up had a
classic look, bold eye-shadow, long lashes and deep red lipstick.
Her brown hair was in tight pin curls around her head, reminding
him of women in the 1950’s.

The tight lines in her face halted
him in place.
Was she in

Hell, in a place like this, how would he know? Was
this some kind of role playing?

Stepping forward, he took her by the shoulders. “Are
you in trouble? Do you need—”

Hands went around his neck and her lips met his. Not
a light ‘greeting’ type of kiss. Fuck, no. This woman pressed her
body to his and slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Being a red-blooded man, he didn’t resist when a
woman kissed him. So, he kissed her back. Palming the back of her
head, he took over the kiss. Circling her tongue, he forced it back
into her mouth and drove in deep, retreating and returning.

Everything around him vanished. All of his focus
zoned in on the woman, giving her pleasure. A woman he didn’t know,
his mind told him. Not that his body cared at all.

He felt the shivers course through the slight form
that was pressed to him. The small moan she emitted confirmed

China Doll, get away from that
man. Before I give your ass the punishment here and now that your
disobedience has earned.”

The angry male bark had Brad taking the woman’s arms
and pulling her way. Reluctantly, she allowed the space between
them. Brad didn’t miss the heavy rise and fall of her chest.
Glancing over the top of her head, even in high heels she barely
came to his chin, he spotted the balding older man behind her.

The Asian man wore all black and held cuffs linked
by a long chain dangling from one hand.

Shit, Mike and Josh had warned him not to touch the
women here because it was possible that they would be someone’s
sub. He’d done a little more than touch her. Rather, she’d started
the connection.

But you finished it.
His body taunted.

Sorry, man, is she with you?”
Brad asked.

Hell, yes! China Doll, get over

A crowd was beginning to gather. Brad normally
didn’t mind large groups, but when he was the center of attention
like this, he didn’t like it.

No… please.” The woman, the man
called China Doll, was clutching his shirt.

Brad stared down at her. “I don’t know the rules
here, baby doll. You’re going to have to help me out. ”

It’s over for us. He refuses to
understand that.”

Brad was captivated by the soulful amber eyes that
stared up at him. Unbuttoning his shirt, he placed it around the
woman’s shoulders. Even though she seemed perfectly comfortable
bare-chested, he had the overwhelming feeling of wanting to shield
her in some way from the ugliness of the blistering man eight feet
away from them.

Has he hurt you against your
will?” He asked. Even though he wasn’t clear how things worked in
these types of relationship. He wasn’t going to stand by and let a
woman get hurt.

Slipping her arms into his white shirt, she glanced
back at the man behind them. “He never takes my—”

She relinquished her will when
she submitted to me.” The man stepped forward as if he intended to
grab her.

Lifting a single eyebrow, Brad let the man know that
he wasn’t going to allow it until things were straightened out.

The man stopped, his lips pinched in anger. “You
have no right to interfere.”

If she no longer wants to be with
you I think someone should,” Brad countered.

What’s going on here?” A wide
shouldered man in a vest and armband stepped from the crowd and
addressed the angry Dom. “Reel?”

It’s China Doll. She took off her
cuffs and then let this man touch and kiss her.” Dom Reel spat out,
aiming a thick finger at the woman in Brad’s arms.

We’ve warned you before Reel
about controlling your subs while you’re here. There seems to
always be some commotion or outburst going on.” The bouncer-like
guy admonished the man.

No worries, I plan to discipline
her real proper for this defiance.” Reel spoke through clenched
teeth as he reached out for the woman.

Aren’t her feelings considered?”
Brad questioned the man that appeared to have the authority in the

Before Reel could reach her, or the bouncer could
say something, the woman dropped to her knees before him.

Shit!” The bouncer

What the fuck are you doing?”
Reel’s face had turned a deep red color beneath his natural
yellowish skin tone and his eyes seemed to bug-out from his

Brad glanced down at the woman
kneeling before him with her head bowed. The air in his lungs
seemed to get vacuumed out and heat raced along his spine. Visions
of her with a thin collar around her neck, like the one Alesha
wore, swarmed his mind.
What in the

The urge to take a step back, from
her and from what he was imagining beset him. He shook his head and
took a rough breath. “Um, sweetheart…China…baby doll…I’m not the
right person…you shouldn’t be…”
Fuck, I’m
I stuttering?
This was practically
laughable if it wasn’t so serious around him.

