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Three Lovers in Barcelona


Taboo Romance





Ava May


Three Lovers in Barcelona


Chapter 1

The plane roared through the blue sky. As she looked outside the window, Emma saw the white fluffy clouds around her, and below was the shimmering blanket of the Atlantic Ocean. The sun gleamed off the surface, and there was no land in sight. She looked at the screen in front of her and sighed when she saw how many hours were left until she touched down in Barcelona. Already, she was feeling tired and her eyes were aching after watching a few films. Out of the window, she could see a faint reflection of herself, and almost couldn't believe that she was actually going.

For a long time, her dream had been to visit Europe. Now it was coming true, and even though it wasn't happening in quite the way she had imagined it, she was still excited. The plane was packed around her and everyone else was either asleep or minding their own business. The meals had been handed around so the air was filled with the scent of processed meats. Beside her was an empty seat, and although she tried not to stare at it, it was a constant reminder of the life that awaited her when she returned to America, which she was dreading.

Initially, she had planned to go on the trip with her boyfriend, Matt, as they wanted a romantic getaway together. The planning was exciting and they spoke so often of all the things they would see and do, and she was glad to share this trip with someone so dear to her heart. And yet it was not to be. She knew that thinking about him would only cast a shadow over her trip, and after all the build-up, that was the last thing she wanted. Despite that, he’d been a huge part of her life, and now that he was gone, it was hard to carry on.

Everyone had told her not to go on the trip and to try and salvage her relationship, but things were beyond that stage. This was a trip she had been planning for a lifetime, and she was damned if she was going to let it fall apart at the last minute for Matt, even if she had loved him. But it was over now and she couldn't let him back into her heart. Not after the way he had treated her. There was more to life than settling down, and if she had to do this trip alone, then so be it. Sadly, there were other couples on the plane, and when she saw them snuggle together, she felt pangs of longing for some comfort, but immediately reminded herself that she was a strong, young woman, and that the world was at her feet. She thought about the person who inspired this trip, and tried to take lessons from her. Feeling tired, but not wanting to sleep, Emma pulled out a notebook and a pen from her bag and started her travel diary.

Chapter 2

I'm writing this on the plane to Barcelona. This trip has been a long time in the making and I wanted to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the trip. I dedicate this to my grandmother, Olivia Harding. Some of you may know her name, for she was a photographer. Some of her pictures made it onto the cover of Time magazine and other publications, but to me, she was always Gran. When I was younger, I loved going over to her place and being told stories of all the knick-knacks she had collected. Every one of them had some strange story behind it. Looking back now, she could have made up a story for each one, but somehow, I don't believe she did.

I listened with awe as she told me about these wonderful, exotic countries and the interesting people living within them. I knew from a young age that I wanted to experience similar things that she did. The world seemed much bigger than my small hometown, and I wanted to see as much of it as possible. Of course, it wasn't always easy because of responsibilities like school and jobs, but whenever I had a spare moment, I was planning the trip and making notes of different places I wanted to see. It became a frightening behemoth because there was so much, I didn't think I'd ever get to do it all in my lifetime.

Then, I found out my grandmother was dying. I never had to deal with death before that, and I couldn't quite comprehend what it meant. She was ill—really ill—and I hated seeing her so pale and weak and frail, lying in bed. And I knew she hated it as well, since she had always been an active person. All I wanted was for her to get better and get back to doing what she did best: living life. But sometimes the body just isn't as strong as the soul. So she slipped away and I spent as much time with her as possible. I listened to all the old stories again, and pretended like it was the first time I heard them. I showed her my plans as well, and she smiled, and said that no matter what I did with my life, I should make sure that I saw the world.

I promised her that I would, and now I'm fulfilling that promise. She left me some money as an inheritance with the condition that I only use it for traveling, something my mother hates because she'd much prefer that I was responsible and use it for something else, but I think people are too consumed with surviving instead of living. When I'm on my deathbed, I want to be like my grandmother. I want to have incredible stories to tell and magical memories to make me smile. Hopefully, this is going to be the first of many.

Of course, as I sit here, hundreds of miles above the earth, I have to admit that it wasn't easy. I am just going for a short break to Barcelona. It was supposed to be a longer trip with my boyfriend, but that… well… it didn't work out. Perhaps I'll go into more detail later, but for now I wanted to keep it to my trip. I'm watching the sea pass by below me, and I'm surrounded by people that all have their separate lives. I'm wondering if I'm the only one undertaking a pilgrimage of sorts. The plane is loud and claustrophobic. It's so strange to think that we can put people in a metal tube and send them thousands of miles across the world in a matter of hours. I'm lucky enough to be part of a generation in which this is commonplace. Imagine being a sailor on an expedition to another country that could take months or even years. As I start my own journey of discovery, I find myself paying homage to the explorers who forged the way before me. There isn't much new land to discover in the world, but there's always something new to discover about ourselves.

Chapter 3

Emma tapped the pen on the paper and felt satisfied that it was a good first entry. The rest of the flight was boring and long, and despite her best efforts, she did succumb to sleep. She woke with a start to find everyone putting on their seat belts as the plane made its final descent. Now, when she looked out of the window, she could see the small buildings dotted around a lush green country. The sun shone down on it as though it were being kissed by celestial beings. With a bump and a thud the plane landed, then rolled to a halt. Everyone rushed to get their bags while Emma waited patiently, knowing that there was no rush to anything.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she made her way through the airport to where her luggage was sliding along the carousel. For most of the way, she was carried through by the mass of people she had been flying with, but after she'd picked up her bags and made her way through customs, she was on her own. As soon as she stepped out of the airport, she realized just how alone she was. The anxiety twisted inside her as she looked around and only saw strange faces and signs written in an unfamiliar language. Back at home, she'd always had a support network, and help had only been a phone call away; but now, she was isolated.

She pulled out her map, on which she had marked all the relevant landmarks, and walked up to a taxi driver, who spoke to her in broken English. He recognized the place she was pointing to, and ushered her into the cab. He drove recklessly along the freeway and shouted angrily to other drivers who weren't up to his standard. Emma licked her lips and uneasily felt about herself, just making sure that she had all her valuables stashed close by. Given the speed at which they were traveling, it didn't surprise Emma that they reached the city swiftly, and as they did, her eyes grew wide.

The architecture was stunning. The city had so much history about it and was a far cry from the generic town in which she grew up. Already she could feel the culture seeping into her bones, and she felt enlivened by it. Now that they were in the city the driver had to slow down, but this gave Emma a chance to take in everything around her. The buildings were old and crumbling, and people walked about without a care in the world. Somewhere in the distance a bell was tolling, and as she looked in between the buildings she could see spires poke up. Emma wasn't a religious person, but being in the presence of such monuments of faith was enough to make her feel awed.

As they drove to her hostel Emma flicked through her guidebook and felt elation sweep through her as she marked certain landmarks. The monotony of the flight had already disappeared, and she couldn't wait to go exploring.

Soon enough, the driver stopped, and she stepped out of the cab. The hostel was a small building and didn't have any distinguishing features apart from a small sign that jutted out above the doorway. The driver made sure that she was okay, and then drove off. Emma took a deep breath, and walked inside.

She was greeted by a slender blonde woman with olive skin. She was slim, and had the kind of figure that Emma had always envied. Being a curvy, beautiful woman was all well and good, but there were some times when Emma wished she knew what it was like to have a toned, tight waist. She was shown to a room with a few bunk beds, although there wasn't anyone else in the room at the moment. Emma claimed one of the top bunks and threw her bag there. The woman was friendly, and gave her some suggestions of places she should go and visit, and some of the best bars. Emma took all her advice on board.

The nap she had on the plane, coupled with her natural excitement, meant that she was ready to start exploring. It was late afternoon, and the siesta was just finishing, so the city was beginning to become alive again, and Emma was ready to throw herself into it.

Chapter 4

Well, what a first day that was! It's about 11 at the moment, although it feels much later because the jet lag is catching up with me. When I first arrived in Barcelona, I felt so intimidated by the history of the place. There's nothing like it in America. I know we take a great deal of pride in our nation, but we're fools if we think we can hold a candle to the rest of the world. I only went for a quick stroll, but already I've seen so much. I walked along the cobbled streets in the alleys winding around the houses, and I caught a glimpse of the main tourist area. It was so crowded I could barely move and I think I'll try and stay away from it as much as possible. I came here to experience local life, and that's what I intend to do. I went to a small cafe and had some paella for dinner, which was lovely. So far, the people have been very friendly and forgiving of my English. I haven't met anyone else in my room yet. From what I understand, the Spanish nightlife lasts, well, all night long—so maybe I'll hear them when they get back later, but right now I'm exhausted and I can feel my eyelids getting heavier by the second.