Reel, I guess you have your
answer.” The armband man placed a restraining hand on the Dom’s

You’re going to let this stand?”
Reel turned on the man. “She came here with me.”

Yeah, I know. However, doesn’t
seem as if she’s choosing to exit the same way.” He grabbed Reel’s
arm. “So, you’re going to need to play with an unattached sub
tonight or go home. I suggest with you being so angry you should
probably leave. You know we don’t allow subs to be used here by
having anger vented on them.”

This is bullshit!” Reel snatched
his arm away from the bouncer.

You’ll have to take it up off
property.” The other man escorted the raving Reel away.

Brad was in a full state of confusion now. The man
had stomped away. The crowd was beginning to disperse, leaving him
with a woman at his feet.

Squatting down before her, Brad touched her shoulder
lightly and spoke softly. “Baby doll, I’m not sure what you’ve
accomplished for yourself tonight. I’m not in the lifestyle.”

Is Dom Reel gone?” she

Yes. I think the bouncer led him
to the stairs to leave.”

Perfect. By the way, the bouncer
guy, is called a Dungeon Master.” Titlting her head back, she
smiled at him. The worry lines now all gone.

If he would have been struck by lightning, Brad
would not have felt any less knocked on his ass. Her round face
brightened and light seemed to shine from her eyes.

Was this all an act?” He felt a
little insulted to be used as a pawn in such a public

Yes and no.” She stood

He rose as well. “You want to explain?”

Not really.”

He frowned. He didn’t like that she’d used him in
some way and now refused to fill him in. Crossing his arms over his
chest, now only covered by his white undershirt, just as stark in
color as his white shirt she still wore, saying, “I hope you don’t
think I’m your Dominant or something now. Because hate to break
your heart, baby doll, you picked the wrong guy if that is what you
are looking for.”

For a moment, her warm gaze caressed him from head
to toe, then returned, her smile now playful, “That’s too bad. But,
I’m free now and that’s what I wanted. Thanks.”

Stretching up, on her toes, she gave him a loud kiss
on the lips then moved away.

What was that for?”

The mistletoe.” She pointed at
the ceiling above his head.

Glancing up, Brad saw the sprig dangling from a
ribbon above his head. Something he’d missed seeing.

Do you need a ride—”

She was gone. Brad looked around the area, people
continued in their scenes around him, no longer giving him a care
since the drama had ended.

Moving through the crowd, he scanned faces, looking
for the woman with the angelic/playful smile. However, he came up

Hey, Brad, you seen enough for
tonight?” Josh patted him on the shoulder.

Um, yea.” Still preoccupied, Brad
looked toward the stairs to see if he could find the

You all right?” Alesha stepped in
front of him.

Glancing down at his sister, who was dressed as a
naughty elf, in a short green outfit, with matching stripped red
and green stockings, pointed ears and all. Her low cut top proudly
displayed her thin collar with its small silver butterfly dangling
from it. Alesha always seemed to owner the adornment from these two
men like another woman would a wedding ring.

I’m fine.” He said hoping to calm
her nerves. The last thing his sister needed was stress that would
affect the little one she carried.

Where’s your shirt?”She

Glancing down, Brad had forgot he’d given it to the
woman—China Doll, Reel had called her. “I let someone use it.”

Mike arched an eyebrow at him, as if he were
awaiting more explanation.

Brad looked at his friend that was just as tall and
muscular as he was, refusing to discuss the situation at the
moment. “I’m ready.”

You want to get your shirt back?”
Josh asked.

Not necessary. I have my jacket.
Besides, she may need it more than me the way she was dressed.”
Brad turned with them toward the back door leading to the parking
lot where he’d been headed just thirty minutes ago. Before the
woman. Before the kiss.

She?” Mike called out from behind

Brad ignored his friend.

Hey, look mistletoe.” Alesha

You’ll get enough kisses once we
get home.” Josh stepped to the coat rack and took her coat down
first and helped her with it on and whispered things into Alesha’s
ear that had her giggling.