With that, she let the pen drop onto the pad with a dull thud and felt herself drift off to sleep. When she awoke in the morning, it was to the sounds of people talking and getting dressed. Emma rubbed her eyes and her head appeared above the bunk.

“Hey, American! You are finally awake,” a French man said, smiling at her. There were another two men and three women standing around. All looked to be around the same age as Emma, and as they spoke and introduced themselves, Emma realized that they had different nationalities. Pierre and Jacques were French, and the other man was from Poland, called Josef. The girls were made up of an English woman named Jessica, and two Australian twin sisters, Kim and Karen—these two giggled a lot.

“We didn't think you'd ever be awake. I wanted to wake you last night to welcome you to the best room in the hostel, but the others said that it was not such a good idea,” Pierre continued.

“I, um, well, thanks for that I guess. I'm Emma,” she said, and began to clamber down.

“If you'd like to join us, we’re going to grab some breakfast and then head to the beach,” he said. Emma, figuring that meeting new people was just as much a part of the trip as exploring the city, decide to take him up on his offer. After a quick wash, she followed the group downstairs where they had some cereal, and then they went out into the streets. Emma made a point to memorize where she was going, just in case she needed to find it later. Pierre was an outgoing man and seemed to be able to speak to anyone they passed. Josef was much more reserved and seemed to be hanging out with them because it was better than being on his own. The twins were giggling to themselves and walking arm in arm, but Jessica fell into step with Emma and struck up conversation.

“You'll get used to the two of them, they're always like that,” she said, nodding to the Australian twins.

“I love your accent,” Emma said.

“Thanks! I love yours too. I always wanted to go to America but I figured I should go through Europe first since it's closer to home.”

“Have you been here long?”

“Maybe a week or so. I'm heading down to Portugal after this, and then maybe to Greece or Italy. I haven't decided yet.”

“Come on, girls. The day is wasting away!” Pierre shouted, clapping his hands. Jessica laughed and bit her lower lips.

“He's something, isn't he?” she said, lowering her tone of voice.

“Are you two...?” Emma inquired.

“No! I mean, well, kinda. We kissed a couple of times, but it's nothing serious. I mean, how serious can it be? But… yeah, there's something there,” she said, and gazed at Pierre wistfully. “How about you? Do you have anyone back home?”

An image of Matt flashed through her mind. “No, no one at all,” Emma said, and smiled. The two of them chatted more as they walked through the city. The others pointed out places of interest to Emma, and she couldn't wait to see them for herself.

When they got to the beach, Pierre stripped off his clothes and ran along the soft sand to jump into the sea. Jessica and Emma remained on land, rubbing lotion into each other.

“I shouldn't stay here too long, I'm supposed to be exploring the city,” Emma said, and talked about how her grandmother had inspired the trip.

“There's plenty of time for that. I guess it might be different from where you're from, but I'm English so I need to soak up the sun wherever I can get it!”

“Yeah, I guess. It just feels like there's never enough time to do everything I want. The world is so big.”

“Tell me about it. When I was planning the trip, I realized I'd have to be a millionaire if I wanted to see all the places I wanted, but I'm so glad I came out here.  I feel like a different person already. I'm dreading going back home.”

“No fun there?”

“That's putting it mildly. My house is a nightmare at the moment. There's stress all over the place, and I really don't know what I'm going to do with my life.”

“I know that feeling,” Emma said as she rubbed lotion into her leg and then looked out to the horizon. The golden sun glowed and sunlight danced upon the water, making it glitter. A few kids ran around, laughing gleefully, while older people lay in the sun, their leathery skin soaking up the rays. “I'm out of college now and this should be the time when my real life begins but I don't know what to do. Figured it was better to get some life experience.”

“What did you study?”

“English Lit.”

“Ah, so you want to be a writer?”

“How did you guess?”

“Elementary, my dear,” Jessica said with a twinkle in her eye.

“That's another reason why I wanted to do the trip. I'm writing a diary about my experiences.”

“Well, you know, experiences only come from spending time with other people, not from going after buildings. If you want to have good stories to tell, I think you might have to change your expectations for the trip.” What Jessica said certainly gave Emma food for thought, and as she looked around the beach she was awed by just how many people there were. All of them had their different stories, different dreams, different desires, and she knew that's what people were interested in, and she knew that's what she wanted to write about. As the day went by, she watched Jessica be pulled into the sea by Pierre, and caught the eye of some Spanish men watching her. Back home, she'd never gotten much attention from boys, so when these swarthy, tanned men winked at her, she flushed crimson with embarrassment, and initially wondered if it was some kind of trick. Not long out of a relationship, she wasn't sure what she wanted, but the attention was appreciated.

Chapter 5

A girl I met today told me that if I'm to write a great story it has to be about the people I meet, so that's what I'm going to try and do from now on. My first full day wasn't as I expected. I thought I would go through the Catalan region and see the quirky architecture, go shopping in the Boqueria market, and see the Sagrada Familia church. Instead, I spent the whole day at the beach with my new friends. Let me tell you a little about them.

Pierre and Jacques are the two French boys. Very handsome, although Jacques barely says anything. Pierre is a heartbreaker though, and when he looks at you, it's like he's looking into your soul. He seems to be able to talk to anyone, and has such a playful nature. Jessica, the English girl, is totally in love with him. She's really pretty, and I think Pierre likes her too, but whether it's as much as she likes him… I'm not sure. We struck up a great conversation and I'll be sad when she leaves because we get on really well. I just hope that she manages to make a move on Pierre before they go their separate ways, otherwise she may regret it forever. He seems the type to let things come to him—perhaps that's part of his charm—so she'll have to do the work.

Jacques is always by Pierre's side. They came traveling together, and he's like a sidekick. I don't know if it's just because his English isn't as good as Pierre's, or whether he's content to live in Pierre's shadow, but he's mostly quiet and seems to study everything carefully. Josef is Polish, and in all honesty, is the odd one. He's huge, like a bear, but his voice is soft and gentle. I'd like to know more about him but his English is not so good. At the beach, he met some other Polish people and became more animated, so it's sad that the language barrier is preventing him from getting to know us properly. The other two girls… well, they seem nice enough, but they're always giggling to themselves and they rarely take part in group conversations. I guess being twins means that they've always had a special type of connection, but it gets tiresome watching them whisper to each other. Maybe it's just the paranoid part of me coming out...

She was interrupted by writing more when the others invited her out for the evening. Her usual routine was to be in bed by this time, and she could feel the sleep tugging at her, but she fought the urge to sleep and pulled herself out. Everything was later in Spain, so it was about nine when they ate. They went to a small tapas bar and shared the food. The others took great delight in introducing Emma to something new, and her mouth was alive with different flavors. After this, they walked through the city to a bar that the others were crazy about.

It was a wide, open chamber with tables dotted all around. Lamps hung from the ceiling and the walls were a dark orange. Candles sat at the tables, and Emma was surprised, for she thought the others would have preferred a more active atmosphere.

“That will come later when we hit the clubs,” Pierre said as he went to the bar and ordered a round of drinks. They were the largest group in there, and the loudest. A few more locals appeared as the night went on. Soon enough, Emma realized why they liked the bar, for the drinks were cheap, tasty, and LARGE. It wasn't long before she was feeling the effects. When she stood up, she staggered to the bathroom, and felt a rush of hazy delirium. After that she slowed down a little, and managed to reach a plateau where she had a good buzz going and her inhibitions were relaxed, but she wasn't completely out of control.

As the drinks flowed and the bar was filled with laughter, more and more people entered. The night for the locals didn't begin until late, and soon enough, Emma's table was surrounded by people, but she was more focused on trying to get Jessica and Pierre together. She'd taken an instant liking to the English girl, and wanted to help her get what she wanted, although it wasn't proving to be easier since she was reluctant to take any sort of chance.