Hey, Cowboy…brother here.” Brad
yanked his coat from the hook and shoved his arms into

Mike grabbed his own coat and patted Brad on the
shoulder. “Don’t worry, man, we don’t plan to bend her over and
spank her in front of you.”

Oh, God, mercy please.” Brad
shook his head and shoved out of the back door as the three people
trailing behind him laughed.

Just drop me off at the hotel
quick.” Brad made haste to the car as he looked around the parking
area, hoping to see the woman who dragged him into her situation.
He didn’t want to admit it but his heart sank a little as they
drove away and he still didn’t find her.








chapter two



Are you going to tell me about
last night?”

Gabriella pulled out more ciabatta rolls from the
rack beside her, as she prepared the sandwiches for the display
case. “It was just Reel being Reel.”

What does that mean for you guys?
You stayin’ with him?” Jennifer, also known as Pepper in the
community, was icing the cupcakes for the sweets case. Strong
Blends, the coffee house on the upper floor above the dungeon,
would be open in about two hours and they were on the prep staff
this morning.

That’s over, finally.” Gabriella
didn’t want to rehash the ups and downs of her relationship with
her old Dom.

Are you sure? You said that over
the last month and then I see you all at one event or another.”
Jennifer reminded her.

Walking to the cooler, Gabriella got the spicy
mayonnaise sandwich spread, meat and spinach for the first set of
sandwiches. Back at the counter, she said, “That’s because I could
never convince him to let me go. He always believed he knew my mind
better than me.”

Jennifer shook her head. “How you stayed with him
for all those months is beyond me. Especially since it wasn’t

Rolling her eyes, Gabriella ignored her friend’s
words. Jennifer had been in the lifestyle for as long as she had
and it was always about the sexual gratification at the end of a
scene for the Hispanic woman. Gabriella had never had a sexual
relationship with any of her Dom’s. She’d kept those two things
very separate.

He wasn’t always an overbearing
ass. Once his wife died he changed. I think watching his wife
passed away from cancer and feeling helpless did something to
him…made him more controlling.”

Jennifer placed the espresso filled cupcakes onto a
tray and began working on the strawberry ones. “Whatever it was,
I’m just glad if it really is over.”

Trust me, he got the message.”
Pulling off strips of cellophane, Gabriella began wrapping the
first set of sandwiches.

How do you know he’ll stay away
this time?”

He thinks I found a Dom that was
bigger and younger.”

Jennifer turned so quickly that she forgot to stop
squeezing the pink icing from the tube and had a long stream of it
covering the floor.

Shit. Master Genuine’s slave
Kenmore will be pissed if I waste all this icing.” Jennifer
whispered, rushed to the closet and grabbed a handful of cleaning

You know how she is about her
baking goods.” Gabriella spoke in the same low tones, trying to
keep the woman in question from coming out of the office where she
was working on the receipts from the day before and get the tills
together for today’s shifts. Master Genuine owned the coffee shop
and dungeon below, but left the running of the shop to Kenmore, his
slave of fifteen years. Kenmore may bow to her Master, but she was
a tough business woman in the coffee house.

After all the evidence of the icing mishap was
cleared, Jennifer exhaled a hard breath as she washed her hands
before returning to the deserts. “That was close.”

Gabriella grinned and pulled out the whole grain
artisan bread to start on the vegan stuffs.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten that
you have not filled me in on Mr. Bigger and Better Dom.”

Of course, Jennifer would not let
this go
. Gabriella, stated quiet for a few
moments longer as her mind recalled the man she’d met last night.
Tall with broad shoulders, a muscular body, built like a football
player and kind brown eyes and a goatee. She’d never been into
bald-headed guys before, but she just wanted to caress every smooth
inch of his. She shivered.

Uh, huh…spill it.”

When she looked over at her friend, she saw Jennifer
with her arms crossed beneath her large breasts eyeing her.

What? I said there is nothing to
tell. This man…who’s name I don’t even know, wasn’t even in the

Not in it?” Jennifer frowned.
“Then how is he supposed to scare off Dom Reel Jerk?”

Don’t call Reel that. Like I
said, losing his wife was hard.”

Jennifer made a talking hand sign as she rolled her
eyes. “Back to the mystery man.”

Shrugging, Gabriella said, “Long story short. He was
downstairs last night for some reason. Not sure why or who he was
with. I needed someone unattached to submit to so I did.”

Did what?”

Dropped to my knees in front of
this mystery man before the club while Dom Reel was spiting fire;
completely embarrassed.”

Oh, shit. Gabriella, are you

It worked and now Reel is out of
my life. Case closed.” Picking up the narrow scoop, she carved a
hole out of the side of the roll and then scrapped out the inside,
careful not to break the sides.

I swear you must have a death
wish to piss off a Dom like that.” Jennifer shook her head as she
started swirling the icing in the center of the cakes.

I told you that Reel is harmless,
Jennifer. Just overly controlling.” Setting bread and spoon down on
the stainless steel table, Gabriella asked her friend, “What was I
supposed to do?”

I don’t know.” Jennifer glanced
at her with soulful green eyes, then back to her cupcakes. “Hell,
I’d probably have done the same thing. Not with Dom Meyo mind you,
but if it were…someone else.”

Gabriella envied her friend. Jennifer had been with
her Dom for three years, collared for two and now they were talking
about a wedding and a family. In the six years she had been in the
lifestyle, Gabriella had never had a relationship with one of her
Doms that was that committed.

She knew it was because she always chose those who
were married and just wanted a full time sub to scene with
privately and publicly. Their spouses were either in the lifestyle
with them or didn’t mind them being part-time in the community with
someone else. Gabriella stayed clear of analyzing herself.

So, do you plan
to try and find out who this
not really a
is?” Jennifer asked.

Nope. He was useful for the
moment, but that was all. I have no need to see him

Maybe to return his shirt you
walked away with
. Her conscious reminded
her. Gabriella had felt so at peace with his scent around her, a
combination of the sea, fruit, herbs and as beguiling as cashmere.
In one word the man smelled like freedom. When she was younger her
father would take them on the lake in the fall. There was something
sweet and earth about that time of year and being on the water. The
oldest of nine brothers and sisters she felt like she didn’t have a
single care out there.

Last night, she had kept his shirt on while she
slept just wanted to breathe that scent in. She’d ached inside this
morning when she had to remove it to shower and get dressed for

He smelled good, but he tasted better. Her heart
beat hard and her mouth watered just thinking about him. The man
tasted like cola and cherries—sweet with a bite. His mouth had been
slightly cool when she’d first slipped her tongue inside, but when
he’d taken over the kiss it had been hot and demanding. The man may
not have been a Dom but he knew how to command a kiss.

Inhaling, she sighed.
I need to let all that go.

Glancing at Jennifer, she was happy her friend was
busy finishing off her cupcakes because; Gabriella didn’t want her
to even get a whiff that something was going on. Jennifer would
never let it go. She’d ask everyone in the club until she
discovered anyone that knew anything about the man.

Some things were better left alone. The fact that
she’d been so taken in by the man, his smell and his kiss was
plenty to have her running in another direction.

Not to mention the fact he was willing to stand
against Reel and DM Lotus to protect her.

Not a Dom, Gabriella. Not a Dom.

Going to the cooler again, she returned the other
items and grabbed the chickpea mix for the rolls. At the table she
got back to the business of stuffing the gonzo beans, chickpeas,
celery, dill, diced tomatoes and other herbs into the hole of each
artisan roll. Work was what she needed to stay focused on and maybe
step away from the scene for a few weeks that should be enough time
for Reel to seriously get the message and for her to begin looking
in the BDSM loops for another Dom.

Life would be back to normal once again.


Brad awakened in the king-size hotel bed with sweat
rolling off him, his heart pounding, his head fuzzy and his cock
stiff as a poll. It was the second night he’d awaken in such a
state and he knew the reason why. Shoving the remainder of the
sheet off his body, that he hadn’t already kicked away in his
sleep, he stood up and walked to the balcony. Pushing the long
drapes to the side, he unlocked the door and opened it halfway. He
needed to cool himself down as quickly as possible. Standing in the
darkened shadows he allowed the chill of the December air to blow
over him. Inhaling several breaths, he tried to clear his minds of
the last thread of the dream.

Erotic dream.