“Hey,” Emma said, “I know what it's like to make the first move. I had to with my ex, he was so shy that he could barely look at me. We spent a lot of time together, watched a lot of movies, but he never once made a move and I was starting to think that he didn't like me. I knew that if I wanted something to happen, I was going to have to make it happen.”

“What did you do?”

“While we were watching a movie, I snuggled up close to him and pulled his arm around me, and then I kissed him.”

“What did he do?”

“Kissed me back, then looked relieved. And after that we were together. We just had to get through that hurdle. If you want something, you just have to go for it and hope that it works out for the best. At least you know that if it doesn’t, you'll both be going to different countries.”

“I just don't know why he'd like me.”

“Why wouldn't he?” Emma countered. Jessica didn't have an answer for that. She took another sip of her drink, and leaned forward. Emma could smell the alcohol on her breath.

“So what happened with you and your guy then?” she asked. Emma looked away and tilted the glass in her hands, watching the liquid sway inside.

“That is a long story,” she said.

“I'm not going anywhere.”

“We'll make a deal. I'll tell you what happened, and you make a move on Pierre.”

“That's not fair!”

“That's the offer on the table,” Emma said, shrugging and leaning back in her chair.

“You are positively evil, but fine,” Jessica said. Emma moved forward and rested her elbows on the table, and then delved into the past.

“We were together for a few years and he was always there for me when I needed him. This trip was one I'd been planning ever since I was a kid, and I actually loved that he wanted to be a part of it and share it with me. So we were going through all the planning, we'd bought all the tickets, we'd made a strict schedule of where we were going to be staying and all the countries we'd be visiting. I mean, he knew how important it was to me...” Emma felt herself getting more worked up as she spoke. Her voice became raw and the anger she was feeling made blood race to the surface of her skin, making her pale flesh glow red.

“So what happened? What did he do?”

“He came to me a few weeks ago and told me that a group of buddies had found a way to get some discounts on tickets to Comic-Con in San Diego. But of course, he'd spent all his money on our trip, but instead of asking me whether we could change things around so that he could go, he told me that he'd gotten a refund on some of his tickets.”

“He what?!”

“I know right! He told me that since I'd been planning to go on my own most of my life, he didn't think it was that much of a big deal, and we'd get some time to spend together on the first leg of the trip anyway. He said that a long time ago, he'd made a pact with his buddies that they'd all go to Comic-Con together, and it was just the same as my dream of going traveling and that I shouldn't stand in his way.”

“What did you say to that?”

“What do you think I said? I told him to go screw himself. He could have at least told me about it. And he threw the rest of the trip into chaos because there were some places I'd only added to the route to see with him. And to be honest, I didn't want to go to those places because I knew I'd just be thinking of him and getting annoyed, so in the end I refunded my tickets as well and just came here. I needed to get away from everything and take stock of things.”

“And so now you're here and he's at some convention.”

“Pretty much.”

“Well, you've got the better of it. I mean, I've had guys cheat on me in the past but this is something else. I can't believe he'd do that. Did he just not think at all?”

“I guess not!”

“Well, you definitely need to get out there. I've noticed a lot of men checking you out, you should go and talk to a few of them.”

“Oh, I don't know about that, I've never really been all that good at that.”

Jessica narrowed her eyes. “Yeah, if I'm going to be going over to Pierre, you have to do something as well. I'm not going to leave you sitting here by the end of the night.”

“But look at everyone else, there are so many gorgeous women here. I feel so… I don't know, inadequate,” Emma said, squirming in her seat.

“Yeah, but you're new, different. Over here, you're exotic,” she said. Emma had never thought of herself as exotic before, and as she passed her eyes around the bar, she caught people staring at her with interest. For the first time in her life, she was standing out from the crowd. Confidence flowed through her and made her glow radiantly. When she walked to the bar, she carried herself with grace and eyes followed her across the room, enchanted by her elegance. As she left the table, Jessica took a deep breath and ventured towards Pierre. Emma smiled as she watched her new friend approach the Frenchman and sidle up to him. The two of them looked comfortable together, and it wasn't long before Pierre was idly resting his hand against her waist.