It shocked and amazed him that a woman he had only
met for thirty minutes could haunt his mind so intensely. After
he’d gotten back two nights ago from the BDSM event he’d gone to
his hotel room and straight to bed. That night he’d dreamed of not
only kissing her lips but tasting her breasts, those two full, pert
peaks that had bounced before his eyes as she’d strutted toward

He could still smell her intoxicating scent, a
mixture of something manufactured and her. He knew it. The
sweetness came from a bottle, but that spicy decadence was the
woman they called China Doll.

He shook his head as he backed away from the open
door. He wasn’t trying to get sick for the holiday, just calm

What kind of name was China Doll?
What did it stand for?
He knew that the
lifestyle was all about anonymity from Alesha, Mike and Josh. They
had explained that much, instructed him on the way to the ‘dungeon’
not to use their real names once there. They said it wasn’t from
shame of what the practiced or believed, more because a person’s
scene name represented something about them, their personality and
what they wanted to be known for.

He pondered that some today, what he thought about
himself if he were in such a lifestyle. He’d always been known as
one of The Twins. When people saw him, they normally knew Brian was
before him or behind him somewhere. Even though he and Brian had
totally different personality, they usually were a match set.

China Doll.

Her style of dress wasn’t representative of anything
Chinese or Asian, so he was at a lost. He could probably ask his
sister and her men, but that would just have them asking more
questions. Today when he and Brian were at their house putting up
the tree and inside decorations, Alesha asked him again about his
shirt. Brian over heard and questioned him about what he saw.
Blowing his twin off, Brad simply ignored Alesha and told Brian
he’d go into it later.

Thank God later had never came.

He and Brian had gone down to the hotel club for a
few drinks and a dance or two with some ladies they met, but soon
they had both ended up back up to their own rooms alone. For two
virile, single men, used to spending the holiday on a singles
cruise getting laid, it was very out of the ordinary both their
beds were empty.

Brad didn’t know what Brian’s issue was, but for him
all the women at the club had seemed to dull in comparison to the
memory of one woman.

China Doll.

Now, he stared around his hotel room, the darkness
barely gave way to the shadows caused by the slim amount of light
through the parted curtains. His body finally starting to relax, he
returned to the bed and lay down.

Nude, he left the cover off his body and placed both
hands behind his head and stared up at the dark ceiling. He allowed
his mind to wander, knowing exactly what path it would take. Back
to her.

He played her walked across the crowded room toward
him, except this time her face was smooth without tension around
her eyes. Her red painted full lips were smiling and her warm,
amber gaze was locked on him. The woman was petite in size but
stacked well in all the right places. Her breast were would fit in
a man’s hands perfectly. In his hands just right.

Her waist was narrow, but her hips were flared wide
in those classic red panties that matched her lips and high heels.
Her thighs were thick and toned. His mouth became dry just thinking
of following her legs from ankles to the top of her thigh with his
tongue. He’d trace her softness, absorb her scent.

His heart beat hard as he felt the
blood pump furiously and return with a vengeance to his

He thought about her on her knees
again, but her head wouldn’t be bowed for long, she’d slowly glance
up to him, open his pants and take him in hand…in mouth. How would
those pretty thick lips feel around his dick. How dark would her
eyes become as she felt him glide across her tongue?

It was that atmosphere. So much dominance. So much
sexuality. So much submission. Too much. It could make a sane man
lose his sanity.

But, his heart corrected his mind; it all had to do
with the kiss. Not the quick peck she’d playfully given him before
she walked away. No, the deep one she bestowed on him.

She had tasted of mint and cinnamon. He frowned in
the dark; his forehead tightening. How could a woman taste both
refreshing and spicy at the same time? But, she had. He knew that
the sweet mint flavor had come from candy, a spray or mouth wash.
However, the spicy had been all her. The brief taste had driven him
to distraction. Driving him mad. He’d wanted more of it and had
driven into her mouth roughly, without finesse and hell bent on
claiming more.

Hell, in that moment he wanted to claim her. Mark
her as his. Just as much as he’d wanted to adorn her with something
around her neck just for a second while he stared down at her
kneeling form.

That right there was the lunacy of
it all.
Shit, I can’t even tell my twin
about this. About these thoughts
Brian still hadn’t come to terms
fully with how Alesha was choosing to live her life. Even though
they both could see their baby sister was completely happy with her
two men. Their best friends.

He didn’t even want to guess how Brian would take
his thoughts about China Doll.

Shutting his brother out of his mind, Brad refocused
on the woman. Letting his imagination shift and move into whatever
path it wanted to travel. As his thoughts moved from one erotic
twist to another, Brad lowered one of his hands to his cock.

As the images—real and imagined—unfolded he squeezed
and stroked his hard length in a languid motion. Until the fantasy
tightened his form with a tension of need; a desire to bring
himself to ecstasy with her name on his lips.

As his body cooled once again and the fires of lust
began to abate, he knew he’d have to find her, somehow. He needed
to see her again. See if the connection was real or a figment of
his imagination like the erotic dreams that haunted him.








chapter three



Let me get a large coffee, no
cream extra sugar.” Brad looked around the large glass case dived
between various sandwiches, soups, salads and sweets. “One Turkey
on wheat.”

Anything else, sir?” The guy
behind the counter asked as he rang in each item.

Whatever my brother is getting.”
Brad stepped to the side while Brian scanned the board and made his

One of your light roast coffee’s
black, please. A chicken salad on artisan.” Brain shifted so Brad
could pay the tab.

Handing Brad back his credit card and a plastic
number, the cashier said, “Jennifer will bring your order to you in
a few moments, take a seat where ever you’re comfortable.”

Picking a table close to the window, Brad chose the
side where he could see the people that passed along the street.
Then he stuck the number into a short stand mounted into the edge
of the table so the server could see it.

You plan to tell me why we came
all the way down to the end of town, almost twenty minutes away
from our hotel room for coffee when we could have had that at the
hotel or any other damn place between here and there?”

Brad had been on a mission since he woke the second
time this morning, with the sun up, to see if he could find the
woman with the moniker China Doll. The last place he had seen her
was downstairs of this place Strong Blends. He hoped that maybe she
frequented this area downtown where more artsy and eclectic shops
were away from the more traditional foot traffic.

It was almost lunch time and chances were that if
she came here, she probably stopped in for coffee or tea before
work or something. However, he didn’t know where else to start.

You could ask Alesha, his mind taunted. He still
wasn’t willing to involve anyone else in this search. He glanced
across the table at his twin, ignorant of what plagued him. Brad
did feel a little guilt lying to him, but no need to start a
conversation on something that most likely would amount to

The server gave him a little more time as she came
with a large tray and deposited their orders before them,

Brad offered her a tip.

Holding up her hand, the tall woman with the spike
short hair held up her hand. “No, thanks, Sir, we get paid very
well. If you all need anything else let us know.” With a small nod
and odd pause, she turned and went back to the counter.

Brian frowned at the woman’s behavior.

Brad understood the woman’s mannerisms were probably
connected to what went on downstairs, he choose not to inform
Brian. If Brian knew there was a dungeon below them, and that place
was where their sister and her Dom’s “played” together he would be
out the door in a flash.

No reason. I just wanted to see
more of the city. Heard the coffee was pretty good here.” For
effect, he lifted the mug and took a cautious sip. “Wow, its damn

Questions still marring his features, but Brian did
try his. His twin’s face relaxed some. “They were right.”

They drank their coffee and eat their sandwiches for
a moment in silence. Brian was the first to speak.

You never did tell me about the
weird night you had with Mike and Josh and our baby

Brad leaned forward. “Will you keep your voice
down.” Glancing over his shoulder, he made sure no one was in ear
shout of their conversation.

What’s your problem, Brad? These
people don’t know what or who I’m talking about.”

The hell if they didn’t. Speaking in low tones, Brad
warned. “Regardless, you know the world is a small place. We’re not
from this area and we don’t know who may know who.”

Brian set down the half of sandwich he had left.
“Really, Brad? From what I recall Alesha and the guys go by some
nicknames. You know like some secrecy club. Hell, if they were so
proud and open there wouldn’t be so much subterfuge.”

Damn it, Brian. Just because you
don’t approve of how Alesha is living with Mike and Josh you don’t
have to be rude about it.”

The slow lifting of one single eyebrow let Brad know
that he’d probably spoken to supportively. Fuck.

So, now you don’t? When we
decided to come here a few weeks to spend for the holiday with
them, you and I were both on the same page. We wouldn’t judge
Alesha and our friends, but neither did we approve. Now, you sound
as if you’ve had a change of heart.”