But Jessica's efforts left Emma with a predicament, for she was now left alone. The group had split apart, but it was a good testing ground. She waited at the bar, surveying the area, when a man came up beside her. He was tall and had the same olive skin as the other locals. His dark hair drooped over his forehead, and he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. His arms were covered in thick, dark hair, and he exuded a masculine charisma that made Emma's heart flutter. There was an instant, electric chemistry between them. At first, he spoke something in Spanish, but she shook her head and shrugged.

“Ah, you are one of those that doesn't learn the language of the country they are visiting,” he said with twinkling eyes.

“I thought I'd pick it up as I go along, or maybe a friendly local would teach me,” she replied, turning her body towards him. As she did so, a long strand of hair fell over her face and shaded her eyes, creating an air of mystery about her. He introduced himself as Raul, and as he leaned in to kiss her on both cheeks she breathed in his deep, masculine scent, and it was fortunate she was already sitting down, for her knees trembled. The sheer force of his masculine aura was unnerving. He was beautiful in a primal, savage way, and it was in this manner that her attraction manifested itself.

Where I had been drawn to Matt emotionally, this was something entirely different. It seized my soul and spoke to me on an instinctual level. I knew nothing about this man yet I wanted him more than anything.

With sparkling eyes she looked at him and there was an undercurrent of sexual tension pervading their conversation.

“So you are American, a Disney princess? Where is your prince?” he said in his smooth, honeyed accent. Whenever he spoke, Emma tingled and sparks shot through her body.

“I'm starting to think that there aren't any princes in the world,” she said. Raul took mock offense and backed away, holding up his hands.

“I assure you I am nothing but a gentleman,” he said, and then took her hand and planted his lips upon it softly, leaving a gentle kiss. Emma looked around, a little embarrassed at the gesture; but secretly, she liked the attention. Her heart was beating rapidly whenever they brushed against each other, and she felt sweat prickle on her skin for the heat was palpable.

We seemed to speak about nothing. I cannot recall anything he said to me, all I know is that every word was music to my ears. I found him irresistible. It was a feeling that I had never known before and I wasn't quite sure how to process it, but as I looked over at Jessica and Pierre, who were now in the process of making out, I knew that the best attitude was to go for it. Life is too short for regrets. Life is about experiences, and to grow as a person I have to take risks and push myself out of my comfort zone. As we spoke, I knew I wanted him, and I knew where the night was leading. That's when Emilio joined us.

Chapter 6

Emma and Raul were deep in conversation when another man approached. He was the same age as Raul and just as handsome. He was a little taller and a little more muscular, and Emma couldn't believe that these two men were standing, talking to her. Again, she was greeted by a kisses on the cheek, but as he leaned in, he slipped her hand around her curvy waist and squeezed. The sensation sent shock waves reverberating through her body.

“This is my friend, Emilio,” he said, and then turned to his friend
“This is Princess Emma from America.” Emma slapped Raul playfully on the arm.

“I'm not a princess!” she said.

“You are as beautiful as one,” Emilio said, and promptly ordered drinks for all of them. Emma laughed in their presence and sipped on her drink, feeling so far away from home. Never would anything like this happen back in America. Barcelona was proving to be an enlightening city, and she'd only been there a day.

Suddenly the lights darkened. Emma looked around in panic.

“Don't worry, now it is time to dance,” Raul said, placing a reassuring hand on Emma's shoulder before backing into the main floor. The music, which had played softly in the background, now rose in volume until it filled the restaurant. The candles continued to flicker on the tables, while softer lights glowed on the dance floor. The music was slow and passionate, and Emma found herself pulled on the dance floor by Emilio. Sweaty bodies converged on the middle of the floor, and Emma soon found herself consumed by the rhythm. Raul and Emilio were showing her how to dance in a Spanish style. They moved their bodies in harmony and spun around her, all flailing arms and snapping feet. Emma laughed to herself as she watched them, but the laughter soon subsided as they moved in more closely, and the heat of their bodies mingled with hers. The middle of the floor was claustrophobic and stifling, and Emma's loose clothes clung to her sticky body, but she surrendered to the passion of the dance.

Her eyes closed as the music took over. Raul and Emilio were either side of her, sandwiching her in their heat. Their arms ran around her body, turning her this way and that, pulling her into them and then passing her to the other. Her soft curves pressed against their hard, hot muscles, and as her body was pulled into them she felt their sweat sizzle against her skin. Her breaths turned into gasps as the arousal swept through her body and she felt herself descend into unknown depths of desire.

The two men played havoc with her senses and she was almost afraid of the intense sensations coursing through her body. When her eyes caught theirs she could see that they had the same idea as her. As they drew her into them she felt herself succumbing to her wildest desires. First, she kissed Raul, then Emilio.

When I kissed them, something happened inside me. I wasn't the same person as I had been. I felt awakened, like I had been born anew. It didn't seem wrong or something I should have been ashamed of. It just felt natural.

After she'd kissed both of them, they continued dancing. The men were grinding against her and in the heat of the dance she reached down to feel the outlines of their thick bulges that were calling to her from within their jeans. Their hands were over her as well, tearing at her breasts, running up her inner thigh, causing a deep burn to spread through her. Their teeth bit into the nape of her neck and their tongues danced together as their three bodies moved in perfect harmony. The song continued, but now Emma's body was singing a different tune. She caught their big, strong hands in hers and led them away from the floor.

“I've never done anything like this before,” she said as she kissed Emilio and felt Raul run his hands down her back, squeezing her ample ass. “But I want you both. Show me what men from Barcelona can do to me,” she said, her voice low and raw.

“You're a big woman but I think the both of us can take you,” Raul said greedily, and Emma was turned on by the lust in their eyes. Raul caught a cab and the three of them went back to Raul's apartment. While in the cab, the two men were kissing Emma and fondled her, and she welcomed their touch. Her arm curled around to caress their cheeks, running along the stubble that peppered their jaws. It was a whole new world.

I was completely overtaken by desire and just listening to what my body was saying. My mind was screaming at me and kept asking me what I was thinking and tried to make me scared of what people would think, but they were irresistible and hot, and they made me feel alive.

The three of them tumbled into Raul's apartment. Emma found herself pressed against the wall with the two hot hands clawing at her clothes. She writhed and her head twisted this way and that, catching the lips of the others. Hot breaths burst out of her mouth and her chest heaved, slick with glistening sweat. She ran her hands down their chests and their shirts popped open, revealing taut torsos with rippling muscles. As her hands drifted down they collected drops of sweat, and she flushed with excitement as she felt the swollen outlines waiting for her.

Raul and Emilio's mouths were all over her body. One of them kissed her while the other moved down, peeling away her clothes to expose her ardent flesh. Then they switched. Her eyes closed until she couldn't tell the difference between them. A wide smile broke out upon her face as her body became alive with desire. They pulled her through to the bedroom and twisted her around between them. Their hands were running through her hair and pulling her head in different directions. Soon enough she was naked and pushed down so that she was perched on the end of the bed.

Raul dropped to his knees and kissed her breasts while Emilio sat beside her and locked lips with Emma. She kissed him hungrily, enjoying the feeling of the pleasure swimming through her body. Occasionally, she managed to squeeze her eyes open and glance down at Raul, watching him bury himself in her ample breasts. He took her erect nipples in his mouth and sucked them hard, devouring her, causing pain to blur with pleasure. She moaned as she felt his strong hands pull down the rest of her clothes and reveal her feminine essence. His fingers and tongue danced together, creating a kaleidoscope of desire inside her. Everything twitched and shuddered and she was left breathless as Emilio continued to kiss her, but then the two of them rose to their full height and stood before her.

She looked at them greedily and ran her hands down their thighs as they slowly unzipped their jeans and stepped out of them, pulling away their underwear to reveal their erections. Emma gazed at them with lust. She bit her lip as she reached out and touched them. Both were long and thick, a perfect size for her.

“Double the pleasure, double the fun

was what I was thinking, and I was filled with uncontrollable lust. I took them in my hands and played with them. God, it was so amazing. I had one in each hand and watched these gods among men moan and grunt with pleasure.

She twisted and stroked them, moving them closed and closer until she could feel the heat scorching her skin. She parted her lips and kissed one, then the other, continually pleasuring them with her hands as she did so. She rubbed them all over her face and sucked them deeply, swirling her tongue around them until they were coated in a thick layer of her saliva. She moaned in contentment as her warm lips wrapped around them, and felt the pulsing veins twitch in her mouth. Emma smiled, and brought them together. Opening her jaws so wide that they ached, she took them both in her mouth and planted soft kisses on them. The hands of the men were pulling her hair back and grabbing her scalp, watching as she made love to them with her mouth.

Drowning in their masculine lust, Emma felt groggy and intoxicated, wanting more and more. Her appetite was such that it would take a lot to quench, as it felt like she had a lifetime of catching up to do. The men then pushed her down and she lay flat on her back as she welcomed their erections inside her. First, Emilio plunged himself inside her, stretching her lips, pounding against her as Raul lay beside her and kissed her. With her eyes open wide she watched Emilio's body twist and tense as he screwed her, his face contorting in sweet bliss as he got deep inside her. Soon enough, they switched and she enjoyed the feeling of Raul being inside her, while she gazed upon the immaculate visage of Emilio's nude form.

Electricity was sparking through my body. It was like I had been taken over by some other-worldly being. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. I'd never dreamed of it before, but in the throes of passion… it was so hot. I was caught in a tornado of pure passion. These two men were devoted to me, and I was devoted to them. We were all slaves to our desire and our souls were on fire.

Sweat poured from her temples as her body rocked on the bed. Her hands rolled into fists and clenched at the sheets before she found herself being pulled down to the floor. Hauled away from Emilio, she soon found herself rolling on the floor, entwined with Raul. There was so much mystery contained with these two men, so much that she still didn't know about that, but that only added to the simmering intensity of the encounter. The complete feeling of abandonment and unbridled passion she was feeling surged through her and overwhelmed her, making her an instrument of lust.

She was kissing Raul, and searched with her eyes for Emilio, who was walking around them. Emma saw his feet and looked up to see his rigid erection towering before her. He wore a grin on his face and then reached down, grabbing a fistful of her hair to pull her up. Raul remained flat on his back as Emilio took Emma's body and made her sit up, adjusting her position with his strong hands. He and Raul joked with each other in Spanish and the foreign language only served to turn Emma on even more.

Although she couldn't understand what they were saying, they were all speaking the same language for their bodies were responding to each other perfectly. They all bristled with sexual energy, and vibrant, orgasmic delight cascaded through her. Raul's hands fell around her curvy waist and her big, beautiful body slid down on his thick  cock. Emilio had hold of her and lowered her gently down, watching Raul disappeared inside her. Emma fell forward. Her hands rested on Raul's chest and she could feel his powerful heart beating under his skin. Her hair fell forward as he started to thrust his hips deep and hard, and she felt the waves of pleasure shoot through her.

Then, Emilio grabbed her hair again and pulled her back so that her body arched. Raul's hands moved from her hips to her breasts, and he played with them while Emilio stood to her side and tilted her head back. She let her mouth hang open and welcomed his erection again, sucking long and hard while she was being pumped by Raul. The Spanish men made pleasure course through her entire body. Her eyes darted between one and the other, caught between the two of them in a blitz of erotic delight.

Stifled moans escaped through the edges of her lips as she held Emilio's erection deep within her throat, enjoying every inch of him. With a hand around the base of his shaft, she was in control, but Raul was controlling the rhythmic movements of her body. Fast and slow, he mixed the tempo, until she could feel his body tense as he came closer and closer to climax. Blood was rushing through her as the ecstasy took hold of her, especially since she could feel that Emilio was close too. She pleasured him, sucking hard and long and swirling her tongue around him as she felt him throb. A guttural moan burst from his lips as the threw his head back in utter delight as she felt a thick jet of cream explode in her mouth. He reeled back as she swallowed, and without Emilio holding her she fell forward again. Raul's long, muscular arms wrapped around her and held her close to him. Her body covered him as he lay on the floor, hips thrusting wildly inside her, hands grabbing her flesh as they grew closer and closer and closer. Their moans echoed around their heads and Emma squeezed her eyes shut at all the hot sensations running through her body. Then Raul convulsed violently. Their bodies jerked as he erupted like a volcano, and Emma felt a complete feeling of bliss flood every pore of her body as she lay panting on top of Raul.

Suddenly, she began laughing with delight. Raul looked at her quizzically, but she only answered him with a kiss. She then twisted her body around and beckoned Emilio to come beside her again. She wrapped his arms around her so that she was enveloped in the heat of their bodies.